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Lux Build Guide by nekotan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nekotan

Trux - A Full Tank Lux Build

nekotan Last updated on July 16, 2012
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So, I know exactly what you're saying to yourself, "Who the hell would build a full tank AP character?" and the answer is obviously an idiot, but I'm telling you that with skill, you can make almost any build work -- in this case it's a tank mid character.

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Now, runes are the most flexible with trux. Depending on your playstyle, you can buy AR pen or Magic pen marks, flat AD (for being in-lane) marks, or any kind of primary glyph, really. I take AP/level for scaling on the glyphs and magic pen on reds. YOU ALWAYS NEED MANA REGEN ON TRUX. ALWAYS. Just because you're not technically a mage doesn't mean you're not a mana hungry champion. Ask your jungler for blue ASAP. Once you get tabi you can also try to steal their blue if you ward well.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence on Trux is your standard AP mid sequence. Max your E for damage, then W for those crazy shields, and finally Q for damage. Not much variatoin here except if you get bullied out of mid you can max W first to be a better support.

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Summoner Spells

I usually take exhaust and flash on Trux. My reasoning for this is because as a bruiser, you don't want to plan on getting the final blow or doing constant damage; you want to rely much more on utility than anything else. Exhaust provides a crazy debuff for any AD carry, and if you're good with Lux's Q, he's gonna get exhausted. I take flash simply because it's crazy good with Lux's kit. She has amazing escapes, she can flash snare to catch up to someone who's running, etc... it's just good. Take flash. Exhaust could be ignite, clarity, or heal if you're feeling adventurous, but I recommend exhaust.

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During the laning phase, play exactly as you would had you been building AP Lux. Ward, gank at 6, etc... But once the laning phase ends, gameplay changes completely. As the tank, you have to initiate fights most of the time. This is very, very easy. Simply throw an E or a Q and wait for them to dogpile you. Lux is crazy bait. All you have to do is hope you snared somebody and flash away after they blow all of their skills on you and you aren't dead thanks to tabi and mog's. Your team should be able to melt down the damage after they focus you. DON'T FORGET TO THROW YOUR SHIELD IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR CARRY/TEAM TO ENSURE MAXIMUM USE. THEY WON'T ALWAYS BE FOCUSING YOU. When roaming after the laning phase. Try to farm 1 full wave with ult+e to farm Warmog's, and then stick to your AD carry like glue. Lux has amazing synergy with any AD carry thanks to all of her hard and soft cc. Not to mention the shield.

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So, yeah, this is my first Mobafire guide, so I know it's ****py and I know that it's a ******ED build, but this is purely for fun. I don't recommend this in ranked. More of a pre-made 5v5 or something. I usually play solo queue with it and drive people crazy. I tend to lose in bot lane occasionally, though, because I am still built from the core as an AP carry, not a tank. It's a rather flexible build after the Warmog's. You can not buy atma's and go straight to AP lux. Even buy a mejai's because Trux is even harder to kill than regular Lux. Just remember armor, and teamplay. Lux isn't a solo champion, so don't play her like one :)

I hope you enjoyed the guide even if you think it's a bad idea, bad build, and really bad in general. I'd like to know what you think. Thanks! <3