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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fraser

Twisted Fate - Ahh, I'm alive...oh no TF's ulti-.-

Fraser Last updated on October 16, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my first guide!

Maybe my english is not the best (I'm German :D), but I think you can understand it if you want ;).

It's about Twisted Fate, a little supporter, with his stun and slow you can save the ***es of you and your teammates, a DPS hero that has got AS in his ability and 1 to 1 damage in his "Pick a card" ability and a great killer of escapers with his ulti (look the title).

1) Summoner Spells
2) Runes
3) Masteries
4) Items
5) How to play with "TF"

Ok, let's go!


Summoner Spells:

What you should/can get:
I think Flash is with every hero very usefull. You can escape, if the enemys want to escape and they're not in the range of your stun , you can get them, so with TF, it's a must have <3.
Exhaust blinds and slow the target. The hate of every DPS hero, so why don't take it?
TF is squishy and with flash you can escape very well. Or you kill with it fast champions like Master Yi or Xin and they have got no chance.
Cleanse is also nice against champions like sion, ashe, taric. Low cooldown, and they think you're stunned, then you do cleanse and stun them. It's a good combo with Flash, someone stun you, you do Cleanse and Flash = big chance to survive!
If you think this is better than Flash, take it. If you compare the distance your faster, Ghost is better, but maybe you dont get away because of a CC. But you shouldn't take Ghost AND Flash, then you'll miss one Summoner Spell.
Mmh...Ignite... you can use it if you've got problems with the last hit or last 2 hits to kill the enemy, but I think Exhaust is better because it's blinding.
Your choice.

What you shouldn't get:
You've got your Ulti, so that's wasting 1 Summoner Spell.
The same reason as for Teleport.
You won't have got problems with mana. Early game you've got one ability with mana, Pick a Card. It has a very low mana cost and if you'll have mana problems during a game, you can buy a mana pot or your high enough to get the Golem.



Quintessences and Marks: ArP runes, I think I don't must say why, you know it.

Seals: Dodge is a must have , because he's squishy bla bla bla.. if you've got your first Phantom Dancer, it's a high chance to dodge.And don't forget masteries, 2% dodge chance and if you do, your faster a short time.

Glyphs: Also because your squishy, and often it saved my ***es against mages, it's a damage reduce about 10%, helps in the whole game a lot!



It's a classical 21/9/0 mastery tree. Crit chance, ArP, better Exhaust, Crit Dmg, whole Dmg 5% and in defense Dodge and a bit magic resist and armor.



First you'll pick Vampiric Scepter.
You need the life steal, that's important. So you can stay longer in the lane.

If you've got 920, you go back for the Berserker's Graves. With them you can get away better and stun the enemys better.Also a bit AS ;).

After that you'll get the Bloodthirster , you need the dmg because of Pick a Card, don't buy anything else !

Then the enemys maybe do also more dmg, so buy life, Phage has got life AND Dmg, rly nice for TF and maybe you'll slow them when they run away, and you can do your stun or slow better.

Later you'll build the Infinity Edge. 30 Dmg more, 20% crit chance, so with Masteries you've got now 22 % crit chance.

After that you'll gain your first Phantom Dancer.Important to get the Cloak of Agility first , because then you've got 40% crit chance, your dmg is over 200, with 260% crit dmg (Infinity Edge, Masteries) you do a lot of dmg in 1 hit , so you'll need the crit chance.
Then the second Phantom Dancer, now you've got a HIGH dodge chance, AS , crit chance, MS , and because of the high crit chance (82%) also HIGH damage!

If the Match goes on, you'll build your Phageas into the Frozen Mallet. HP and 100% slow.

If you've got problems earlier because of your live, get the Frozen Mallet before the second Phantom Dancer or before the first Phantom Dancer BUT after the first Cloak of Agility!!!


How to play TF:

Early game:
I think now we know, that TF is squishy. With Vamp Scepter he has 12% more life steal . Until you're lvl 6 you should concentrate on last hitting enemys with the Blue Card. And you should shoot the minions 3 times , and with the 4th shoot you must try to harass the other champions, because of Stacked Deck. When you do the 4th shoot and the dmg of Pick a Card, it's very much dmg. But also last hit enemys with Pick a Card!

Mid game:
When you've got your ulti and Berserker's Graves, you must try to get the B.F. Sword as fast as possible! Look on the enemy team on all lanes, and if you see someone with low life , ping him for your teammates, do the stun of "Pick a Card" and THEN the ulti to port to him. It's important to make your stun ready before porting. And it's the best to have also the 4th shoot of Stacked Deck ready. And if you do your ulti, don���´t do the biggest fail that I see on so much other TF's. Don't port next to the enemy champion, port if he moves about ten metres between him and his base or his tower, and if he's standing and for an example ports back, do it about 5metres between him and his tower/base. Then it's a better chance to hit him with stun, also he must move behind, so maybe he will try to go the very long way, but then he runs in your teammates.
So you shouldn't only do your ulti, you must see the situation and see, where's the best place for port, sometimes it's also nice to port into the jungle and come out there ;).
If you can do this very well, you do kills and kills.

Late Game:
In team fights, you should try to stun they're DD and kill him. But you must care , because you're maybe the first target and if you want to kill a mage, you must be in their range, so the others can kill you easyier. If there's this situation, don't try to kill the mage, try to kill their melees.

Pls comment and rate, how I said , this is my first guide, but I hope this will help you and much fun, kills and luck with Twisted!

Fraser (ingame Nisgan :D)