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League of Legends Build Guide Author foggy12

"try letting GO!" AD Carry Build

foggy12 Last updated on November 23, 2010
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Irelia is a high dps physical damage champion, relying generally on her immense fighting skills with her W Active, dealing additional True damage, which rapes face, I have tried lots of diffferent ways of building her but i find personally that this is the best way, it will give you an excellent pool of AD which is furtherly complimented by a nice amount of AS, this will enable you to carry if fed, and dish out a whole lot of damage even if you are not.


Im not to good with specific mastery choices however you can change them how you wish, but i think these make sense.
3/3-Deadliness, - self explanatory, Critical chance,
3/4-Sorcery, can be disputed, but i feel that as Irelia isnt specifically revolved around cool downs and so does not need this maxed, neither are we building into AP and so the magic pen is nearly useless from Archaic Knowledge.
3/3- Sunder, also self explanatory, along with our armour pen marks, early game armour pen will be very nice.
3/3- Brute force- more damage? why not?!
1/1 - Havoc - Works wonders overall.


1/1 - Improved Ghost - most over parts of this tier are useless and so additional duration and speed on ghost WILL save your ***.
3/3 - Perseverance - as i will not be building any M regen this will help out big Time early game.
4/4 - Awareness - If your oppenent does not Run with this, you will be hitting level 6 early than him, an earlier ult than your opponent can mean an early kill or a life saver.
1/2 - Utility mastery - You should be picking up Lizard or Golem fairly early on in the game because of Irelias impressive jungling skill, and so longer buffs should give you hand.

Skill Build

I Start off with a point in Bladesurge for first blood and if not, nice minion farming capability.
From there I tend to max hiten style, for the health regen which will help laning capability and for the insane early game true damage which will help you stack up Sword of the Occult
I grab a point into Equilibrium strike for the stunning capability, then i leave it there as the damage will not be very effective but the stun will be, it can throw enemies and give you the upper hand very quickly


General Standard Physical Dps Runes, grabbing the arpen marks for early game dominance.
Seals of Evasion and Glyphs of Warding will drastically increase your early game survivability from ganks and the like.
Quintessences of Fortitude help Irelia out as she is quite a squishy champion, and these help Massively.

Item Build

Start off with a Dorans Blade - As i take Bladesurge first the damage from Hiten Style would be lost as well as the health Regen, the Dorans blade gives a damage, lifesteal and health which is nothing to scoff at.
Also, pick up a health pot, the more time you can stay in lane the better you should know this!
I then Start to build my Sword of the Occult The earlier in the game you can get this the better which is why i prioritize it before my boots, the earlier on you can get stacks the more powerful you will be late game.
At which point i should start to feel a bit slow so I grab my Berserker's Greaves Which should keep by AS in good Stead until i Finish my next item...

Guinsoos Rageblade- this Item is made for Irelia it seems, with a decent amount of AD and the Stacking AS and AP your Equilibrium strike will not lose effectiveness.
Madreds Bloodrazer - Another solid item for physical Dpser's it grants more AD which is very tasty and a sexy amount of AS which is the core of this build.
Frozen Mallet-If you are doing well at this point you may have started to get Targeted. You can indeed build this before Madreds Bloodrazer if you feel that you are too squishy but i will leave that up to you.
The slow on this item is immense and if Irelias chasing skills were in doubt this will sweep all of it away.
Hextech Gunblade If the game is still running you can pick up Hextech Gunblade, a wicked item for Irelia, however it can be substituded for a more AD heavy item such as The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver
The Black cleaver being an allround incredible tank basher and The Bloodthirster a huge AD item.
Madred's Bloodrazer can be disputed and other viable options can be Youmuu's Ghostblade will grab a nice activate if you can remember and a good amount of AD
Sell Dorans Blade To finish Madreds or Whatever you take instead of it.

Killing People

Wait until Team fights are in progress,and the other team have their targets then Blade surge in then Activate Hiten StyleThen Start hammering R in the general direction of the enemy, if you can try to line yourself up so it hits as many enemies as possible.
Save your Equilibrium Strikeif you are getting targeted.
If you are Chasing one thing to remember is that you can Bladesurge to a minion to kill it and instantly do it again to the enemy to quickly catch up.

Summoner Spells

Ghost-I Love Ghost for its getting away and chasing capabilities which will help you at EVERY stage of the game.
Ignite- This build relys on early game kills to stack up sword of the occult and make you super op late game. The 50% reduced incoming heals is often over looked and is perfect for champions such as DR.Mundo.
Exhaust - Exhaust is also viable for Irelia as you can counter those tough opposing physical carries such as Master Yi and Tristana which will put them to no use. The slow is also great for stopping getaways.
Flash - Flash is a useful if you aren't keen on Ghost as it's chasing and getting away capabilities are much the same to Ghost
Okay Summoner Spells

Teleport - I do like teleport but i wouldn't replace my other spells instead of teleport however this is a section totally down to you.
Heal - Heal can be useful for baiting into turrets and tipping a fight in your favour but once again i really dont think that it is worth giving up other spells for this.
Cleanse - the OMFG save my *** in 1 click button. It is helpful and it will come in handy against long stuns such as Ashes arrow and Sions stun.

If there are spells which you think are viable which i havn't mentioned, leave a comment and state why I LOVEE feedback.


Irelia is a tough champion to play and master, and that is where the main challenge lies but this build should help you along to a successful carry.
Good luck and Have Fun!