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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackSteal

Twisted Fate basics (test)

BlackSteal Last updated on January 23, 2010
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1 point in Pick a Card is because of the stun.
Then get wild cards to harass in line and 1 point in teleport to buy items and heal if needed. Ulti whenever possible. Try to gang with lvl 6 by using pick a card in your base, get a gold card, teleport with ulti to a lane and kill them.

Sheen is a must have since it provides a huge boost to your damage. After you have sheen, get boots of your choice. Usually mercury threads are the best, but you might change them for something else. Then you should get Catalyst since it gives you some nice hitpoints and good lanestaying power. After this upgrade your sheen to trinity force since it gives a lot of stats and twisted fate is one of the few champions who can really need all those stats.
You will do serious damage even without much damage items. You should focus on survial now. Get banshees veil first if they have cc or a lot of magical dps, else get frozen heart first. The cooldown reduction is really handy and allows you to use your ultimate for scouting purpose. Also you can pretty much kill every physical dps with it, since it not only grants a lot of armor, but also a aura that reduces their atk speed.

Summoner skills:

Flash is a must have for twisted fate. Use your mind, trick your opponents. Flash to them, gold card and kill them. I prefer exhaust as second summoner skill since its a semi-disable and in my opinion much more effectiv then ignite, which many tfs take. They usually go for ap then, since ignite gives 10 ap with the right mastery. Just Stupid. Improved exhaust gives you more bonus dmg since it lowers their magic resistance drasticly and also cause them to miss for 100%.

Mastery points:

Get improved exhaust and bonus ap.
Then get decreased cooldown and the improvement to pirce through their magic resistance.

In Utility get more mana regen, more exp, longer neutral buffs, improved flash, more movespeed, decreased cooldowns and decreased summoner skills cooldown.

Play style:

Try to get solo mid. on lvl 1-2 try to harass with gold card. By the time you reach lvl 3 you can spam joker to harass your enimie. Try to last hit creeps while you harass them to make sure you can buy sheen by the first time you have to go back to your base.

In the midgame you should focus on ganking people. Try to help the other lanes to dominate their lanes and push a tower if possible. Spam pick a card with blue cards to destroy towers faster. A gold card can stun a tower and give you the needed 2 seconds to finish it off. Farm creeps with joker and be omnipresent.

In the lategame you should stick with your team. Depending on your earlier sucess you can kill most of them 1on1 any maybe pick someone off by Ultimate + Gate combo. Else try to control the map, maybe get some wards. In teamfights, spam goldcard on their damage dealer and use joker whenever possible. If a teamfight starts, use your ultimate since it decreases their mobility drastictly.

Authors note:
My english isnt good, i apologize.
I just want to add a short basic Guide to tf. Im working on a very detailed one, but it will take much more time and will be longer then 20 pages. This is my playstyle and im very succesful in high elo games with it. My name is BlackSteal and i play on the eu-servers