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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnalLeakage

Tryndamere - How to Penta Kill

AnalLeakage Last updated on April 26, 2011
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Hello you guys! My name is Dawg aka. AnalLeakage - For The Lulz!. This is my first guide, so please accept lesser mistakes.
This guide might not be the best guidewise - But if you're looking for a good build for Tryndamere this is it!

This build will get you a Tryndamere:
With sick DMG
With awesome lifesteal
With a bit of survivability
Who's hard to kite

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Pros / Cons


- Epic DMG
- God of escaping (Ghost, Ulti, Cleanse, Slash)
- Good mobility
- Can go through walls
- AoE Slow
- Can be the best carry
- 2 hit kills
There's alot more, but this is the main PROS about him. If you try him out and give him a chance you'll see. You might not go Over 9000/-3/90000 all of your games - but believe me, you do get alot of those games.


- Can be so easy to counter
- Can be difficult to time ulti against a nuker
- Stuns are deadly for Trynda
- He got no stuns himself
- Vulnerable to thornmail
- Ignite and other DoTs will rape him - Time your heal right
- He can be kinda unstable. Sometimes you'll epic rape the other team. Sometimes you'll die to minions. I'm here to help you get the first option as much as possible

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My runes selection is kinda obvious - High crit dmg and high crit chance.
I choose not to fully spec high crit chance, because in late game, you'll pretty much crit every hit, and with that dmg 10% extra crit dmg, gives a huge dmg boost

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As you can see my runes are kind of different from other normal 21 something and 9 something
I choose to go 22/6/2. That gives me the best of everything.
I'm not gonna go into detail about every mastery, because alot of them are pretty self-explanatory.

For instance you might think: Why do you go full AP per lvl? The reason is pretty simple. Tryndamere's heal got a pretty big AP Ratio which means, just with the slightest AP his heal will increase. And that little AP that gives can make a difference

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This item is a very good first item for Tryndamere. As Tryndamere crit is your main 'spell' - And this gives that spell less cooldown, so to say. Also do you want to buy 2x . Tryndamere can be very vulnerable to harassment, and sometimes your Q-ability isn't enough heal, so the potions makes you stay in lanes for longer. Besides that, you should always buy potions in the beginning of a match - and for obvious reasons mana pots don't do any good for Trynda.

This item is fairly cheap. And when you already have this item will be even cheaper (Around 795. not 100% sure). It almost gives you all the things you need - Critical Chance, Attack Speed and Movement Speed. All you need then is DMG, and lifesteal.

Again, this item is fairly cheap and gives you that movement speed you need, and some more attack speed. Remember - Trynda's mobility is crucial.


If noone from your team buys sight ward you should be the good example, and do it. Actually you should always buy them, if you got the money for it.
Also if you're getting slaughtered in lane, remember to buy more
Mid-late game you can get if they have any invisible champions, if they are heavy warders or if they got Teemo, and his shrooms pisses the **** out of you.

With your dmg 12% lifesteal is epic. Really good item - Go get that!

Now that you got all the little things you need, here comes the main item. It's pretty self-explanatory. DMG, Crit DMG, Crit Chance. <3<3<3

Gives you that extra little survivability, a little more dmg. AND OH WHAT'S THAT? SLOW? With your movement speed, this 35% chance of slow, your own slow, ghost, slash, NOONE can flee from you.
You shouldn't always get this right after .
If you want to get faster from lane to lane and gank - Upgrade to
If you want to slice and dice them faster - Upgrade to

As explained above - Faster slice and dice, and more lifesteal. This gives you so much lifesteal, that it's so not funny, that it is funny!

Sick attack speed and sick mobility. With this DMG and this attack speed you'll rape them for sure :D

This gives you more health, and who doesn't want that? Now it also helps out your #1 problem - Getting kited. With this, Red Buff, Ghost and Cleanse, they can try to stun you as much as they want, but you will still get to them and chop their head off, without them having any chance of escaping, when they can barely move. Yup. That's how much you slow them

At this point - If you even get to this point - You should be the main carry. And if this main carry dies, your whole team dies. Also if you fall prey to Mordekaiser's ulti (You become his minion), that can turn the whole game for you and your team.
Also if you're facing nukers, it can be hard to time your ultimate. At times you do forgot it, but gives you an extra chance :)

What is this? Another Phantom Dancer? And I already have 6 items, I don't have space for one more!! FEAR NOT - You can always sell your boots :) Your boots doesn't do anything a second can't do

Full Core?

If your core is full, and you don't have anything to spend your money on, buy elixirs!
1. Moar Crit, Moar attack speed - Why the **** not?
2. Moar HP and DMG - Why the **** not?
3. Moar AP and less CD - Moar healz from and less cooldown - Why the **** not?
4. Even though they might not have invis champs, they might have wards - So go get that, tiger!

If you're facing a heavy tank team, with ****load of armor consider getting a

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Skill Sequence

It's your ulti. FFS get it!
Max this whenever you can (besides ulti, of course) - More heal, and more DMG. You can crit about 250 in lvl 2!
and There's not really just one you should prioritize first.
I like to get 1 point in spinning slash, 2 in slow, and rest in spinning slash, and then ending the rest with slow. If you get a good farm with Trynda, you are almost bound to get a good game with Trynda (unless if your team sucks), so why not get an AoE farm ability?

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Play Style

Early Game:

Early game you should play it safe. You're very squishy, don't try anything too funny. What you can do if you're facing melees who doesn't have any CC (or just used it), slash into them, crit, and gtfo back. If you can get them low on this, you'll know when the time is right, and you can try and go for a kill. If you can get some crits in, they're dead in seconds!
Pro tip: Only engage if you already have 8 bloodlust stacks!! IMPORTANT!!

Try to partner up with either a tough champion, a good stunner, or a healz0r.

Mid Game:

When you got your ulti, you can try and do some ganks. It can be a really good bait, if they're like "Yo Sion, Trynda is low. Stun him and then we'll go on him, and just nuke him down", and you can be all like "Oh hell no! Pop cleanse and gogo attack them. Once you know that it's time for your ulti, Pop that and epic rape their face off.

But tbh you shouldn't spend too much time on ganking. If you see a big group of enemy minions piling up, rush to them and kill them. If you didn't get fed on champions, now is the time to get fed on minions. If you can get a succesful farm, you'll be able to 1v1 anyone!

Trynda can also be a good pusher. So if you see the enemies stacking up somewhere, tell your team to just defend, and you'll go unnoticed pushing a tower.

Late Game:

Late game you should actually pretty much do the same thing you've done mid game, although in team fights there's some specific rules.
So when you get into a teamfight, use your to get through walls, and ambush them from behind. Don't think you're the tank. You might have 5 seconds of immortality, but odds are, that you also have the highest DPS (Damage Per Second).

You should try and let your tank engage. Wait untill everyone from the other team has found themselves a target, and then it's your time to get up from behind and rape the shizzle out of the squishies.

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As Tryndamere - no matter how much you like it or dislike it - you should always, ALWAYS, try to fragsteal. If you can get fed you can pretty much 1v5 the other team. If you see that the enemy is pretty much dead, and there is no way you can get that kill, just try to use your on them, and it'll give you an assist - Why the **** not?

Even though it might sound stupid, if you can sacrifice yourself for a kill, then that's actually a good thing. There's nobody who needs kills more than Tryndamere

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Even though Trynda might seem like an easy right click champion there is alot more into it.
Rome wasn't build on one day, and you won't get good with Trynda on your first game either.
So if you don't go super positive on your first game with this build, give it a second chance, and eventually you'll get those positive scores.

I really appreciate you guys reading all this, and I hope you appreciate the guide aswell.
Please leave any feedback you might have - I'm willing to improve :)

Please don't rate this down without leaving a comment :)

I just wanted to take a picture of my match history ;-) :As you can see at the Stats Details, I have 345 minion kills after 40-50 minutes! Farming is everything, kids! ;)