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Tryndamere Build Guide by BlueIcicle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueIcicle

Tryndamere, The Critinator

BlueIcicle Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Hey guys! BlueIcicle is here to present a guide to Tryndamere, The Barbarian King. If you want to play with me in game, my account name is BlueIcicle on the West Coast server. I also have TimeTicker, which I play Tryn on. I hope you like the build. If you do, vote up! If you don't, vote up! :D

I would also like to give a shout out to my clan. All Shall Perish is a great clan with tons of great people, although I have no idea who to talk to in vent :D. Anyway, I made this guide just for them.



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List of Terms -

AmP - Armor Penetration
AP - Ability Power
AD - Attack Damage
AS - Attack Speed
CC - Critical Chance
CD - Critical Damage
H - Health
R - Rage
H/S - Health per Second
Am - Armor
MR - Magic Resist
Do - Dodge
MS - Movement Speed
LS - Life Steal
Tryn - Tryndamere, The Barbarian King

There are also several other terms that are very self-explanatory which I am sure the League of Legends players are very aware of.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Exhaust (D) and Ignite (F) because those are both very very good summoner spells for Tryndamere. Exhaust will allow Tryn to easily kill champions. A stun will slow down Tryn, so exhaust will slow them, when the stun is done you can use Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash to catch them and kill them. Ignite will ensure a kill with Tryn. Early game, Tryn gets tons of crits off because of his Rage. Once low enough, Tryn can use ignite and easily leave it to kill the champion at his pleasure. Tryn's main goal is to get as fed as possible, along with farming his lane.

Other Summoner Spells can be chosen. However, this would mean that the masteries should be changed and the entire tree would be different. Lets take a look at some of the other possible choices for Tryndamere's Summoner Spells.

Oh and by the way, I am leaving out Smite because THIS IS NOT A JUNGLE GUIDE FOR TRYN. I might add a special section just for jungling later.

Flash - Some Tryn players decide to use this, and as a professional Tryn player myself, I say "F--k Flash". Spinning Slash and Mocking Shout will give you a perfect amount of time to catch them. Ghostblade can also be used for the movement speed. Tryn's Spinning Slash is a free flash. (Slash, Flash haha)

Teleport - HELL no. Not even worth it. Yes it may help in getting a couple kills, and some farming, but the exhaust/ignite combo is MUCH better. Plus you couldnt get your AD bonus in Offense Masteries.

Cleanse - I have seen several Tryndameres get Cleanse, and, in all honesty, its pretty good. A good replacement for Exhaust, but still not better.

Overall, its best to stick with the Exhaust and Ignite combo to get as many kills as you can.

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Marks - (9x) Greater Mark of Desolation --- Its always good to have some AmP on Tryndamere since it will allow Tryn to take down tanks (if they are alone... Go for the carries and squishies in team fights -- Spinning Slash allows you to reach the squishies easily) The AmP also allows crits to hit full almost their full amount of damage.

Seals - (9x) Greater Seal of Furor --- CD is the most important aspect of Tryn (besides LS). CC is increased by rage, so there is no point for CC runes. I've reached 1700 crits with this build, several times.

Glyphs - (9x) Greater Glyph of Furor --- As I said before, CD rules! If you want, you can replace the Glyphs with Greater Glyphs of Desolation, but I recommend Furor.

Quintessence - (3x) Greater Quintessence of Furor --- This can be either Furor or Desolation Quintessences. Amp isn't as important as CD on Tryn, so I go with Furor.

Some people have asked about the Critical Chance runes and Attack Damage runes. They are helpful, but not needed. Attack Damage can be easily accessed in-game by several items. CC is built-in with the Rage system (Look at the passive of Tryn, it explains the rage to critical relationship).

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Masteries - 21-9-0

Offense - I main in Offense because not only are Exhaust and Ignite buffs in here, there is the critical chance increase and the AS boost. Plus the Physical Damage boost from the final mastery in the tree.

Defense - The 9 in defense is mainly to get the chance for a speed boost when you dodge. That boost of speed will allow you to easily catch enemies and unload. (Combine that with Ghostblade, Phantom, Greaves, and Mocking Shout, bam. Their screwed)

I would suggest keeping that mastery tree, but if you wanted to change to all offense, go ahead. If you decide to change Summoner Spells, make sure you change the tree as well to fit your new Summoner Spells. No point in having Exhaust and Ignite buffed if you aren't even going to use them :P

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Tryndamere is a master of farming. Sure, some others can beat him, but with his crit and spinning slash, he can clear waves in seconds. (Spinning slash reduces cooldowns by 2 every time he crits, so he can use it a ton.)

In a game, I get about 160-200 creeps by the end of the game. More if I am not getting fed off enemy champions.

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Starting Items - Always, and I mean ALWAYS start with Brawler's Gloves and a Health Potion. The potion will allow him to get an early kill and live, and the gloves will give him the CC to get his CD enhanced crits off. Crits in early game with Tryn are deadly.

Rushing Items - You want to rush your Avarice Blade and Beserkers Greaves. The Greaves will give you a boost in speed to chase the enemies along with extra AS. The Avarice Blade will give you free extra gold, which is a big help while farming for your Ghostblade and Infinity Edge.

Mid-Game Items - Mid game should end up with Greaves, Ghostblade, and a B.F. Sword (if not an IE). These three Items are the core of Tryndamere's build. Try to get a Vampiric Scepter at the end of mid-game. (With these you can solo Dragon)

End-Game Items - This is the fun part. Bloodthirster (stacking constantly on creeps), Phantom Dancer, and ANOTHER Bloodthirster. You can replace the second Bloodthirster with a Black Cleaver if you want, (for the damage and AS) but I like the crit and you get a fourth your H back. :D

You can supplement some Items, but for the most part, stick with these items. Especially the Infinity Edge. That item was MADE for Tryn. Crit damage, AD, etc...

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Overall, the setup explained in the Tryn on Team 1 explains it very well of what he needs. I hope this guide helps and you have a wonderful time smackin' up people with your big *** sword :D

As I said in an earlier chapter, I may add another part to this Guide for Jungling Tryn. If this Guide gets popular, I will add a Jungling chapter.