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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dukelewi

Tryndamere, way....

Dukelewi Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Hey whats up guys, this is my first time creating a build but trust me im not new to the system of playing the game efficiently and effectively. As everyone knows, tryndamere is the type of champ to seal the deal per say when it comes to fights (mainly focused for 3v3 matches but would work above average builds for 5v5 as well) when it comes to tryn using his map control by several occasions. Buff's, laning minions, jungle creeps, etc are all easy for tryndamere and with his good escapability, he can surely piss off the other team with ease. Mind you that this build is mainly situated for mid/late game initiations and thats when the kill-count for your K/D ratio to go up exponentially. Tryndamere is the type of champ that you need to be comfortable in the environment that you are in and take in your teammates abilities and your opponents to devise a plan of killing and escaping without having your team begin to take you as a liability to team fights. Enough with this jibber jabber, lets get down to business.

Starting game
Tryndamere isnt one of the best starting gank champs but he can still whip out a couple moves for his teams benefit and hopefully get first blood but try not to get greedy because after first blood is over and tryndamere is further along through the map, he is extremely vulnerable. I like to start off with a simple long sword (to initiate the build of your wrigglers latern) and of course a health potion... this doesnt give tryndamere any good starting positions but once wrigglers latern is made you get a small bit of armor (30), some attack damage (35), a small bit of lifesteal (14%, works great for your bloodlust and criticals to heal yourself insanely quickly), a 20% chance to deal 500 dmg to minions, and its unique ability of placing a ward at places such as red buff or drag for champs that get risky and skamper off by themselves. After this you obviously need your boots so i would suggest berserker greaves like every tryndamere player uses. at this time, you can now be more of an explorer with pushing a bit and getting jungle/monster buffs.

Mid Game
Tryndamere can do a lot of pissing off at this time once the zeal has been created and u can start making the infinity edge (starting with b.f sword of course) so the zeal gives you an 8% movement speed which isnt much but it is still noticable when it comes to catching your opponent(s) and using spin slash, shout, exhaust, ghost, etc. and getting your enemy and them being stunned as to how easily they died or had to run.

Late Game
Simply tryndamere is amazing, no matter if you guys are behind with turret pushing or feeding kills because tryn can now be the initiator even if there is tanks on his team. Once something pops out and stirs up a fight, be insanely aggressive because if they focus on you, you can escape, heal with bloodlust or undying rage if it is needed, stay in the area till you can get some more minion or jungle kills and then come right back into the action.

Other than that, like every champ out there, you gotta take the pro's and con's of situations before they happen and potential "what if's" and "can i handle..." and as experience with playing that champion progresses, your tactics will become full proof (to an extent of course). Dont expect to be amazing at the start because you probably wont because in 3v3 matches, people tend to go for the short builds to get feed kills and tower push as fast as possible for people to either rage quit or stop playing but if you hang in there and your teammates do as well, the outcome will probably turn out quite well because tryn can be good defensively starting on the build when it comes to protecting turrets, saving teammates from odd ganks and battles and placing wards to structure your gameplay to your viewing. I know you guys wouldnt like to hear this but I am semi-new with using tryndamere and i created this build that i havent had trouble with at all to this point (playing both skilled individuals + teams and new players to the LoL era). Keep in mind that near lvl 13-18 you will lvl insanely fast and you may need to back off a bit so you can let your teammates farm-up to catch up to you because tryndamere will kill every monster of the map insanely easy and usually always get the last shot in to get the gold from the creeps and minions.

Hope you guys enjoy it, i'd love to hear the pro's and con's to this build because it creates new innovation and structure to playing the game and excel to the best of ones ability.
Note: I believe I will be creating a side build to this for being more of a threat during the starting/mid game as well to getting certain items when certain situations occurr.