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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twisted Fate Build Guide by Crazy Smurf

Twisted Fate: Doin' It [100% of Fate]

Twisted Fate: Doin' It [100% of Fate]

Updated on May 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf Build Guide By Crazy Smurf 491 49 1,518,822 Views 341 Comments
491 49 1,518,822 Views 341 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf Twisted Fate Build Guide By Crazy Smurf Updated on May 5, 2011
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Bunnybunner (3) | December 22, 2011 11:58pm
Update this **** bro, stop **** blocking us.
Zetadar | December 16, 2011 12:15pm
dude pls update this guide, is my favorite guide in all MobaFire, really, i would thank you :D
ExTGT (1) | December 12, 2011 7:47am
Man, you gotta UPDATE this ****! This guide was the reason I started playing Twisted Fate, it pains me to see this guide this abandoned :(
MaxieSStyle (1) | October 23, 2011 5:29am
This guide is great, looks awesome and have to say, I've tried to play AD TF by starting from Sword of Devine, I think it's way worse than phantom dancer now, great guide, rated, favourited!
Walio | October 7, 2011 7:40pm
@Crazy Smurf:
when will you update this awesom guide
Sebas0101 (1) | October 1, 2011 8:37pm
a great guide, it helped me a lot when starting to use tf. and it stills does. a very good job
SPAZwazza | September 21, 2011 11:05pm
I've tried it, and it worked better for me with a bit of tweaking. I end up with pretty much the same items, with the exception of Berseker's Greaves instead of Sorceror's Shoes, but I played with the build order. Your priorities seem confused.

You advocate not putting a single point in WiLd Cards until level 13, which is his highest AP ability...but you've got him building AP items first. Really mixed signals. I find if you focus more on his AD and lifesteal early on and hold off just a little while on the AP and spell vamp, it makes things much easier in the beginning.

I start with a Doran's Blade, then Berserker's Greaves from there. Then I build the Bilgewater Cutlass, then Guinsoo's Rageblade(getting the Pickaxe before the Blasting Wand), and Zeal. THEN I start focusing a little more on AP stuff, finishing up the Hextech Gunblade, then Sheen and Phage into Trinity Force.

If the other team is AP- or CC-heavy, I'll build Banshee's Veil first, but if they're not and we're doing pretty well, I'll get Nashor's Tooth first for total overkill and finish up with Banshee's. So yeah, that's my take on it. You gave me a great base to work from. +1
armadillus | September 11, 2011 8:49pm
First time twisted - 18/6/5 nice i like your guide especially ad one i like it +1
NamCam5Oj | September 10, 2011 8:42am
Err.. didnt do so well versus and tank akali, tank morde, 700 ap anivia, and a talon, and a 600 crit ashe >.<
KeNth | September 10, 2011 1:02am
Can u make a new guild for new gate 5500^^
Regimomoshiro | September 8, 2011 7:52am
Hey ..... at early game i've just discovered something if you play Tf always and pay attention to the cards.... if your spamming blue card whem use W again after hitting with blue the first card to show up will be a gold card 90% at a time..lets just say when you use W and you lock on blue the next time you cast W it will be a gold card also this, when you lock on red the next time you cast W it will be blue..xD just suggesting is helps me a lot... nice guides... i like the AP guide farms like a boss hope this could help other players who are having difficulty locking gold cards... Ganking with a blue card is a NO NO...
Trilliam | September 5, 2011 8:05am
And why did you add haste in the utility masteries " ap tf " and you didn't add it in the summoner's spells in the 1st place :)
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