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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hatakek

Tryndamere of the Jungle

Hatakek Last updated on March 17, 2011
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This build just makes it unfair for any champion you're ganking. With exhaust and ghost, you get twice as many hits on them as usual, and runes for added critical chance, early game kills will come much easier. Jungling with Tryndamere is somewhat dependent on your luck, but with the right runes and starter items, you'll do just fine.

This Build was inspired by JEFFY40HANDS' build in combination with Apotheosis' Jungle Tryndamere Video:


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The reason I chose all critical chance runes is to make sure your Bloodlust has as many stacks as possible while jungling. This allows you to heal with Bloodlust at its maximum capacity more often and more easily.

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Grabbing an Elixir of Agility (Don't get Cloth Armor, it wont help build you anything later on) and 6 Health Potions in the beginning is enough to get you to level 6 in record time. The elixir will up your critical chance by another 8% and increase your attack speed by 12% + (around .5% per level gained while jungling).

I use Ionian Boots of Lucidity so that every time you use Endless Rage, get a few kills, and Recall, it's cooldown will be done by the time you get back out there. This also makes the opposing team rage... Endlessly.

Getting a Phantom Dancer as early as possible allows you to kill even faster, or make up for the increased HP/Armor of an enemy tank early-mid game. With your increased critical chance rate from the runes, you should be able to gank any champion with no problem at this point.

As usual, Infinity Edge is always the way to go for any Tryndamere. This makes your critical hits deal from 500 damage (at 0 Bloodlust stacks) to over 700 damage (8 Bloodlust Stacks). I don't see the reason as to why some people get 2 Infinity Edges, because it's effect is a UNIQUE Passive. Anything UNIQUE will NOT STACK.

And to finish it off, A second Phantom Dancer will allow you to absolutely destroy any opposing champion in less than 3 seconds and ensures your victory in any duel, defend against an enemy push, or just finishing off their Nexus quickly.

I also recommend Stark's Fervor if you have the gold. That amount of lifesteal along with the critical hits makes you invincible.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Bloodlust for healing while Jungling, then get Spinning Slash immediately after. It does damage to all Neutral Creeps in an area and lessens the time spent walking in the jungle.

Get Bloodlust again at level 3 for more healing/damage and then get Mocking Shout for level 4 and 5. This skill is a must if you want to gank early. The movement speed of the enemy decreases by a significant amount, and along with Exhaust and Ghost, you're sure to have enough time to kill them.

From here on out, don't get Spinning Slash until the end. The cooldown doesn't decrease per level and its damage doesn't increase all that much. You're better off maxing out Mocking Shout and Bloodlust first, and of course Endless Rage. Spinning Slash is only useful for catching up to enemies and quickly using Mocking Shout so the rest of your team can catch up and help kill the enemy Champion.

Make sure you time Endless Rage correctly. If you activate it too early, you won't receive its maximum effect. Activate it too late, and you'll get stunned/nuked and die. Immediately after you use Endless Rage, count FAST in your head "one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three." Don't even get to the third "One Thousand," just use Spinning Slash out of there IMMEDIATELY followed by activating Bloodlust immediately. This gets you out of any sticky situation with enough HP to last you one hit from a turret/many minion attacks and stay alive.

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YOU DO NOT NEED SMITE to jungle with Tryndamere.

I recommend having Ghost and Exhaust for this guide, but if you feel more comfortable with Smite, use it.

Starting with the Two Neutral Golems (Unbuffed), use the Elixir of Agility and 1 Health Potion as soon as they spawn.

Use your Bloodlust stacks to heal ONLY when they reach 8 stacks, or you are under 75 HP. If you use them to heal too early, you won't heal enough and it won't cool down in time to stay alive. Remember, staying at low health and having Bloodlust stacked also increases your critical damage, so keeping a balance between health and damage is crucial.

Work your way to Wraiths, (You should be almost level 2 now) starting with the Lesser Wraiths first. Kill one lesser wraith and quickly obtain and use Spinning Slash. Getting these killed first will fill up your Bloodlust stacks more quickly. USE YOUR SPINNING SLASH AS SOON AS IT COOLS DOWN. It deals a good amount of damage to all wraiths and you'll get your kills faster.

Remember to ALWAYS have a Health Potion in use.

Spinning Slash through thin-ish walls to shorten amount of time taken to get to the Wolves. These should be easy enough, seeing as you can kill them no problem with any champion at level 1.

Make your way to the Golem of the Blue Crest immediately after. You'll want to heal up before starting this one. Start off killing the two small creeps around the Golem, increasing your Bloodlust stack. Remember to activate Bloodlust only when it reaches 8 stacks or you're under 75 HP.

Once you're done here, Recall and go back to the two Neutral Golems where you started and kill them. Your Elixir of Agility should still have some time left on it so go to the Lizard of the Red Crest, and take out the two small creeps first.

Killing the Lizard now shouldn't be too hard, and definitely easier than the Golem of the Blue Crest. The Lizard does tank a little more damage than the Golem though, because its Red Buff is actually working on itself. Remember to always have a Health Potion activated. After this, you should go out into the world and GANK THE **** OUT OF THEM.