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League of Legends Build Guide Author littleprince612

Twisted Fate, A True Assassin

littleprince612 Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my Twisted Fate build. This build focuses on building Twisted Fate to do three things: deal a lot of damage, deal it quickly, and chase down those who manage to escape. I have a lot of fun when I'm playing him but he takes some getting used to. Don't forget to comment/vote if you like what you see.

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Fantastic at ganking/saving ganked teammates with teleporting
When the enemy neglects a lane and your minions are at the turret TF can backdoor and destroy it
Stunning makes killing an enemy who even slightly overextends simple

Squishy. So squishy.
Often targeted first.

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For Runes, I go with Armor Penetration Marks and Quints and Attack Speed Glyphs and Seals. Armor Pen will help mow through squishies faster and whittle down tanks and Attack Speed is what makes TF so deadly.

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I go for a 21/0/9 for greater attack speed/damage and whatnot in Offensive and a few other helpful things in Utility like improved Ghost and 15% longer minion buffs.

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To start out, the item build is pretty expensive. Thus, it's important to realize what TF really needs to dominate and get those first and save up for the others. The four I think he needs are Berserker's Greaves, Sword of the Divine, Phantom Dancer and Bloodthirster. You need the movement speed, attack speed, extra damage and lifesteal provided by these items to start dominating. Plus, the 100 magic damage on the fourth attack provided by the Sword makes his 4th attack every time really hurt. The Black Cleaver will make taking down tanks even easier and Banshee's Veil is great late game because TF often gets focused and that little bubble has saved me from countless stuns.

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Skill Sequence

First, here is a rundown of his abilities.

Loaded Dice (Passive): +2 gold with every kill for every ally. It's not a lot but it helps.

Wild Cards: Throws three cards in a cone pattern that deal damage to enemies they pass through with a wide range. Great opening move on a line of minions, but I honestly feel it's his weakest skill especially with a DPS build.

Pick a Card: Press once to begin a shuffle through your three choices of cards, press again to choose. Red cards slow enemies in a small area around, blue cards do pure damage, gold cards do half of what a red and blue card would do and stuns the enemy (for a full 2 sec at level 5). Marvelous ability, but pay attention when choosing. Nothing's worse then thinking you picked a gold card when it was actually blue.

Stacked Deck: Passively gives increased movement speed and cooldown reduction while making every fourth attack deal extra damage. Pairs wonderfully with Sword of the Divine and lets TF achieve one of the best attack speeds.

Destiny: Shows every enemy champion on the map, even stealthed champions. While activated, TF can teleport anywhere on the map by clicking the spell again and choosing a location. This is what makes him shine and makes him fun.

Now, I always start out with Pick a Card so I immediately can stun an enemy. Then, I max out Stacked Deck, followed by Pick a Card and then Wild Cards. I love the increased Attack Speed and extra damage provided by Stacked Deck. And you always need to be ready to whip out a stun.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ghost and Exhaust for a few reasons. Both can be used offensively to help chase down enemies/keep them in range, but they can also be used defensively to run away/stop them from chasing you.

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Stages of Game

Beginning (1-9)
You are weak. You attack speed/damage isn't nearly what it will become but you can be useful. If you took mid, gank top and bot lanes to help them push, especially if one of the enemies should've recalled and beware of ganks from sides. If on the sides, stun as much as you can so teammates can deal damage. Just be very careful. Beginning as TF is challenging. Just try not to die.

Mid game (9-15)
By now, you should have at least some lifesteal, so your survivability is increased so long as you stay back and farm on minions. However, don't be afraid to take chances here as well. If you see an enemy go off on their own to farm, especially someone squishy, you might be able to take them out and then run away. Even one enemy champion who remains at a lower level can wreck their team.

Late game (16-18)
By now, you need to get a black cleaver. It is vital to try and save ganked teammates and weaken enemies during a team fight. In a 1v1, very few champions can take you down, especially if you have Black Cleaver and Bloodthirster. This is easily the most fun part of the game and also the time you get targeted the most, making Banshee's Veil wonderful for surviving.

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Team Work

TF is best when working with his team. Certainly, he can handle a 1v1 with most champions, especially when he ganks with a teleport and his build his complete, but he is easily destroyed when ganked in return. When fighitng with your team, don't lead them. Instead, try to find the best time to throw a stun and pick off one of their teammates. Doing so usually results in a team fight, but one of them is most likely dead by then. Try to avoid being focused, pay attention to your health bar as well as the enemies, focus on the weak ones and stun those that try to run away or who think they can do some last minute damage before running.

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I personally think TF is among the best of the assassins in the League with his teleporting plus stuns plus dealing an insane amount of damage. However, he is SO SQUISHY. Thus, he needs to be played smartly. Stun enemies to let your team help with killing them, and try to stay with at least one. If you teleport away to pick off an enemy trying to farm, get back before they try to gank you. Also, remember that you're not invincible. I have issues with this. I can get carried away with my ability to dominate one person that I rush into fights thinking my damage output will save me. Stick with your team, gank when possible and play smart.