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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Twisted Fate: Doin' It [100% of Fate]

Twisted Fate: Doin' It [100% of Fate]

Updated on May 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf Build Guide By Crazy Smurf 491 49 1,519,759 Views 341 Comments
491 49 1,519,759 Views 341 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf Build Guide By Crazy Smurf Updated on May 5, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



Twisted Fate Guide

"The house always wins." - Twisted Fate

This is an extended version of my older guide that got ranked maximum #3 "Twisted Fate Hybrid: Doin' It". This one shows you almost the same way with many other stories to share with and new funny tricks. As I have seen, some of the TF builds are outdated, some of them just fail (no offense), but that's the truth. If you want to release the full awesomeness of this champion with many tricks, I suggest you reading this guide through.
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About the Guide

Twisted Fate is an unique champion. The real only one of it's kind. He is able to go in all possible item build ways, which I'd like to show you:

1. Twisted Fate as a Hybrid (Icon 1).
2. Twisted Fate as a DPS (Icon 2).
3. Twisted Fate as an AP (Icon 3).
4. Twisted Fate as an Anti-Tank (Icon 4).
5. Twisted Fate as an Supporter (Icon 5).
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Overall~ Pros/Cons, Style, Role.

- Always flexible
- Global Teleport with global Clarivoyance
- A lot of CC
- Self-Mana Regain
- Imperial Damage, if played right

- Squishy like Hell, one of the Most Squishy Champions in the game
- Usually focused first
- Weak against heavy Burst/CC teams

Game Style:
For those who want a Champion for every occasion, Twisted Fate is an excellent choice. He takes a lot of time to master, but it's highly rewarding, especially in Ranked Arranged Games. At first, you need to know your enemy weaknesses and abuse them, then you must leave them defendless ( Wit's End, Malady, Black Cleaver, Madred's Bloodrazor) - these are the top items when it comes to countering the enemy. Anti-Tank, DPS and Support focuses at least 1 of them as their TOP Item. AP and Hybrid consist of more conventional typical damage, but with a higher price of getting wrecked.

A. DPS ~Can destroy Turrets, take squishes quickly, destroy tanks in no time.
B. Hybrid ~Works well against each type of enemy, lot of healing, requires some skill.
C. AP ~The best Finisher here, great Pusher with Wild Cards, never gets Mana Hungry.
D. Support ~Rocks almost each Team Fight out, awesome in 1vs1, great carry later on.
E. Anti-Tank ~Destroys each and every enemy's defense, initiator, can destroy Turrets.
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Twisted Fate ~The way of Hybrid.

Hybrid Twisted Fate is still by far my favourite way to play him, right after Anti-Tank one (******** destroyer, late game). In terms of power is highly similiar to Anti-Tank, focusing on both AD and AP, less on AS. Thou,He lacks outrageous damage like DPS or AP Fate.
1. Runes.
2. Masteries.
3. Pros & Cons.
4. Gamestyle.
5. Everything else a.k.a Items.

For the Runes I decided to go all hybrid like taking 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed in order to boost my movement speed along with my Trinity Force and Masteries I get a total of extra 18,5 % of my Movement Speed. Thanks to it I can use my Destiny for a some more serious **** businesses. Armor Penetration for the obvious reasons. Why not MPen? Because we are going to take Sorc. Shoes, they will be enough with Sheen. Vitality for Seals and nice Flat Magic Resist to counter some casters early game.

I know that people don't like 16/0/14 builds but it's the most suitable here.
For the Offense, all I need are Armor/Magic Penetration.
For Utility - Movement Speed and obviously other Non-Mana Masteries, as we have our Pick A Card for mana regain. Greedy for some nice extra gold with your passive and an improve Ghost for like 500 Movement Speed, which is really usable at some tough moments.

Hybrid has almost no Cons as for me. Only one I can think off is that he may be kinda overhelmed by balanced tanks. Other than that, his out-balanced damage, great durability both in HP and AP way, quick finishing off and outrageous AS late game, all scream for a lot of Pros. It would take a way too long list to post them.

As I said, Hybrid Fate requires some skill. And by some I mean like few months of exp. epic wins and awful fails. If you can master any Hybrid Character like Jax, I guarantee you that you will be a game-breaker. It's natural for Hybrid Masters, You think Ryze can land a lot of damage? I can land way more with my 8 Guinsoo stacks and TEH COMBO. About TEH COMBO:
- Simply, 8 attacks, stun included
- Red/Gold Card as the 9th attacks
- Finishing off with Wild Cards
Master it and pwn some ***es.

So, your main items on Hybrid are:

1. The Power of Tri Force. The Holy Thunderforce. The Three Holy Fates. Etc. Etc. Make it more epic yourself. Sheen -> Zeal -> Phage -> Pwnage. It goes like this. It's your first item to get and the most expensive one. Don't worry, first kills are always the wellest-paid, that's why you will get it faster than later, just when it wouldn't make that much of an impact. It gives a nice Fate everything he needs, some Crit Chance based on luck, which Fate has a lot... in my case at least. Phage for some survability and a nice slow combo with Red Card (doesn't work all the time). And my beloved Sheen to rape their faces with a Gold Card + Stack Deck + Crit + Sheen, you probly don't know how hard it hits...

2. Oh god... how came this great, atomic, nuclear-like bastardo designed both Twisted Fate and Guinsoo's Rageblade. Guinsoo, you created the power of Fate and that ******** overpowerness of Jax >.< I don't know whether I should thank you or blame you. Anyway, blamanks (another try to make it cool...) for this champion and item. Fate goes well with this blade reall adding some Rage to his moves and... his enemies^^ Spamming his skills and attacks boosts his Stacked Deck and Pick A Card nicely in the combo and adds some bastardo damageo to the Wild Cards. Your next core item, just after Tri-Force and Boots.

3. Dang! To think I was failing that hard and used it on Vlad... Fate gets so much from it. Spell Vamp and Life Steal from Pick a Card. It's like Blue Card was regaining both HP and Mana for you, quite nice, isn't it? In addition it scales nicely with your standard Attack Speed and Wild Cards. Another core item, a typical must get. Usually, after this, the game shall be over. DON'T FORGET 'BOUT THE ACTIVE, IT HELPS YOU GREATLY IN SOME CASES.
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Twisted Fate ~The way of DPS.

DPS Twisted Fate is a mighty champion in team fights as his Red Card and AA kills the enemy team immediately. You go way more offensive so if you can't finish your enemy in that 1-2 Stuns then it's not good for you. He is also probably the best 1on1 Assassin, with Destiny, 2 turn Stun and burst damage he is able to outrank many enemies that way.
Icon 2:
- A lot of damage
- Nice Crits
- Fearsome Attack Ratio

Top Achievements:
- 13 building destroyed; 8 of them by backdooring.
- Penta Kill? Larget Killing Spree: 17.
- Best Ratio: 22/0/3
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Twisted Fate ~The way of AP

AP Twisted Fate is by far the most powerful type when it comes to burst damage. It just rapes with Wild Cards that hard you won't even see them coming thourgh you. Also, there is a con, you must master Wild Cards, pointing them isn't that easy as it would seem to be.
Icon 3:
- Wild Cards hit hard, very hard
- Blue Card = Instant Mana Regen
- Godlike with Lich Bane
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Twisted Fate ~The way of Anti-Tank

Anti-Tank Twisted Fate is a fearsome enemy, not only for tanks, but for the others as well. His damage output after 3rd attack is enormous, not to be avoided and really, really hurts. He can destroy a tank in a matter of seconds, other squishes die in 4 attacks...
Icon 4:
- A true Anti-Tank
- Destroys every defense
- Can deal fearsome damage after 3rd attack
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Twisted Fate ~The Way of Support

This is more Teamfight based. Relying on on-hit effects you deal many different effects, allowing you to screw some mana using enemies or high-HP enemies like Cho' Gath. Tiamat extends all of your effects in a small circle, allowing you to decide their fate in the team fights.
Icon 5:
- Insane, different powers
- Auto attack becomes something more
- Great Team Fighter, totally awesome gotta say
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Pick A Card ~Tips and Tricks *NEW* + On-Hit Effects Love Fate.

I can't tell how flexible this skill is. It's 3in1, totally. Too bad, so many people fail with picking the cards in different situations and that's why they... fail.
This is a nifty ability, usable in each and every situation. We split it in 3 parts:
- Blue Card
- Red Card
- Gold Card
Each of them has the same cost in Mana.

Blue Card:

This card is your bread and butter through the whole game. If you don't need gold/red card just spam it anytime you can as this one is a free skill (self-repaying).

Situations you will find this card most useful in:
- Early laning phase; Harassment. Throw Blue Card at the enemy and simply flee, if you combined with Stacked Deck they will use a potion for 75%.
- Last Hitting; Last Hit minions with it each time it's on the Cooldown (Usually it's a vlaue of 80-90 damage) - your 2-2,5 standard attacks.
- Jungling; Blue Buff/Red Buff/Dragon/Baron. You can use Gold Card on the first 2 but you want to be high on Mana all the time in case of everything. Red Card on all low-minions near Blue/Red Buffs, auto-attack them, spam Blue Card on the main boss. Remember that Gold/Red Card CC doesn't work on Baron and Dragon.
- Blue Card deals most damage with AP build, Anti-Tank and Hybrid. DPS Fate can use it to regain mana in some time, when AP regains it almost instantly.

Order of Usability:
1. AP.
2. Hybrid.
3. Anti-Tank.
4. DPS.
5. Support.

Why DPS isn't #5?
Simply, Supporter has Clarity. You don't need to spam this card that often. You'd rather like to focus on Gold Card.

Red Card:

This card is not really usable unless you play Hybrid/DPS. As a DPS you want to blow entire team out ASAP and Red Card comes in very handy. Why Hybrid? It gives you balanced damage with a quick Mana Regain. Supporter also benefits from it thanks to Tiamat, which extends its range even more.

Situations you will find this card most useful in:
- Large group of minions attacking your turret? Bust them out with a Red Light!
- If you are DPS/Supporter/Hybrid; Use it in the middle of team fight or when the enemies want to run (or else to scare them).
- Low HP Enemy Champion keep on attacking you while hugging to his turret? Give him a quick Red Card in order to keep them dead for few seconds.
IMPORTANT: Be aware of that method as the tower will target you after Red Card hits the enemy champion!

Order of Usability:
1. DPS
2. Supporter
3. Hybrid
4. Anti-Tank
5. AP

Gold Card

The reason why everyone hates Fate so much is his Stacked Deck-Gold Card Combo... It takes out a vast ammount of health later on. Especially with Anti-Tank and Hybrid Fate, really...

Situations you will find this card most useful in:
- An enemy is trying to flee (Hit Destiny/Flash to them), Use Gold Card, pack Stacked Deck on them, congratulations, one of many kills like that yet to come.
- A PHRASE OF BIG IMPORTANCE "Imagine you're in a team fight (let's say 4v4) and you are chasing them. Add that they have a squisher/a guy low on movement speed. Don't use Red Card in such situation, ping on the enemy you're going to stun and bust him for free gold and making their team weaker for few seconds.
- First Blood! Especially with Support Fate, really. Getting FB with Supporter Fate is like garen-teed each battle, Garen included. I mean it, if you have Garen on your lane, who is one of the best partners for Fate go far that FB. You will be surprised how many times Gold Card -> You spin my round, round -> Exhaust -> Ignite + Auto Attacks will do. First Blood is like 95% Garen-teed when I lane up with my Garenuddy. (Tried to make Garen-Buddy look cool...)
- Assassinating... Zehahahaha! That's why I love Destiny. If you know you can outrank someone in 1v1 and you will be able to get out without being ganked later simply Gate to them, throw Gold Card, spam your Auto Attack, another Gold Card etc. etc. Exhaust comes handy after dealing them with Gold Card to make the gap even bigger.

Order of Usability:
1. Hybrid (For the Pure Win).
2. Anti-Tank (For the Second Pure Win).
3. DPS (***-***-fascinating assassinating...)
4. Support.
5. AP

On-HIT! Items Love Fate

Smurf has scored an Ace... The meaning changes drastically, if he (ab)uses me ~ Twisted Fate

So, so, so... Deal 'em.
Doin' It.

Do you know why Fate loves items like Wit's End, Malady, Sword of the Divine or Madred's Bloodrazor?
Aha! Cause during his 2 turn stun he is able to harass you like stupid... suddenly, you will find yourself with no Armor and/or Magic Resist, without Mana, like 1/4 of HP and on a slow. If you can get alive from this, then I'd have to call you lucky.

On-hit effects really love Fate, as two of his skills boost his BASIC attack. Never mistake his Pick A Card as seperated skill. He simply boosts himself. Then, what would happen if he would hit a 3000 HP Xin Zhao with 50 Magic Resist and 70 Armor?
Let's presume:
- You have Sword of the Divine, Wit's End, Madred's Bloodrazor, Malady, Black Cleaver and Trinity Force.
- Locked Gold Card that hits for 200 let's say.
- Stakced Deck that hits for another 200 let's say.
- Locked Sword of the Divine for the next hit, 100 Damage.

That's how it would go:
1. Fate uses Destiny.
2. Fate surprises Xin Zhao. Xin Zhao is surprised.
3. Fate uses Gold Card. Xin Zhao loses over 800 HP, 15 Armor, 42 Mana and 12 Magic Resist in 1 Hit.
4. Fate uses Sword of the Divine Active, He gains 30 Armor Penetration!
5. Xin Zhao has lost over 2200 HP due to Fate's 3 attacks! Xin knows he is screwed.
6. Fate penetrates the Day, he deals over 1000 Damage in the 4th Hit with Gold Card!
7. Xin Zhao has fainted!

Spoils of War:
Twisted Fate:
- 255 Gold
- 200 XP
- Red Buff
- Blue Buff
- Evolution; Twisted Fate is now Legendary Twisted Fate!

Xin Zhao:
- 40 second of waiting
- Rage Bar rises by 10!

This little "Scene" probably showed you what miracles Fate can do in mere 5-6 seconds. Now get your Cool Hat and Coat, go out and bust someone (maybe not Xin, he's got a headache) into pieces with your On-HIT! Effects.
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Most of my builds require:

Why? Fate lacks over 450-500 running speed and this one here comes very handy, especially on Hybrid Fate.

Other spells:

Teleport, Clairvoyance and Cleanse are quite obvious, backdooring with Double Teleport, Clarivoyance check for Wild Cards and Cleanse for a quick escape. But why Heal+Clarity on the Support Fate? Because you want your mates to outrank enemy with HP and Mana in the team fights, that's why.

Three spells you should never take with Twisted Fate:

Just why? If you die, then it's okay, it's a standard to be dead sometimes. Rally - Just no. Fortify - Just no.

About Ignite, Flash: I find them not necessary. Fate usually finishes his combo/killsteal and Flash < Ghost IMO. Flash has way too long CD and Ghost is more viable.
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Mid or Lane?

- Lots of Money
- Almost no use of Destiny here
- Harder to harrass

- Less gold, more harrassment
- Destiny can be used in some better terms
- You can die faster and more often
- Paired with a CC/Burst Damager gives you a succesful lane

So, IMO, Laning is way better with Fate, he always gets some ***its and his Passive benefit him greatly on a Lane. Always last-hit minions with Blue Card/Stacked Deck to ensure gold.
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Change Log


* Fixed a bug with Destiny where the teleport spell was not being cancelled by suppression effects


* Pick a Card Blue Card damage/mana return increased to 40/60/80/100/120 from 30/45/60/75/90


* Gate can no longer be cast while rooted; Destiny can still be cast while rooted.


* Fixed a bug where using Pick a Card versus inhibitors would cause the queued up effect to play the sound and particle during each attack


* Pick a Card attacks are no longer subject to dodge or miss chances
* Fixed a bug where Blue cards would restore mana even if the target died before the card hit
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Credits/Additional Infos.

What happened:
04.03.2011 - Build published.
20.03.2011 - Doin' It becomes #1 build for Twisted Fate and advances into Top 5 Builds in the last 30 Days.
21.03.2011 - Pick a Card and ON-HIT Effects added.
21.03.2011 - Credits added.
27.03.2011 - Five Banners added, accordingly to each way.

Funky Infos:
- Banners in Pick a Card Section reffers to two One Piece by Oddachi (All right reserved) characters. In order: Trafalgar Law and Hawk-Eyes Mihawk.
- Banners in each way:
*Hybrid: Kyoraku Shunsui
*DPS: Abarai Renji
*AP/Mage: Ulqiorra Schiffer
*Anti-Tank: Kurosaki Ichigo (Getsuga Tenshou)
*Support: Stark

Yet to come:
- More Anime Banners ;done in some %.
- A Section for Destiny
- Getting more In-Depth (Discussing the miracles of Fate)
- Hybrid vs AP vs DPS vs Supporter vs Anti-Tank. The Clash of Titans!
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This guide isn't that long, there is no such thing as Twisted Fate Spells. This is a guide for players who are seeking another ways of playing Fate. I added my 5 ways, that I change almost every game. Fate makes wonders if used correctly, however I see many people failing with me... such a shame.
Thank you for your time
~Crazy Smurf
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