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League of Legends Build Guide Author CRGANGSTA6

Trynd - The Critical Hit Champion

CRGANGSTA6 Last updated on May 12, 2011
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FIRST OFF the reason I am even bothering to share this guide with you is because it has worked wonders for me. Since using this build I lose maybe 1 in 10 games with my Trynd, cause lets face it... hes a game changer. Having a bad or good Trynd on your team could easily be the deciding factor in the overall outcome of your game. So follow this guide and hopefully you will have as much fun with it is I do.

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Having maxed out furor runes is one of the major key factors to my build. Alot of people like to go with Critical Chance Runes which is completely unnecessary (Ill get to that in the Items section.) With a full page of Furor Runes Trynd is gaining more then 40% Crit Damage which is a HUGE increase for a Champion whose damage output heavily relies on Crit. Lets remember one thing, the only item to increase Crit Damage % is Infinity Edge but after that there is no other item to do so. So what you get from Runes helps ALOT.

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Masteries seem to have little effect on the game which is why its not a big deal on what you want to pick on the tree. The only mastery that is required for a good Trynd is 3/3 Lethality which boosts his Crit Damage up by 10%. Now add that to the rounded down 40% from runes and your starting off your game with a +50% Crit Damage. A noticeably large increase in my opinion.

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AH... the weapons. Here's where things get interesting.

- Vampiric Scepter - Your going to want to buy this as your first item as it enables you to lane longer without having to go to spawn to often. This item alone gives a mere 12% lifesteal but you will notice the impact of it throughout the game.

- Phantom Dancer - The phantom is an overall amazing weapon increasing important stats with none going to waste. The critical chance percentage is 30. Attack Speed 55%.

- Infinity Edge - Now its time for some power. The Infinity Edge seems to have been created just for Trynd. It gives him 80 Damage and 25% Crit Chance. Around the time you get this it should bring his attack damage to a little under 200. Now he has 55% Crit Chance added to his innate which actually gives him 65%. Also, not to mention that the 50% Crit Damage brings his overall to around 300%! Now that 200 AD may look like nothing but if you Crit (65% chance) you will be taking champs out for a whopping 600 Damage per hit.

- Phantom Dancer - This pretty much seals up the deal. Hopefully its around the 30 minute mark and you've farmed and killed enough champs to purchase another one of these bad boys. It brings your attack speed up even more. And your crit chance is up to 95% so its almost guaranteed EVERY hit that you will deal 3x damage.

- At this point you should pretty much be running the show. The last item is completely up to your choice. Personally around this time I like to ditch the vampiric scepter and buy two items that boost Attack Damage so I can put my Crit to good use. But I have found myself buying a Thornmail or Force of Nature on occasion.

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Skill Sequence

Bloodlust is important to max out as early as possible as it enables you to lane for a long time and farm more then other champs. This is important because ranking up early with Trynd could lead to a quick win.

Mocking Shout is another great tool to chase down those pesky chickens that like to run away. If your taking someone out and they decide its time to jet, increasing this ability will slow them down significantly which could give you just enough time to sneak up for the last hit or two and get the kill.

Spinning Slash is perfect for Trynd as you can use it for chasing champs down or running away. Lets not forget that this can get you through walls which is extremely helpful in tight situations.

Undying Rage is easily Trynd's most effective tool. This allows him to stay alive for an extra five seconds to unleash hell on anyone stupid enough to still be close to you. Just remember this, no turret in the world can stop you...

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Summoner Spells

I've had a lot of people laugh it me for my choice of using the Heal Spell; that is, until late game where the only one laughing is me. Once again early game it enables you to lane as long as possible. But what I find it most helpful for is mid fight. Let me paint a picture for you of something that happens often to me.

Im trynd, 2-3 of my teammates just died in a teamfight and my health is going down. I spin my way into the weakest squishiest champion I see, and auto-attack him to death while his team is hitting me with everything. When I have about 1/4 of my health left, i use undying rage. It gives me 8 stacks of bloodlust. I spin away (usually through a wall), use my Q, along with Heal and i get around half my health back and activate ghost to get as far away as possible. Any ignites and posions on me fade away and I have more than enough health to make it back to base safely.

2nd spell is optional. But I use Ghost for the reason stated above.

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Late game Trynd is an excellent farmer as he can massacre his way through any minion with one hit and his attack speed allows him to go through them all in mere seconds. Early game level 1 hits can hit a minion for up to 200, allowing him to earn gold fairly easily.

I average between 200-400 minion kills per game with him. Which is useful to gaining access to the best items you can as quick as possible.

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Here's the overall picture. Early game Trynd, is mediocre due to being very weapon dependent. I admit to starting off most games with a poor record of around 0-3 (my recklessness contributes to this). But once I reach that first phantom things start turning around and I can make that 0-3 into a 15-5 easily. From mid game and on is where he shines, able to take on any champion solo if you play him properly.

If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to share a comment and I will respond as soon as I can. Good Luck! ;)