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League of Legends Build Guide Author grimm

Twisted Fate its Destiny

grimm Last updated on October 2, 2010
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Hi, Everybody. This is how I personally play Twisted Fate. This works in ether TT or SR but i personally enjoy in more in SR.

Summoner Spells: I personally use sprint and ignite for the main reasons as ignite is more dmg and spring to catch that runner when your Destiny is on CD or when you just have to pull your tongue and gtfo.

Runes: I go with Armor Pen Marks and Quints which i find very inter changeable with HP Quints as it gives you a little more durability. For my seals i got with dodge runes because honestly who doesn't want to avoid attacks. Last but not least my glyphs i go with CDR only for the fact of having that destiny or Pick a card to come of CD that little bit quicker.

Items: My items are very basic. Berserker's greaves, malady,last whisper,IE,BC and the last item is situational if your comfortable with your dmg and life steal u can take the madreds to help burn people down or if u feel u need more dmg and life steal go with a BT. Or even later game you can drop the malady grab BT then your 6th can be madreds but a game usually doest go long enough to get half the last bit of items usually you can only get to the IE

Early Game: I start out with speed 1 boots because i find TF to be a little on the slow side along with 3 health potions and while taking stacked deck for his first skill in order to start early harrasing. After attaining lvl 2 you can start picking gold card while utilizing your stacked deck in order to do alot more harrasing but while playing safe of course and not over committing unless you know for sure hes not going to get saved by a heal/exhaust or w.e the case may be. After reaching level 6 you can A) go back to town buy your next set of items which are the berserker's greaves and a life steal item or if your lucky malady and destiny back or B) Stay in lane whilst keeping an eye on side lanes for a potential destiny gank. But once again if your going to go back to town have ur stacked deck ready so if you do go for a gank you can gold card destiny and your pretty much guaranteed a kill if there low hp.

Mid Game: Now is where things start to get interesting people tend to start branching off or working much more closely with each other this is the point where u want to capitalize on there mistakes if you see one of them off on there own you can destiny in and go for the kill but be warned as an exhaust can nullify you completely. If things stay the way there going in other words people are sticking to there lanes still play the same way as early game keep harrasing and picking off the side lanes for stupid mistakes Ex. having too low health and not porting. cause a turret hit or 2 wont kill you now at least if you dont already have low hp. Also During this phase you should be finishing off last whisper and already working on your IE.

Late Game: By now you should have or almost completed your IE and working on your BC and possibly your 6th item. As in regards to tips for this point with T.F just stay with your team capitalize on enemy mistakes EX. moving to close or too far away from there team gold card them and you and your team should know the rest. Destiny in order to get back to the fight fast or to pick off that runner that no one could catch.

Reminder Gold Card can mean you surviving a dangerous situation or in conjunction with stacked deck even getting that unsuspecting guy your about to destiny on.

Good Luck Have Fun