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Jayce Build Guide by Drrowe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drrowe

Tunnel Vision Jayce(top)

Drrowe Last updated on July 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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An intro to jayce.
well jayce is a versitile champ, but i believe he is best played as a ranged champ until lvl 4, at which you switch to a lane bully. you have so many more skills than your opponent early on and you NEED TO USE THAT. you can virtually shut down any top lane by beating them out early, much like other bullies. But unlike other bullies, he has 7 skills to burn through with incredible synergy. Follow the combo in the next section and once you get some practice with it, it becomes almost second nature to string together a huge amount of skills and chunk any opponent with ease (especially early on) later into the lanning phase, some champions such as rumble, kennen, vlad, and riven will be able to bully you if you fail to bully them early. jayce shines at levels 4-5 and its your job to get ahead during that time.

but if you find yourself unable to, well you can catch up by outfarming, your melee E, and ranged Q are great farming tools, and its quite easy to catch up if you loose your footing.
it just takes time, because jayce has a rough game until he gets his aegis.

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The Tunnel

The Tunnel
okay so the build is called this because it allows you to tunnel the other teams ranged AD while during laning phase bullying your way to a lane victory, making the enemy top fairly useless.

the basics are, slap an exhaust on the enemy AD, range E, range Q, flip to melee, pop W, Pop E, Pop Q, and there wont be much left of the AD.
jayce is very difficult to peel off an AD, and to do so. you are absorbing alot of CC, nunu is a pretty hard counter, however no matter what you will be zoning out the enemy AD for most of the duration of a fight, giving your team somewhat of an advantage.
Also a sidenote,
Jayce has an amazing potential for setting up team ganks with his ranged E.

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Masteries and Spells (sumoner)

only way i see jayce being viable is with this setup, gives him decent sustain without needing a philo stone. and decent enough damage to bully. it also gives protection from creep harass which is discussed in the lower section.

decent cdr, some extra armor/mr and damage reduction as well as health. nothing special here. typical ad brawler.

Summoner spells
okay, so i know there been a trend of ignite top. but im sick of it. its a dumb idea, and this build is built around tunneling the enemy ranged AD after bullying your lane into being unable to do the same. unless your mid for some reason isn't running ignite, or if they are running swain and mundo i don't see the reason for 2 ignites. I hate ignite top, all it does is a little bit of extra damage and reduce healing, and exhaust also scales much better. if you can exhaust the enemy AD theres almost no way for them to shake you in a teamfight, and you can destroy them with your damage because lets face it, jayces burst is sexy.

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Runes, Build, First Skill

first off, first guide please be very critical. I'm trying this out point out my flaws, no need to be mean, just tell me and ill attempt to fix what I'm doing wrong. I'm new at this

Most players don't like my mixture of runes, but in my experience it gives you a feeling of solid Armor/Mr for the entire game, while not having too low of damage.
Personally i like the 1 move speed quint, however its not necessary; i just like it because it allows you to be slightly faster than most top lanes. and in my experience you need it vs some tops. I.E udyr, with this you can kite his bear sprint more easily. Which in turn gives you more time to E him away. It also allows for a slight advantage of move speed when running from ganks, and chasing. Other champs the move speed helps immensely with would be, rumble, ahri, kennen and a few others. but if you don't like it. hey don't use it.

The Build And Skill
Now i always start cloth first, regardless of match-up (except when v singed or vlad).
Why? you might ask, well simply put if you grab cloth first, you can steal blue wraith from opponent jungle very easily (obviously its situational depending on enemy jungle/team comp)
it also gives you the ability, when coupled with your mastery to harass easier, because minions will do so much less damage to you allowing you to w=>r=>w=>q=>e combo them without taking much harass from creeps.

Now based on your lane, and the enemy teams level of Crowd Control. you need to figure out early what your boots should be, i personally like ninja tabi in most situations, mostly because i run jayce against bruiser ad,but if you find yourself against to much CC or something ap top, I.E vlad, kennen, or rumble merc treads are great. really its just common sense at that point though.

i personally like to grab a HOG or Avarice blade, usually avarice. because the entire point of this build is to tunnel an AD carry, and to be as quick and tanky as possible. and if you can get yomu's and aegis, you will have a fun time going hammertime on the ranged carry.

the rest of the items,
trinity, guardians. they are there for the same reasons.
gaurdians makes you a less desireable target, allowing you to tunnel vision harder.
items you could follow up with are items like rand's and qss as well as banshee's