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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chopstiq

try the Jungle Sion

Chopstiq Last updated on December 17, 2010
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OK first of all i want say sorry for my HORRIBLE english. pls forgive me but i want show all of you my build and i want know how you think about it, pls let comments bad or good no matter. I want know your oppinion.

i get the idea for the build once i play against an Amumu. he jungle and raped us with his ganks, he won the game and i was playing AP Sion. I thought why cant sion jungle when amumu can :=) and i found out that Sion can, he can VERY good!

I dont have all of the runes i write up. they cost much ...... my runes are armor pen hp per lvl couldown redukt and armor pen, works nice too but i think those up will work better

Ok lets start the guide-

at the begining its better if you say your mates that you go jungle so the best of them can solo, thats very important cause this build works only if your team dont feed ;)

Stay at the lane till lvl 2 and then go jungle, kill the 2 golems first but i think all know how to jungle^^.
Stay in the wood so long till you got 1075 for your wriggles latern. this is a very nice item, i think very long how to use it after it comes with the new patch and i think i found a nice place for it. this item got all you need lifesteal and madreds efekt and VERY nice you can place wards its so insane when you play with wriggles you want buy it every time cause wards are so IMBA.
After wriggles you have to buy berserker boots and try some ganks if you can if not jungle jungle jungle. Kill golem for mana, but after you have wriggles so on lvl 4 you can kill all creep spots. Next items are Zeal and a second Zeal, you will need them
1- movespeed you will be a rocket with them and wont lose time when you run trough the jungle
2- the crit and the atk speed is perfekt for your champ. dmg from e skill and speed from the Zeals, you will crit alot !
. buy 2 Zeals if you cant make a phantdancer in 1 buy, you will need 2 zeals in the end so or so. now you will have 180 dmg and the Xin in opponents team only 90 you are the strongest champ at this moment 1on 1 you will kill every champ, and it must be easy kill 2 alone, try some ganks at this moments you can stop to jungle. but dont forget get the golem buff and the liz very nice for Sion with his low mana.
Try to kill so much creeps you can and rise your Hp with the e skill. After you have wriggles Phantom zeal and atmas you can go and solo nashor^^ i did it on lvl 14 you will need 20-25 sec without a problem. Fight him till your hp go to 30 percent ant use ulti to heal up he dead after.
At this point you do 300 dmg and atk speed is insane and you crit every atack.

i never play further cause i won each game after this.
At the end buy infinity edge, im sure you wont have the time too^^

Dont forget to gank the opponents will hate you, and the gold is nice for your build.

If they get you while jungling dont run i kill Ashe and Kassa as i fight again golem^^ heal with ulti so long u atack you wont die with you dmg output.

this build is cheap and easy to buy and makes much fun ;)

So pls post what you think about it, try it out! im sure its nice