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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Clairabelle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clairabelle

Twisted Fate - Ranked AD Build [Extensive Guide]

Clairabelle Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Twisted Fate - Ranked AD Build

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Welcome to my Twisted Fate Build for Ranked Games.

Update 19-09-11:

- Let me point out something, yes, this is a AD TF Guide for Ranked. IMO both AP and AD TF are viable he can deal serious dmg very quickly and out burst any AD Carry in this game in a matter of seconds. Please dont downvote this due to it being an AD build.

This may not be the build for your playstyle but it certainly is for mine, i've come out with many games where i've dominated my Lane and assisted in others. I will also explain my playstyle later in this guide.

TF is one of those champions who can be the key point in a teams victory or defeat, played well he will decimate the enemy team or give your team the advantage they need with his Ultimate. Knowing all the enemies locations for 6 seconds is huge, you can kill baron in this time knowing all the time your safe from gank.

However, if he is played badly or has a bad start you will find its very difficult for you to catch up and as a result your team will suffer, without your mid/end-game items you really are useless. You have to make sure your ahead of the leveling curve throughout the match or you will be punished for it.

Anyway, enough of my babbling.

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Build 1 - Pure DPS

Berserkers Greaves
Sword of the Divine
Trinity Force
Infinity Edge
Black Cleaver
Frozen Mallet

Okay this build is for those who like to kill and kill fast, i've also added a Frozen Mallet to the build as a last item because if the game gets to that stage then you will be extremely weak and easy focus. Frozen Mallet will allow you to be more Tanky and take more hits allowing you to deal maximum dmg before death, it also doubles as a escape preventor in that you will slow your enemies on each hit and with your attack speed they wont get away.

Teleport in, Stun Activate Sword of the Divine and boom they should be dead.

Purchase the following, in the following order.

First Visit - Start - Cost: 475g

Doran's Blade

2nd Visit - Cost: 920g - Total: 1395g

Berserker Greaves

3rd Visit - Cost: 1050g - Total: 2445g

Recurve Bow

4th Vist - Cost: 920g - Total: 3365g

Sword of the Divine

5th Visit - Cost: 1195g - Total: 4560g


6th Visit - Cost: 2875g - Total: 7435g

Trinity Force

7th Visit - Cost: 1650g - Total: 9085g

B.F Sword

8th Visit - Cost: 2180g - Total: 11265g

Infinity Edge

9th Visit - Cost: 2865g - Total: 14130g

Black Cleaver

10th Visit - Cost: 3000g - Total: 17130g

The Bloodthirster

Guide Top

Build 2 - Tanky/Lifesteal - DPS

Berserkers Greaves
Sword of the Divine
Frozen Mallet
Infinity Edge
Black Cleaver
The Bloodthirster

This build is similar to the first but it replaces Trinity Force with The Bloodthirster giving you around 25% lifesteal at max stacks, this can aid you greatly in team fights as your attack speed + SotD active will provide you with un-interupted lifesteal and insane DMG, as long as your not stunned or CC'd.

Purchase the following, in the following order.

First Visit - Start - Cost: 475g

Doran's Blade

2nd Visit - Cost: 920g - Total: 1395g

Berserker Greaves

3rd Visit - Cost: 1050g - Total: 2445g

Recurve Bow

4th Vist - Cost: 920g - Total: 3365g

Sword of the Divine

5th Visit - Cost: 3250g - Total: 6615g

Frozen Mallet

6th Visit - Cost: 1650g - Total: 8265g

B.F Sword

7th Visit - Cost: 2180g - Total: 10445g

Infinity Edge

8th Visit - Cost: 2865g - Total: 13310g

Black Cleaver

9th Visit - Cost: 3000g - Total: 16310g

The Bloodthirster

Guide Top

Build 3 - HP/MR/Lifesteal - DPS

Berserkers Greaves
Sword of the Divine
Frozen Mallet
Banshee's Veil
Infinity Edge
The Bloodthirster

This build is for those matches with alot of CC or stunners like Amumu, Pantheon, Ashe etc, those annoying champions who initiate team fights with Stuns which if they hit will screw your team up. This will protect you against this, and also makes you quite a good 1v1'er in that when you teleport in you can stun/slow and then avoid a Stun or CC from the person your targetting meaning you will kill them easily.

The Banshee's Veil also provides you with some MR as well as some HP.

Purchase the following, in the following order.

First Visit - Start - Cost: 475g

Doran's Blade

2nd Visit - Cost: 920g - Total: 1395g

Berserker Greaves

3rd Visit - Cost: 1050g - Total: 2445g

Recurve Bow

4th Vist - Cost: 920g - Total: 3365g

Sword of the Divine

5th Visit - Cost: 3250g - Total: 6615g

Frozen Mallet

6th Visit - Cost: 2715g - Total: 9330g

Banshee's Veil

7th Visit - Cost: 1650g - Total: 10980g

B.F Sword

8th Visit - Cost: 2180g - Total: 13160g

Infinity Edge

9th Visit - Cost: 3000g - Total: 16160g

The Bloodthirster

Guide Top


- Marks = Mark of Desolation - Armor Penetration +15
- Seals = Seal of Fortitude - Health +48.15
- Glyphs = Glyph of Fortitude - Health +24.03
- Quitessences = Quintessence of Desolation - Armor Penetration +10

The Runes i've picked here for Twisted Fate are my default AD Ranged Carry Runes which has some fundamental counteractions to Ranged Carry weaknesses. Its mainly the Flat HP Seals/Glyphs +73 HP which at the start of a game is huge, its almost another Dorans Blade worth of HP, this will give you that edge early on in that you can stand toe-to-toe longer with other champions and win the DPS race.

However there is an extra added bonus in that you also have +25 Armor Penetration, which means most champions your hitting will only have between 5-10 armor so your hitting them harder.

Guide Top



Deadliness x3
Cripple x1
Sorcery x3
Alacrity x4
Sunder x3
Brute Force x3
Lethality x3
Havoc x1


Haste x1
Good Hands x3
Expanded Mind x4
Greed x1


Replace GOOD HANDS with PERSERVERANCE for increased Mana/HP regen.
Replace GREED with UTILITY MASTERY for extended buff duration.

I personally prefer the 10% decrease on death timer over 4% Mana/HP regen, your HP and Mana isnt really high enough to make use of this regen and you'll find that during fights your MP/HP is decreased very quickly that quite frankly 4% regen isnt going to help.

As this build is an AD build you dont need to waste a point in Archmages Savvy, instead get the upgrade for Exhaust, this will help you when fighting 1v1 or in a group. Anyone that attacks you just drop exhaust on them and you'll easily defeat them.

Guide Top


Here is a list of all items used in this build and a reason for their purchase.

Dorans Blade
- The first item should always be one of the Dorans Items depending on the Champion your playing. It gives +HP, +DMG and +Lifesteal.

Berserkers Greaves
- Berserkers are the perfect choice as a 2nd item because they give TF 2 things he vitally needs, Speed and Atk.Spd.

Recurve Bow
- This is your major upgrade in early game, the speed this gives you along with your passive from your E ability [Stacked Deck] will give you a huge Atk.Spd boost.

Sword of the Divine
- This is your first real item and what an item, this little beauty has a nice passive every 4th attack deals 150 Magic DMG on top of your normal attack, but the secret weapon is the Active; attacks cannot be dodged and you gain 30 Armor Penetration for 8 seconds. +60% Atk.Spd as well and for 1970 its a very huge upgrade for very little money.

- Zeal is one of the best items for AD Champions in the game because of the stats it gives you, +run.spd, +atk.spd and +crit - what more can you want from such a cheap little item?

Trinity Force
- This is an upgrade from Zeal and what an upgrade;

+30 Damage
+30 Ability Power
+30% Attack Speed
+15% Crit Chance
+12% Move Speed
+250 Health
+250 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: 25% chance on hit to slow the target by 35% for 2.5 seconds; on cast, your next attack deals bonus DMG equal to %150 of your base attack.

B.F Sword
- This is the moment your game turns, from this point on your hits will now be dealing alot more DMG and start hurting especially with your Sword of the Divine Active.

Infinity Edge
- This is your major item, its a game changer, once you have this you will see their squishy champions hp melt before your eyes. At this point you can safely use your Ultimate and Teleport to their Squishy champions, activate SotD Active and destroy them.

Black Clever;
- this item is devastating on TF with SotD active for obvious reasons, and with his insane atk.spd within 2 seconds their armor is down 45 points.

+55 DMG
+30% Atk.Spd

UNIQUE Passive; Physical Attacks reduce your target's Armor by 15 for 5 seconds [3 stacks = 45 Armor Reduction]

- as TF kill minions is super fast, so this items stacks can be filled quite easily and then its pure rape from then on.

+60 DMG
+15% Lifesteal

Passive [40 minion kills];
+40 DMG
+10% Lifesteal

Frozen Mallet
- After careful consideration i found that TF was simply too squishy at times and as such required a different item build, so i bring you Frozen Mallet;

+700 HP
+20 AD

Passive: reduce speed by 40% for 2.5secs, or 30% for ranged.

Banshee's Veil
- Banshee's is one of those items that almost every ranked game will require you to buy, however this means losing out on a DPS item, but when you take in to consideration the advantages it gives its really a no brainer, however i'll say this dont bother with this item unless;

1. Enemy Team is CC Heavy, slows/stuns/knock-ups.
2. Enemy Team is Magic Heavy.
3. Enemy Team are focusing their most powerful skills at you.

To hell with those who say you need survivability, its ******** your job isnt to worry about surviving its to deal DMG the faster you kill their team's squishy members the less you need to worry about surviving.

This is how i look at items for TF or any AD Ranged Carry, why build for survival when you survive by killing your opponents? You hit someone for 600-700 DMG per Crit, 300-400 Per Hit with a 2.0-2.4 Atk.Spd and you see how long they continue coming towards you. People always think 'wtf just happened to my HP, **** run' and they run away, or at least they try to. This means team fights are now 4v5 because if they dare to come back you can easily just hit em and take them out.

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

The skill order for Twisted Fate is really Simple actually, your Q ability is pretty useless early/mid game because it uses so much MP its just not viable for the DMG it deals. So completely Ignore your Q until your forced to learn it.

This however now means you only have 2 skills which need leveling, so you can focus them to level 5 fast.

Your first Skill should always be Stacked Deck, forget your Card. Stacked Deck gives you +DMG every 4th Attack and also 3% extra Atk.Spd. This makes harrassing very easy, the passive on Stacked Deck +DMG every 4th Attack means you can force a squishy back in the lane. It will hit for around 1/4 - 1/2 their HP bar depending on the starting HP. Its like Ashes First Shot when you enter the lane, it hits and hits hard only difference is you just have to auto-attack minions till its charged then use it on the Enemy Champion.

Your second Skill is Pick-a-Card, dont over use this because you want to maintain mana for any Ganks. Use the Red card to farm the Caster Minions because it will drop them to half HP and then 1-2 attacks will see them dead.

Save your Stun and just have it ready if the enemy champion is looking like he/she might be thinking of attacking you, doing this will remind them you can stun and they will back off, giving you control of your lane.

Your Ultimate, this is an essential part of TF, infact some might say its worth having a TF on your team just for this ability. Reveiling your enemies no matter their location or status [Including Nocturnes Ultimate, Akali's Shroud, Eve and Twitchs Stealth + anyone jungling] Its brilliant for catching junglers. The only downside or at least the only problem with this ultimate is you gotta place the port in the right place or your enemy will escape.

Bushes are a good plan, behind the enemy champions because they cannot see the red disk on the floor to indicate your location. Using this in a lane is risky because they can see it and run in the opposite direction.

TIP: When using it in a Lane ping your Map and make sure your allies in that lane push the enemy champion towards you, that way they cannot escape. You are between them and their Tower, your allies are blocking the other escape route so there is no escape unless they burn their summoner spells like Ghost/Flash.

Skill Order:

- Stacked Deck [1]
-- Pick-A-Card [2]
--- Destiny [*]

[1] - Primary Skill - alternate between 1/2
[2] - Secondary Skill - alternate between 1/2
[*] - Learn whenever its available

Guide Top

Summoner Spells


- This is an essential spell imo for TF, you can chase down and then stun / slow your opponent for your team to kill.


- Can be used as an escape along with your Stun Card for a safe retreat.


- Useful against high CC teams, but not something i would always rely on.


- This pretty much makes your 1v1 fights a 100% Victory, reducing your incomming DMG by 70% means you can gain back that DMG via your Lifesteal.


- Combined with your Ultimate this can be useful in defending/assisting lanes, you can gank with your Ultimate then return to your lane with Teleport.


- I dont agree with Ignite because i think its a noob way of getting a kill and if your relying on Ignite for kills then your not doing your job. However this can be useful for early kills or for reducing the HP regen of Champions like Mundo when he uses his Ultimate.

Guide Top

Ranked Play

Here are a few pointers that i think all TF players should listen to;

- You cannot predict your enemies actions so it makes using your Ultimate very dangerous. If you use it and your team isnt paying attention or they wont push ready to assist you then you will more often than not give your enemy a free kill.

- I would save your Ultimate during early/mid game for Ganks or Assisting Tower Defense only, using it just to see where your enemies are is kinda useless because they will mostly be in their respective lanes or close to them so using the Ultimate is a waste.

- If you cannot see 3/5 of your enemy team then you should use your Ultimate because chances are they are preparing a gank on your team-mates.

- Always pay attention to your Lanes, if a enemy had over-extended to kill one of your allies they will usually have low or hardly any HP, meaning you can port in and kill them to avenge your ally and stop the enemy team getting an advantage. Placement of your Gate is essential to good ganking. Using it in the nearest Bush or the middle of a Lane wont work, the enemy will just run in the opposite direction. Plant it in their path they will run to their tower but also in a Bush so they cant see it.

- Your Cards, your Stun is essential in team fights to interupt the likes of Malzahar/Katerina and Karthus's ultimates which will be cancelled if you stun them. I cannot stress the importance of stunning these types of Champions because it can be the difference between a team victory or defeat. Especially Karthus, if he's stupid enough to cast his ultimate in full view of you and you can reach him in time get in and stun him because it will potentially save 4 allies or yourself.

- Focus their Squishy Champions using your SotD active and they will drop fast, however dont be afraid to use this Active skill to kill Tanks, Stun and focus them and they will also drop fast. This combined with your team could kill a Tank who thinks he's safe.

- Play Safe, dont risk teleporting next to a tower because its a noob move and shouldnt be done in Ranked, sure it will work from time to time but there is always a risk you wont kill the Champion and you will end up giving them a free kill.

- Dont be pressured into using your Ultimate by your Team, unless they have a valid reason for its use then you should save it. Baron is a Valid Reason, Missing Enemies is a Valid Reason. Seeing if they are killing Dragon isnt a Valid Reason.

- You arent tanky, so dont try to stay in the middle of team fights, however if you can teleport into the middle of the enemies and your team mates chances are your enemies wont be able to target you due to the other champions around you, then just activate your SotD active and auto-attack to victory. This is very risky so dont attempt this all the time.


If i think of more i'll add them.

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Pros / Cons


- Consistant DPS
- Insane Atk.Spd
- Fast Attacker
- Tank Killer
- Excellent Passive Champion Skill, +2g per minion kill [Global]
- Excellent Map Control/Awareness with Destiny
- Excellent Chase Mechanic with Destiny
- Excellent Lane Control with your E skill
- Excellent Passive DMG Bonus from E Skill and Sword of the Divine
- Under-estimated Champion during Ranked Games


- Low HP
- Pick-A-Card [RED] - the slow attached to this Card doesnt always land, so dont rely on it
- Quickly Focused
- Without a good start during Early Game Laning you can find yourself not dealing the DMG required
- Easily counter-ganked when using Ultimate to finish someone off
- Pick-A-Card is unpredictable

Guide Top

Creeping / Jungling


- When your in your Lane pay attention to your passive 4th attack DMG on your E skill, you wanna use this on minions with half HP to get an instant kill.
- Use Pick-A-Card [RED] on minions to finish off more than 1 low hp minion.
- Be sure to go kill Jungle mobs if your found in your Lane standing still.


- If your farming well and your laning partner isnt leveling or farming as well as you then go jungle for a while providing the Lane is safe.
- Always go get the Red Buff when its up, this will give your attacks a Slow.
- Help others get the Blue Buff because you honestly dont need it with your Pick-A-Card [BLUE]

Guide Top

Team Work

- Your job in Team Fights is to stun or quickly kill those who will cause your team the most problems/DMG. You need to stun Champions who have ultimates which disable or attack multiple allies like Katerina or Malzahar.

- You need to use your Ultimate to assist your Team in finding enemies, or to prevent them from getting ganked.

- Use Ghost + Pick-A-Card [YELLOW] to stun fleeing champions however dont attack these stunned champions if others are ahead of you chase them and stun them. Your team should be able to handle the 1st one you stunned.

Guide Top

.. Summary

If i've missed anything or you have any suggestions/improvements please feel free to let me know and i'll add/edit my Guide.


Dont downvote this gudie unless you've actually tried the build and the tips/tricks advice that goes with it. As i said in the Introduction, not everyone will find this guide to THEIR PERSONAL liking or playstyle. That doesnt mean it deserves a downvote.


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Sneaksy Sneaksy Little Hobbit.

When you reach Endgame and have all your items with the exception of Last Whisper you can go ahead and use your Ulti to teleport into the enemies Base and take out the Towers/Inhibitors or even Nexus.

This is essential for winning a match if your team gets caught off guard and you lose a team mate, simply port down there and kill the Nexus, whilst i dont actually agree with this method its a method that works and as its a Ranked Game you should use any and all means at your disposal to win your match.

I played a game around 2 hours after writing this guide where i used this method to win the game. We had been playing almost an hour and a half, it was a good match but there were members on my team who had obviously not played to endgame so they were alittle noob and they were going to cost us the game. I used my teleport to kill the Nexus and win the match, not something i wanted to do but the match was fairly evenly matched and i'd taked all the towers/inhibitors down all that was left was the nexus so i finished it. 1 hour and 30mins is a long time and i needed a piss :D