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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zodokai

Tryndamere: Horrifyingly OP

Zodokai Last updated on October 7, 2010
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Hello, and welcome. This is one of my first times posting a build, so if i post anything incorrectly, feel free to say something. any comments are appreciated. if you don't like the build, say so, but don't flame, and please state what you think is wrong with it and any improvements that can be made to better the build.

The Basics

Your item to start with should be
Brawler Gloves x1 (8% crit strike)
Health Potion x2

this helps bring your crit early game to about 18-21% if you followed the Runes/Masteries correctly. this is VERY useful early game for chopping down enemy hp very quickly. When you get about 2000-3000 gold, blue pill(b) back to base and buy as many Avarice Blades that you can (anywhere between 5-6). you now should have about 90% crit about(if your lucky) 18 mins into the game. you should be able to now decimate most champs in a 2 v 2 or 1 v 1 fight. remember to pop your Q ability when you have 8 stacks(or less if your low on hp). REMEMBER to always keep your stacks if you can, you could use the increased crit dmg that comes with it.

Overflow of cash

Now, you might be thinking " if i had about 4000g, why not just go buy a good item like inf edge or Phantom Dancer??" the answer is , your not gonna get **** loads of money if you dont. with your 6 avarice blades, you should be getting about 3-4 extra gold ever SECOND. that means when your buds get 1000g, you've got 3000-4000g. this lets you build item EXTREMELY fast and if you are getting kills, even faster.

Next item

The next items your going to want to buy is the Phantom Dancer first, then the Inf Edge. Do not sell your avarice blades unless you can trade one in for a better crit item that stacks into one of these 2 items. you want to hold onto them until you have enough to buy your main items. Now, with these 2 items, you should be doing significant enough damage to enemies that they go for you first in team fights, or just run from you all together. If you can spare (it is DEFINITELY needed) to buy the Boots of Speed. when you have 2 Phantom Dancers, you should be moving at 542 move speed, making it easier to chase champs down and slaughter them. Next, you want to buy another Phantom Dancer and THEN a Bloodthirster. with all 5 of these items, you should be hitting over 1000 crits, netting you 150 hp a hit, combined with your Attack speed you should be getting lots of hp back plus your Q ability, you should have enough hp input to survive a few nasty blows from most champs before they die.

Your Role in Battle

Playing Tyrnde is difficult if you have a hard time adapting to the situation.
Early game, your main role as Trynde is to harass till you get your first couple avarice blades. if a teammate says push, you push. if you think you can get a champ, your probably wrong. ONLY engage a champ or chase if your certain you can kill him (if there are no surprise attacks). Tryndamere is very squishy beginning game, so you need to be careful not to be exhausted or sandwiched between two champs.
Mid game, your role changes to flat dps/carry. if you have at least a Phantom Dancer or inf edge(or both depending on your kills) you should be able to 2 shot most minions and kill most champs easy, meaning more gold output and if you have a lower lvl team member, you can wade through mounds of exp for them. Also, make sure that when you engage a champ, you exhaust them first THEN use mocking shot, so they basically can't move. Also, when chasing someone. always use spin slash then mock shout, wash rinse repeat for easy kills on most champs. Remember though, Trynde is squishy till he can slam down the crits effectively, so play smart. Remember, the tides of battle can change quickly, so prepare to spin slash yourself away from danger.
End game, you shouldn't need any pointers. you should be at least 3-6 shoting most champs, and 1 shoting minons (excludes super minions). with the help of your team, you could be tearing through everything, and with the right champ, 2 manning (1 manning if you can ^_^) Baron.

EDIT: the 6th item i have added is the cloak of agility, which can be built into any good crit item of your choosing.


Thanks for checking out my first build, and, as i said before, if you have any questions or feedback, please post comments. Thanks again and, with these new items, "This will be a slaughter!"