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League of Legends Build Guide Author beaker

Twisted Fate - Maximum Damage

beaker Last updated on December 25, 2010
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Hi there. Here is an example of what you can achieve by using my hybrid TF build.
The most important items are Hextech Gunblade and Madred's Bloodrazor. The other items expand the damage of these 2 items. I always put gunblade on 5 because I just feel most comfortable activating my item actives from that key.
It indeed maxes out TF's dmg in all areas. with this build you will nuke any carry that doesn't have Rylai's crystal scepter or frozen mallet to hell within 2 seconds garenteed.

I have used the build quite a long time now and actually I carried myself out of low elo with it. I won i think 7 ranked games in a row. You can go see my TF ranked stats for yourself. Also, I did a 1v1 against a guy who had over 1700 ELO with this build and I beat him gloriously (TF vs TF)
So yeah, and if you want my opinion on straight AP TF or straight AD TF, I think they are useless for TF since he deals both physical damage and magical damage easily well.
Also, this build is definitely for competitive play only since it's very fragile. You need to watch out for ganks, let the tanks take the lead, and lock in those gold cards whenever in great danger, O and of course carry your team!

It's your duty as a Twisted Fate player to drop your target dead before he comes out of that stun.

Well I have to meet the 5,000 character requirement so I guess I'll keep talking.
Here is a short little story. I had all 6 items and also had consumable buffs and baron buff and red buff and blue buff. I was in enemy base and my team was pushing for the last enemy inhibitor. Enemy Olaf has 4K HP right? I run past the outer base tower and dive right into the two towers around the nexus to face Olaf who was the only one alive on the enemy team to defend.
Gold card. Hextech Gunblade. Wild Card. Auto Attack. It was fun to watch my HP go up and down and up and down. Olaf's did too kinda since he had good lifesteal. The conclusion is I nuked him dead and got out alive and well. Behind 2 fricking towers... Hehehehe.

Now I will talk about how I play games.
I always go middle and farm my *** off. I harass my opponent a lot but not too much. The occasional auto attack. At level 1 I usually unleash my exhaust + ignite + wild cards to show my enemy that I mean business. At level 6 I usually recall and then try to gank whatever lane seems the most vulnerable. I go for the blue buff anywhere between level 6 and 8 n' then go back to lane middle. With blue buff I can constantly harass and my wild cards do a ton of damage. I usually get ganked though, because who wouldn't ask for help when they're getting their *** kicked. I know that I'm getting ganked when my enemy stops hugging their tower haha. I love saying in ALL chat right after I kill my middle lane enemy for the first time "Get WrEcKeD!"

I get HP per level seals because if I don't I'm squishy beyond reasonableness.
Magic Pen. Marks because they are really the most useful thing you could do with your marks since you're dealing so much magic damage.
and again, the majority of your damage is magic damage, so you need to get lots of AP
AP per level glyphs and quins.

mastery setup. 27/0/3
Well it gives me all the statistics I could wish for.

lucky wild card last hits on an enemy that's getting away are awesome!

I thought about quite a few other items in the process of finalizing this build. Let me begin talking about why you shouldn't get them.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You won't be nearly as squishy with this item, AND since your auto attack is dealing magic damage, anything you do will apply the slow on enemies.
But the only offensive stat of this is 80 AP. It ends up not syncing well with the build.
Abyssal Scepter. Great but not as good as Malady. The reason why you don't want this is the aura requires you to be fairly close to enemies which you don't want to do in most situations. So Void Staff = better because if you hit somebody with a wild card from far away that 40 percent magic pen. is gonna count whereas if you had AS the 20 magic resist. reduction would not be applied. Now the Lich Bane. Let's talk about the Lich Bane, I know a lot of people strongly support getting it but I don't for a number of reasons.
number 1. Lich Bane gives mana. if you know how to use your blue cards correctly you won't need a single mana item.
number 2. lich bane's unique passive effect deals PHYSICAL DMG. Do you have ANY armor pen. or armor reduction? nope.
number 3. defensive stat. not really bad but keep in mind you're a carry and you should be behind your tanks out of harm's way in fights. The movement speed on Lich Bane is great, but it doesn't make you more powerful now does it?

tri-force. This is an absolute NO. It gives just about everything in a small quantity. Remember your trying to MAXIMIZE your damage output.
Nashor's Tooth and Malady are similar, but there's a big reason why Malady is better for you here.
The things that Nashor's Tooth gives that Malady does not is 10 mana per 5 secs, 30 AP and it Reduces ability cooldowns by 25%.
The things that Malady gives that Nashor's Tooth does not is UNIQUE Passive: Your physical attacks shred your target dealing 20 magic damage and lowering their magic resistance by 6. Magic resistance reduction stacks up to 4 times.
So your faced with either 20 magic dmg per attack and 24 magic resist. reduction or 10 mana per 5 secs, 30 AP, and 25% CDR.
You can just pretend that the mana regen isn't there, so you absolutely don't need it. 30 AP is not a big deal at all because if you calculate exactly how much more damage it gives you using TF's HIGHEST AP ratio which is wild cards you get a total of 19.5 magic damage. Lolz, with Malady you get 20 magic damage PER AUTO ATTACK. The 24 Magic resist. reduction will boost your damage output by a ton. That 25% CDR sure sounds sweet, but all in all, Malady is a better choice because of how much more damage you can do with it than Nashor's Tooth. Don't forget that the magic damage per auto attack is adding onto the magic damage from Madred's so your auto attack is becoming pretty insanely powerful now.
I don't get Zhonya's Ring because it doesn't sync with the way the build does it's damage. Which would be auto attack magic dmg. And I can't use more than 1 active because the only active key I feel comfortable with pressing is 5.
Now I sound bad for putting it that way but I can explain farther into more detail.
let's say ZR gives you around 300 AP including passive. Let's see how much damage exactly that gives your highest AP Ratio ability which is wild cards.
195 magic damage. Now the only thing you could even consider replacing in the build is Void Staff.
Void Staff's 40% magic pen. applies with every attack you make which is 2.5 times per second at the end of the build if the information on the LoL wiki is correct.
Whereas you can only use wild cards, well let's say every 4 seconds including CDR from golem buff.
Now to determine how much Void Staff is actually doing for you you have to do the math. I will do it for you right now.
let's say enemy has stacked up to 350 magic resistance!
Your magic damage per auto attack issssssss let's say 200 magic damage.
the effective MR is 350 - 140 = 210/(100 + absolute value of effective MR)
so now we have 210 / 310 = 0.67741935483870967741935483870968
So with Void staff your dealing 200 - 135.4838709677419354838709677418 = 64.5161290322580645161290322582 magic damage
Let's see how much damage you deal without your void staff.
350 / (100+350) = 0.77777777777777777777777777777778
Now you're dealing 200 - 155.5555555555555555555555555554 = 44.4444444444444444444444444446 magic damage without your void staff.
So in this situation Void Staff is boosting each attack you make by
20.0716845878136200716845878136 magic damage and you can just say 20 MAGIC DAMAGE.
2.5 attacks per second = 50 magic damage per second.
You can't go exactly by this at all because it depends on how much magic damage your getting out of Madred's Bloodrazor in the first place (how much HP they have) and how much MR they have but the more they stack MR the more void staff gains effectiveness.

Well OK I think I am done. I hope you have fun using my build :D
TEH LOLZ, I actually spent 2 hours with my friend testing Void Staff. I made him buy like 3 or 4 force of natures and then sit in on the edge of the spawn pool while I auto attacked him. Without Void Staff I was barely doing anything to him but with Void Staff I eventually killed him lol.
oh checky this out!

If that's too small for you just go here