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Lux Build Guide by Clairabelle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clairabelle

Lux - Demacian Light [Extensive Guide]

Clairabelle Last updated on September 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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[*] Adding Item Sequence Chapter with details on what to build, when and why.
[*] Re-formatting the entire Guide [Work in Progress]
[*] Adding Lane Match-Ups with detailed sections on laning vs Counters
[*] Condensing the Chapters to include less text.


6-9-13 : 9:00pm

[*] Changed Item Build to Starting Items + Complete Items only.

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Welcome to my Lux build this is a build i've perfected over the games ive played as Lux Mid, i main Mid with Lux i play her all the time so im somewhat of an expert in terms of playing her. I will try to explain my reasoning behind my build and guide you on the do's and dont's of this Champion.

I'll also give you insights into her Strength's and Weaknesses as well as ways to avoid being countered by certain troublesome counters.


Ive put a great deal of time into writing this guide and would appreciate people taking the time to reading it all, it covers alot of what i think is lost in the Ranked Game and covers aspects of the game most people either take for Granted or Ignore.

Certain Chapters are marked with [MUST READ] markers, now whilst i cannot enforce you follow this i must state, simply using a build isnt enough to be good with a champion. You need to know how they work and why the items chosen are best for her.

So if you could please read these Chapters it will make you a better player overall and increase your wins.

Here's a brief cover of the upcoming chapters.

1. Passive [Must Read]
2. Skill Order
3. Skill Use [Must Read]
4. Skill Combo's [Must Read]
5. Team Play [Must Read]
6. Runes
7. Masteries
8. Ranked Play [Must Read]

A. Your Role.
B. Your Playstyle.
C. Assisting your Team.
D. Remaining Calm.
E. Shutting out distractions.
F. The Plays.
G. Helping your Team.

9. Understanding Game Basics [Must Read]

1. The Meta
2. Lane Matchups
3. Wards (offensive and defensive)
4. Laning Phase (do's and dont's)
5. Understanding each Role
6. Over-Extending
7. Over-Aggression

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- Her passive is quite a unique one, and also a powerful one when used correctly, at level 18 you are gaining Passive: 180 + Base AD: 50 + Bonus AD per Level: 3.3x18 DMG per detonation.

So at level 18 you will gain 180+110 for 1 detonation of her passive on a target, thats almost 300dmg from an auto-attack alone, this is also not taking into account one of your item passives, but more on that later.

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This is my skill order for pretty much all matches, there are a few alterations to skill order based on how your game is going but i cant tell you that because until it happens to you you wont know what you need to prioritize.

So here is your general skill order.

1. Final Spark
2. Lucent Singularity
3. Light Binding
4. Prismatic Barrier

Final Spark

Is always your Priority when leveling skills as its a point to point nuke that covers a large distance and deals the same DMG from start to finish regardless of the amount of people it hits along the way.

Lucent Singularity

Is your 2nd most important spell when laning, its a skillshot AOE Slow, this will be your POKE DMG for the laning phase and team fights.

Light Binding

This is your bread and butter, it will make or break your lane/team fights.

Prismatic Barrier

This skill is not to be overlooked, dispite it being your least priority you will come to find this priceless. Casting a protective shield on you and any of your team mates it comes into contact with.. but wait there's more. Its like a boomerang, in that when cast it goes out [casting shield] and then returns to you [casting shield again] So it shields you twice.

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Light Binding

This is a snare skillshot, which will bind the first 2 targets it comes into contact with dealing 100% dmg to the first and 50% dmg to the second and applying your passive to both. Landing this can be the difference between a kill or a successful escape.

Master the casting of this skill because without it you are nothing. Learn the speed it moves, the distance it travels and you'll be able to easily judge how to snare anyone who comes in range. Also dont be so eager to cast this, you need to time it just right for it to be 100% effective.

Prismatic Barrier

Saviour of yourself or your Team during encounters, easily over looked by many people playing the game, the shield itself isnt overlooked, its the fact its cast twice, once on its way out and again when it returns. EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE forgets the return shield, so will stay and fight you thinking they just blew your shield and can kill you.. but then die cos the shield returns and grants you a shield once more.

Its such a good shield and defensive tool during team fights, with a Lux in your team you will want your team to kite your enemies into a line then you can cast your Shield, Snare, AOE and Ultimate and hit EVERYONE, its so vital you get this shield on as many allies as you can, it can be the difference between Ally Ace or Enemy Ace.

Lucent Singularity

This skill is extremely useful for both offense and defense, and can be the difference between a death or a successful escape. It casts a 150-200 Range AOE which after 5 seconds [or pressing E a second time] detonates and deals DMG + activates your passive on anyone caught inside it, it also slows anyone who walks in it or through it as long as they remain inside it.

This is your major poke skill, it deals your DMG in lane and as it has a fast cast and large casting range you can basically free poke as long as you like without receiving any return DMG learn to use this and predict where your enemy is gonna run to when you cast it. Most people will run to back 80% of the time so always aim it behind them and they run into it, then quickly press E again to detonate it.

Final Spark

This skill is EPIC. IT looks amazing, and feels awesome to cast and watch as your enemies HP Bars Melt. Its truly one of my favorite Ultimate's, because of the way it works and the look of the thing.

Its a 3000 Range Directional Line Nuke with a path of around 50-100 range width, anything caught in this feels the full force of the light, Nothing weakens it, it hits anything in its path. Its got 1/2 a second Charge Animation before it fires but once it fires the DMG is instant, dont be fooled that 1/2 a second charge gives quick acting players the chance to dodge it, and sometimes requires you to cast it in a location that your enemy is going to run into.

Your goal with this Ultimate in team fights is to use it at a few situational times during the fight.

1. Start of the Fight.
2. Mid Fight.
3. End of the Fight.

Which you choose is all a matter of opinion.

1. Start of the Fight

As this Ultimate is on a 30 second cooldown endgame its possible to get this off twice in 1 team fight so sometimes its useful to use this at the start of a fight before you engage. As it deals 500 (+75% of your AP) in DMG to all it hits you can potentially deal around 1000 DMG to all their team before the fight even starts, this is HUGE!! and can easily win you the fight before you've even engaged with your other Team Mates.

2. Mid Fight

Your Ultimate will detonate your Passive if it his anyone with the Passive Mark on them.. so once you've cast your E and hopefully hit them all try to aim your Ultimate for the high priority targets if they are too far in the back lines for your team to get to.. this will make them think twice about coming closer and thus save your team from DMG, or you can use this to quickly burst the Tanks down and try to scare them off, sometimes this works other times it wont.. depends on the enemy mindset, but once your endgame items you can be dealing 1000 DMG from this ultimate, which can be 35-50% of a Tanks total HP depending on how they build items.

3. End of the Fight

If you and your team are chasing down the enemy saving your Ultimate till the end of the fight can net you some free easy kills especially considering most players will all run together and in a line down the lane to escape so they all line up for your Ultimate and i've received multiple Double/Triple/Quadra and even a Penta Kill doing this.

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Your skill combo needs to be as follows.

In Lane Poke:

Lucent Singularity + Auto-Attack
Prismatic Barrier to shield against return dmg

- You wanna use your Lucent Singularity to harrass your enemy in lane, dont go for an all in because once you use your skills they are on a long cooldown in terms of DMG, you need to work out the DMG you can deal and the amount of HP the enemy needs to be at before you commit to a full on assault.

- ALWAYS REMEMBER to follow up with an auto-attack for that extra harrass, if you cast the Lucent Singularity and then auto-attack and quickly detonate your Lucent Singularity before the auto-attack projectile hits the champion it will add the passive mark and detonate it at the same time, this is advanced stuff so dont worry about that just yet if you are new to Lux. Always aim for detonating your passive any chance you get, but dont let yourself go chasing just to detonate it as this could potentially get you ganked or killed.

In Lane [ALL IN]:

Light Binding
Lucent Singularity
Final Spark
+ Auto Attack
Prismatic Barrier

- If you think you can kill your enemy with a combo of your skills then cast Light Binding and quickly cast Lucent Singularity ontop of them and your Final Spark at the same time, hopefully you have the reaction speeds to cast all 3 and land each skill before the snare wears off. Your Light Binding and Lucent Singularity both activate Illumination and then Final Spark will detonate it, and also re-apply it. Normally depending on Champion/Build your enemy will die from this combo without you needing to cast Ignite or an Auto-Attack but be mindful incase you do, if you think you do run in and get into Ignite Range cast it and Auto-Attack then back, that is usually enough, obviously the more experienced you get the easy it will be to judge your DMG and you can follow up accordingly.


Light Binding to snare target(s)
Prismatic Barrier to shield your allied Tanks who are charging in.
Lucent Singularity to slow them apply your passive
Final Spark to detonate Illumination and melt anyone in the path of Final Spark

After this just follow up with your Lucent Singularity and Auto-Attacks to finish anyone else off.

NOTE: If you are being chased always cast your Light Binding and then your Lucent Singularity ontop of you as you run away, this will stop your enemies chasing as they are snared but also slow anyone who has high tenacity who wishes to chase you further, remember dont detonate your Lucent Singularity or the slow stops, you can rinse and repeat this if people are dumb enough to chase you and if you think you can hit someone with your Final Spark and kill em, then cast your Prismatic Barrier to shield yourself, Light Binding to snare, Lucent Singularity and Final Spark to burst them, then detonate your Lucent Singularity to deal more dmg, and follow up with an auto-attack.

At endgame your Final Spark will be on 30 second cooldown so you can get to use it often and have people raging at you as those 30 seconds arent very long at all.

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THINK ABOUT YOUR TEAM FIRST, THEN YOUR K/D/A.. and always remember the following!


I cannot stress this point enough. This is the difference between a good Lux and a truly amazing Lux. Simply using your Q/E/R isnt enough to carry your team, you need to use her entire kit. Lux is a special AP Carry, she's also supportive but can deal insane amounts of DMG to their entire team, people QQ about her being supportive cos she has a Shield, and ill admit when i was new to the game and first saw her i said the same, then i played her. With the correct Build and playstyle you can deal some insane DMG and kite an entire team around killing em all. I've 1v4'd an enemy team and come out of it with a Quadra before, ive had games where i've had tanks chasing me to stop me as i was the major DMG Dealer on the team, i would just kite them around the map and eventually kill them then clean up the rest of them.

Team Play is where you differ from other AP Carries, you also have the opportunity to negate alot of the burst dmg taken by your Allies with your W, i cannot stress the importance of this Shield you have! correct use of this shield can give your team the advantage to win any game. Alot of Lux's i play against dont use their shield for themselves, let alone for their team and sme only use it for themselves, this is a mistake and wont land you many wins.

Anyway onto the actual TEAM PLAY

- So as Lux you should really be at the back of your entire team so you can cast your Shield when the engage starts, this ensures you get them all with the shield both on the way out and on the way back. This is your initiation, its vital you get this onto your team or at least the main tank cos he will be taking alot of burst to start.

Afterwards you wanna use your Lucent Singularity and save your Light Binding incase anyone tries to jump on you. NEVER EVER EVER LEAD with your Light Binding unless you are catching someoene off guard in which case cast your Light Binding, with Lucent Singularity to follow and then Final Spark followed by Lucent Singularity again to detonate the previous Lucent Singularity. If you can catch any low HP champion with this combo they will die instantly without fail [unless they have gone extremely tanky/hp]

Champions like your AP Mid or ADC who have 0 MR items will be open to your entire DMG Output, which is around 3000 endgame full build + blue pot.

EXTRA NOTE: Keep in mind your skills secondary uses, you have to decide what type of Lux you wanna be for each team fight. There are games where i've finished with more Assists than the support but alot less kills, this is because i chose a more protective role in team fights and used my skills to keep my allies safe.

For Example:

1. Using Light Binding to protect the AD from any Assassin Type Champions.
2. Using Prismatic Barrier to protect the Support/AD from any high burst Champions.
3. Using Lucent Singularity to slow enemy team from running away/into our team.

Whilst these are all pure defensive plays you have to rely on your team to deal the dmg, but from your game you'll know if you can afford to do this or if you have to play the Carry Role, everything with every game and champion is all Situational, there is no definitive DO THIS and WIN explanation or guide.

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Runes are pretty basic for me, im not one of those players who will try to get multiple stats from Runes. I will focus on my weakness/strengths and try to build runes around them.

So for AP Mid, You will naturally have low HP, No AP, Basic MR/ARMOR. With this said, so will the enemy Mid champion [on average, there are exceptions]

So i go for;

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Masteries are important, and totally open to personal choice by each person.

21-0-9 for your general mid lane.
21-9-0 for your assassin type mid lane, Zed/Talon for example.

9 in Ability Tree;

These masteries are for your basic lane, increased mana regen helps you stay in lane longer, the improved recall allows you to base and get back to lane quicker. You also get increased movement speed which can assist in getting away from ganks or chasing your mid enemy, then ofc you got your cooldown reduction on summoners, and extended buff duration, who doesnt like having blue buff longer?... am i right?

9 in Defense Tree;

These are to get abit more defensive in lane vs such opponents as Zed and Talon who are AD based DMG, so the Armor really helps you. The extra HP gives you more resiliance in lane too, they will deal what seems like less dmg to you and make them think twice about diving you.

21 in Offensive Tree;

I would think these are straight forward, shorter cooldowns, more AP, magic penetration, increased DMG converts %AP to dmg on auto-attack, free dmg for 1 point.

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This Chapter is designed to make you think more about what your actions actually mean in lane in the grand scheme of things. Killing/Dying.. whats it mean for the lane? Stuff like this.

Ask yourself this question, 'what if i die in lane early?'

  • You lose EXP.
  • You lose Gold.
  • You lose Team Morale.

Not only that, you've also just granted your Enemy the exact same things you just lost. I cannot stress enough how vital early game is. You can afford to die Mid/Late Game as its not much of a problem but when you are in Laning Phase its vital you remain in Lane as long as you can.

Dying level 1-2 means you are level 1-2 and your enemy is 3-4, If you are behind and your Enemy gets Level 6 1-2 levels before you, then you are in trouble, because now they control the Lane and control you. They have the potential to kill you now 1v1, if they do they will probably take a level from it and now you're even further behind and their advantage grows more and more, not to mention their Team Morale is at an all time high cos one of the Major Carry Lanes is now winning.

All this because you got greedy or didnt think about what your actions will cost you and your team. Now they Jungler is forced to focus your lane, meaning other lanes are left vulnerable.

Another thing i wanna look at is your aggression in Lane and being greedy, this helps no one, and will cost you dearly. Players in Ranked tend to think they have something to prove and so will make rash decisions and it will cost them.

Prime example is when you play against a Counter, they assume you are free game for them.. they will harrass you and force you back into tower, but at the same time this gives you the advantage, you can safe farm under your tower and they are available for your Jungler to Gank. This isnt the issue though, they are now so confident they forget the basics, and they will try to kill you now, so much so they will take Tower Shots just to land another skill on you.

They will so this too often and they will die, now whats this just cost them?
  • You level from the kill
  • They are forced back to Base
  • You just gained 300/400g [if its first blood]
  • You now have free farm in lane till he comes back

Lets look at the gold/exp from his death.

165g worth of minions
442exp worth of minions

He's just missed out on this, and you just gained this.

Now lets just flip this, suppose you just died cos you were too aggressive and went all in for a kill but died in the process.

This means you both gained nothing over the other person, all you did was kill yourself and lose out on LANE EXP and CS [Creep Score/Gold]

NOW... look at this, You go aggressive on your Enemy in Lane, you dont kill him but you retain 50% of your HP and he's got 5-10%. HE has 2 choices.

1. Stay in Lane..

Risk dying and waste his time because he wont be able to farm CS as effectively for fear of you killing him.

2. Leave Lane to Regen..

At which point you are free to farm your lane without worry. Its basically 1 1/2 waves worth of Gold and Exp.
  • x3 Melee = 20g [+1.5g per 3mins] = 60g
  • x3 Caster = 15g [+1.5g per 3mins] = 35g
  • x1 Siege = 40g [+3g per 3mins] = 40g
  • x1 Wave Total = 135g
  • x3 Melee = 59exp [+15 per 3mins] = 177
  • x3 Caster = 29exp [+9 per 3mins] = 87
  • x1 Siege = 92exp [+18 per 3mins] = 92
  • x1 Wave Total = 356exp

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Ranked Play is something i can comment on quite well as its the only Game Mode i will play.

I dislike Normals due to the trashy community who wanna play what they want and **** anyone else attitude.

Anyway, Ranked Play... so much to cover.

1. Your Role.
2. Your Playstyle.
3. Assisting your Team.
4. Remaining Calm.
5. Shutting out distractions.
6. The Plays.
7. Helping your Team.

Its alot to cover, but if anyone reading this guide see's these pointers and takes on board at least 2-3 of them then hopefully people will start to understand.


1. Your Role.

Whats your Role? If you are reading this guide then you are an AP Carry. Dont try to be anything else. Your Role in the game is to deal the dmg get the kills and win the team fights for your team. You need to Focus High Priority Targets and either Burst them instantly or drop them so low it forces them out of the fight. I cannot stress this point enough and its something so simple but something people rarely understand.

So here is a list of major points you need to do in your Role;
  • Gaining the Advantage in your own lane.
  • Giving your Team a boost in Morale, you are Mid Lane, its like a shining beacon for your team.
  • Roaming to other lanes to get kills for yourself or your Team.
  • Following your Enemy, if he goes bottom, get your *** bottom to help them or you could lose a tower.
  • Taking Wraiths from Jungle, its free Exp and Gold always aim to get these when you can, unless the jungler is behind.
  • Warding your side bushes, 150g and you can pretty much remain safe in the knowledge you cannot be ganked, at least successfully.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings, dont sit in your lane if you see Enemy Jungler heading to your Jungle or Buff, especially when your Jungler is in the same area.
  • Control your Lane, keep the champion there by pushing to his tower, if he leaves take the tower or counter gank.
  • Win your Lane, or at the very least keep up with your enemy mid laner, once you fall behind you will struggle, and can cost you the game.


  • Your playstyle completely depends on the game and the team/champion you are playing against.
  • Your playstyle can be broken down into 3 categories;


You get in lane vs a regular AP Carry [not someone you counter, or someone who counters you] You now have to change your playstyle to compensate for that. You will have to farm and hit all last hits on minions to give yourself the advantage. You cant afford to be aggressive [because you dont counter them] or play defensive [because they dont counter you]

This doesnt mean however you shouldnt pursue a kill or harrass, provided you can do it safely. Farm is the priority, never prioritize Kills > Farm because if you spend your time in lane trying to kill someone and missing CS then you'll find Mid-Game a struggle, and if your enemy has farmed in this time and not tried to kill you, he'll have the advantage cos he has more farm and thus better items.


You get in lane vs a champion you counter, this means you can afford to play more aggressively and harrass the enemy in lane because they wont win if they try trading attacks with you. This is something you must do, but dont be greedy with it, if the opportunity arises to harrass do it, but dont run through minions or chase the champion to tower just to deal some DMG because this will aggro the Minions [who will hurt at lower levels] or you'll attract the attention of any decent jungler.

This is how i beat most of my Counters in Mid Lane.


If you are countered in lane then you need to play Defensively and not make any aggressive moves in lane, use skills/auto-attacks to last hit and stay under the tower. Counters will only apply for so long, eventually you'll get to a stage where the 2 of you are equal and can trade evenly. The only way someone remains a Counter is if you give them further advantage by Dying, once a counter gets a kill or 2 on you in lane you are pretty much screwed unless your Jungler can camp the lane and give you 3 kills. This will allow you to gain Item advantage over them and potentially from then on be able to trade evenly.

Your enemy will think because they are your Counter that they can bully you in lane, so when i play a counter i'll let them try, i'll allow them to get DMG on me and take me to around 50-60% HP.. now THEY THINK they have the advantage but they dont, i do.

Why? (i hear you asking?)

Simple .. Human Nature. They see their advantage and greed takes over. I will just call my Jungler and we get a kill.. or i'll bait the enemy champion to come into tower range to deal more DMG and i'll Q him, ignite and E him whilst in range of tower and he'll die. This happens far too often and people still dont understand that the only reason you are a counter is because you can free farm a lane and have no worry. That is until greed takes over and you make mistakes.


Whether you like it or not, you are apart of a team.. you all need to work together if you want to win games. Here are a few pointers to consider;

  • Am I Helping?
  • Is my Lane doing well?
  • Is my Team doing well?
  • Can I Help my Team if they are struggling?
  • Would it be Beneficial for me to Help?
  • Will me Helping a Lane actually Help or make it Worse?

These are all questions you need to constantly be asking as a Mid Laner, alot of people take the attitude, i won my lane, if my Team loses their lanes its not my fault. This is True.. but does it actually change anything in your Game? No, you are still losing, and probably will still lose, because your acting like the game is 1v1.

Just because you win your Lane and others lose theirs doesnt mean you just sit there in Mid Lane refusing to help them. Your gank or presence in another Lane can give your Team the advantage or even kills, it also makes your lanes more condident if you roam as Mid come to bottom lane and get a double kill out of it. Team Morale goes from Low to High, all because of 1 Play you made that you didnt have to.

Obviously there are times where your Help simply isnt enough to change games, Top and Bottom Feed Hard, Jungler isnt Ganking or is behind in Levels you can pretty much kiss the game good-bye, but that doesnt mean you have to sit there spamming 'team lost the game'

There will be times where games are so evenly matched that it all comes down to 1 team fight, you win the fight you win the game, lose and well.. you lose the game, but dont get hung up on one person being responsible, you are all to blame you are a team simply say 'GG to the enemy' and move on to your next game. 1 Team has to lose a game, so just accept that fact, sometimes the better team wins. Whether you or your Team play well, there is always someone out there better than you. I've won my Lane before but not carried that into other lanes, and the enemy Mid went around ganking lanes, caught back up and turned the game around. That was my mistake, over-confidence in my own ability and thinking cos i'd trashed Mid Lane thay their Mid was out of the game. You can always make a comeback.


- This is possibly the shortest chapter here, but do as it says.


- You will not win games if you are raging at your team mates, or you are wound up and angry.

- SERIOUSLY TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.. I can rage better than most, and i try my best to remaining calm, ive never won a game when im in this state, Raging/Flaming/Angry.. it just doesnt work.

- If you have a bad game with some propper ******s dont imediately Queue back up for your next match, go make a drink, watch some funny Youtube clips then return and continue to play again.


- This ties in with Number 4, but if you are playing Distracted by whatever the reason then chances are you are gonna lose your games. Avoid any distractions like your Phone/Friends/Family etc. Remove them whilst your gaming in Ranked, dont let your problems become other peoples problems.

- Sure its only a game, but keep in mind that whilst you may not give a **** about Ranked and what happens, the majority of people playing Ranked do care and want to improve their Ranking. If you do not then perhaps playing Ranked isnt for you, go play ARAM's or Normals in Draft Mode where Winning/Losing really doesnt mean anything to anyone.

- Dont come to a Ranked Game if you;



- We've all watched Streams and the Major Tournaments on the internet, we've all seen the Pro's playing and the stuff they do ingame.. commonly referred to as 'THE PLAYS'.

- 1 thing to say and 1 thing only...

- YOU ARE NOT PRO, What you see the PRO's doing is well organized and practiced every day, they are all working together with constant communication via Team Speak. Their reactions to their team members is co-ordinated and planned.

- Dont go around thinking cos you've seen Krepo doing Mad Plays as Thresh that you can therefore do the same thing, you cant. Even if you play 1 game where you manage to land every single hook you still cannot do it. You got lucky. 1 game doesnt mean thats how you play.

- I've had games where i've not missed a single Blitz Hook, even when i've shot the Hook randomly i've grabbed people, sometimes the stars align and you can do nothing wrong. Do not mistake Luck for Skill. IF you can play game after game replicating everything from the game before then sure.. Your skilled, but it has to be consistent.


- Not the same as ASSISTING YOUR TEAM, this chapter covers HELPING Team Mates.

- If you are playing in any lane and the jungler or another lane calls SS then pay attention, watch your enemy in lane, if he's going unusually aggressive then chances are your about to get Ganked.

- Call SS on your Lane, even if others arent, just because they are dumb doesnt give you the right to do the same.

- WARD YOUR OWN LANE.. this is solo queue, dont rely on anyone but yourself. People will forget to call SS, but that doesnt give you the right not to ward and to sit blaming another lane cos YOU got ganked.

- Im a firm believer of 'IF you got ganked, you were doing something to get you ganked' No decent jungler will ever come to a lane for a gank unless they can get the kill. If they do then they are wasting their time, and taking EXP from their own teams lane, which is actually a disadvantage to their team.

- Mid and Bottom Lanes, watch for Jungler calling for Dragon.. dont sit in your Lane farming GET TO THE DRAGON!!!! Its worth 190g to EACH PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM, people shouldnt have to be begged to take a Dragon. If you see your Team heading to Dragon you should be ready to go, Missing a Minion Wave isnt important compared to 190g Global Gold for each Team Member. Same goes for Towers. If you can Take them, it helps your team out with Gold, give your Team Gold.

- If you see your Team Running from the enemy stay around and try to assist them.. DONT GO IN TO FIGHT, just cast a Heal, Shield, Land a Snare, Root, Wall, Show your presence in the hopes the enemy team backs off... but dont just let them die, obviously if they are burst down to 20% then chances are you can do nothing but be mindful and try to help em, just dont die in the process.

- Buffs.. Ask yourself this Question, do you really need it?

- I dont NEED blue when i play Lux, early game sure, it helps, but Mid-Endgame i dont NEED it, i got Max Cooldown, and enough Mana Regen to sustain me. Blue is useless on me. So i pass it on.

- A Jungler with constant Blue can level faster, Gank more often and generally gain more advantage than the enemy jungler who passes his Blue onto his Mid Lane.

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- This i think is possibly the most important part of this guide.

- Game Basics, as we level up our summoners certain things become clear to us through either experience or seeing what others do right/wrong.

For Example:

1. Fighting under a tower = Bad
2. Fighting 1v5 = Bad
3. Building AD Items on a Champion you are playing as AP = Bad

- Those are probably the most obvious things we all know, so they are what you could call Game Basics.

- Here are the topic's i'll be covering in this section, and yes some of you may think 'well i know all these things' but please read anyway because there may be something you dont know.

1. The Meta
2. Lane Matchups
3. Wards (offensive and defensive)
4. Laning Phase (do's and dont's)
5. Understanding each Role
6. Over-Extending
7. Over-Aggression


- This term is often thrown around in the Ranked Scene and its usually when someone picks something unpopular in a certain role, this is an attempt to get someone to not pick something that others deem an un-worthy pick.

- The Meta-Game is what is known as the State of the Game, by this i mean what the majority of the LOL Community deem acceptable to play in a certain role, to put it another way, its another way of saying this is the norm, you must do this.


1 Top
1 Mid
1 Jungler
2 Bottom [AD Carry/Support]

- This at present is considered the Meta-Game, its the norm for most matches.

Previously you had;

2 Top
1 Mid
2 Bottom

- Then the jungler was introduced, and became more popular as it gave you an advantage in that you had 2 lanes gaining faster levels, plus another player who could roam around the map helping out lanes get kills and not just relying on yourself in lane to get kills.

- With these changes also came Champions you would play in each Role and Champions you wouldnt.

- For Example; a Good AD Carry would consist of;

Miss Fortune

- All of these are considered AD Carries.


- All of these are not considered AD Carries.

- This is The Meta.

- However, i would like to point out at this stage that just because something isnt considered 'THE META' doesnt make it a bad choice. There are many examples of Champions who werent meant for Mid / Top or AD who actually work well in those positions.

Vayne - Top Lane [Considered AD Carry]
Sona - Mid [Considered Support]
Fizz - Jungle [Considered AP Carry]
Thresh - AD Bot [Considered Support]
Karthus - Jungle [Considered AP Mid]
Morgana/Lux - Support Bot [Considered AP Carry]

- All these Champions above are all considered to be one Role, but can also work in other Roles as well, and are Viable Picks.


- Each Lane has a specific Champion Pool and a Counter Champion Pool this is what is meant when i say Lane Match-Ups, picking Champions to counter other champions that are picked, the trick however is guessing what Role the enemy is playing that champion as.

- Example: Fizz is picked, one would assume thats an AP Carry for Mid, however upon seeing the enemy team picking to counter this Mid Pick the team could then decide to send him Jungle and then Counter Counter Pick their Counter for Fizz [hope you understand that]

- If Fizz is picked you would potentially counter him with Ryze/Morde, so if you see these 2 picked you could then change Fizz to Jungler and Counter Pick the Enemy teams Counter.

- Picking a Counter to lanes is very beneficial to your team and the teams morale, people feel like they have more chance to win if you counter the Enemy's picks in Top and Mid Lanes as those are the strongest lanes as they level fastest, they can potentially cause more aggression on the game from those Roles. Having a Fed AD isnt the end of the Game because the Higher Level Mid and Top Lanes can easily focus them down being lower level.

- If you have a Fed Mid or Top who are 2-3 levels higher than your team then thats when problems occur for your team. So picking counters can help you in lane and help you win the game, HOWEVER.. Skill always Beats Counters.

- As i've stated i main Lux, and her counters are Talon/Zed/Kassadin/Katarina/Fizz, yet i can easily win lanes against Zed/Kassadin/Fizz because i know how to play vs them, thats all it is, learning how to play against a counter, once you learn this they will cause you less problems. I rarely play against Talon/Kata so they are still a threat to me.

- Be mindful of your Lane Match-Up, if he or she is a counter to the Champion you picked then taking a Defensive Playstyle is a wise choice. Only attack them near your Tower, or with the help of a Jungler till you gain the advantage back.


- Most important item you can buy in Ranked, and often overlooked.. Majority of players think Wards are the Supports Job and will often blame the support for not Warding.

- People.. you need to stop this way of thinking, if someone plays Support and they arent warding enough/correctly.. then you have to tell them, but dont be a douchebag about it. Also dont go into a un-warded Enemy or Ally Jungle when the Enemy are all missing, because your gonna have a bad time. I see this happen countless times and 100% every single time those who die turn around and say;

'God Support, why arent you warding, you just caused me to die'

.. NO.. SIMPLY NO, YOU CAUSED YOURSELF TO DIE, You entered a location that wasnt warded when the Enemy Team was Missing from the Map. You made a bad call. Yes perhaps that location should have been warded, but that isnt a good enough reason to go exploring there, and blaming the Support wont help you win, it wont bring you back to life or reverse your Death.

- You made a mistake, accept it and move on.


- This to me is Warding Enemy side of Map, like their Jungle Route, Their Red and Blue Buffs.. so called Offensive Warding because they arent there to help you avoid ganks, they are there to assist you in trying to counter your enemies jungle. Blue/Red Warded Buffs can be smite stolen from un-suspecting Enemy Junglers which is a huge blow to their Jungler but more importantly a huge Morale Increase for your Team and a huge Morale Decrease for their Team.


- Warding the entry points to your Lanes.

Top = Tri-Bush + River
Mid = Both Side Bushes
Bottom = Tri-Bush + River + Lane Bushes.

- These will 90% of the time prevent yourself from getting Ganked, as it covers all entry points to your lanes, with a few exceptions like;

- Teleport onto Ward/Minion,
- Champions with Global Teleport Ultimates; TF, Pantheon, Nocturne. These cannot be defended against as you dont see them coming till its usually too late.

- Defensive Warding can win and lose games, because if the enemy jungler or other lanes come to gank your lane and you dont see them 80% of the time you will die, this is a well known fact and yet people still DO NOT WARD THEIR LANES, they EXPECT other lanes to call SS or MIA if Champions leave their Lane. Yes other lanes should say 'xxx Champion MISS' or simply 'SS' but this doesnt excuse you for not warding to keep yourself safe.

- In solo queue the only one you can trust is yourself. IF you dont Ward your own Lane and your Team doesnt call SS you will die, but its pointless blaming the Lane for not calling SS because you should have Map Awareness and Ward to keep you safe, its Basic Game Practice.. if you dont do this stuff, then you need to learn or you will never improve your Ranked Standing.

- Silver + Leagues should really be Warding and Watching the Mini-Map at all times, if you are not then my advice is learn, and learn fast or you will end up lose alot more matches.


- This refers to early game where by your first towers are still up, and its pretty much Champion vs Champion, no Team Fights. You are laning against your enemy Lane, and farming CS [Creep Score]

- When does the Laning Phase end?... this is a tough one to call because each person will have their own opinion. In my Opinion the Laning Phase ends as soon as the first tower in that Lane falls, because at that point the Champion who destroyed the Tower is free to roam around and interfer with other Lanes. Thus breaking the Laning Phase.

- Another could say when Both towers are destroyed but again this for me is wrong because some lanes can remain with all towers remaining and the game end. So i'll stick to First Tower or when Lane's start to Roam to other Lanes.


- Ive mentioned Roles alot throughout this Guide and now i'll explain the term Role.

You have 5 Main Roles;

1. Top Lane

- This Role is usually a Tanky Melee Bruiser or Tanky AP Carry, used to Initiate Team Fights or Tank Objectives.

2. Mid Lane

- This Role is usually an AP Ranged Caster who's sole purpose is to deal Magic Damage to the Enemy Team, they are squishy with Low HP but High DMG. Also known as a Carry!

3. Bot ADC

- This Role is usually an AD Ranged Champion like Ashe or Caitlyn who's sole purpose is to deal Physical Damage to the Enemy Team, they are Squishy with Low HP but High DMG and Mobility. Also known as ADC or AD Carry [AD = Attack Damage].. incase you were wondering.

4. Bot Support

- This Role is usually for Champions with Defensive type Skill Sets or Suppression/Disruptive type Skill Sets, any Champion who can protect and keep safe the ADC. Champions like Sona/Soraka with Heals, Leona/Taric with Crowd Control, Blitz or Thresh with Grabbing abilities which bring the enemy towards them so the ADC can focus them down. It is responsible for the majority of Warding of major Objectives like Dragon and Baron, It builds Defensive/Supportive Items usually with Aura's like Frozen Heart, Zeke's Herald, Locket of the Iron Solari etc. Its job is to keep the Carries alive by any means available, be it blocking skillshots, sacrificing themselves for their team to escape etc.

5. Jungler

- This Role is usually for Champions with strong CC but DMG and Gap Closers, Champions who can enter lane and combat fast, lock up the enemy and allow their team mates to kill said enemy.

- The Junglers role for me is to feed kills to the AD/AP Carry, and should try to avoid taking the kills for himself. Alot of players dont actually understand this, and yet the clue is in the title AP/AD CARRY!!!! They are there to CARRY the team to victory, and yet junglers will come in gank and take the kill as well, and alot of the time will then complain that the AD or AP is useless.

- UNDERSTAND, AP/AD Carries who arent given the kills wont really deal as much damage as those who are given kills. Trying to explain this simple fact to Junglers in Ranked Queue is like fighting a losing battle.

- Everyone thinks they are most important in a game, and that the more Kills they get the better they are. They dont play for the Team or to Win they play to prove they are good players. Its this attitude that will cause most of these people to stay at the Ranked Division they are currently in.

- Certain Junglers do well with Kills, and cant snowball really hard if given early kills, Like Jarvan 4, Xin Zhou, Zac, Volibear to name but a few, but for the most part you want your Carries to get the kills.


- Common Mistake made by all, even me at times so i wont be too hard on you regarding this.

- What is over-extending? Simply put its where you push in your lane too far that you cant safely return to tower if you are Ganked, or you push your lane too far and attract the attention of the Enemy Jungler.

- This is the reason for most early game deaths in a game without fail. You can ***** and moan at others all you like but if you are over-extending in your lane and pushing the creep waves to the Enemy Tower then you will have a bad time.

- When you over-extend in lane you need to have all entry points clearly warded so you can get back to tower if a enemy player comes to gank you, this is the only time over-extending is acceptable, or for example your in top lane, you see Jungler bottom, then you can afford to push the lane but its generally bad practice to do this in Ranked.

- I see many people blaming others for not calling SS, but you've gotta be doing something to attract the attention of another lane or jungler. In which case, thats your fault, infact its still your fault because any decent solo laner will be warding their lane to prevent ganks. NEVER and i mean NEVER trust or rely on anyone in Solo Queue, they are going to let you down sooner rather than later, so its always best to ward your own lane and pay attention to the Map.

- Stay safe i the middle of the lane, farm your lane, and dont go balls deep, this is the best way to survive your lane. Also, if you are Top Lane stick to the top side of the Lane, near the bushes, this way if you are Ganked they have to cross the entire lane to reach you and you can probably escape. Same goes for Bottom Lane, i see people all the time in Bot lane sitting near the River and im like.. 'why?' its broadcasting you to the jungler for an easy Gank.

- As for Mid Lane, you can buy 2 wards, or if you'd prefer to save money, buy 1 ward, ward the bush in the middle and stick to that side of the lane, if you see jungler comming run to the opposite side of the lane and back to the tower, if they gank from the unwarded side then they have to cross lanes to get you, and chances are you can get to tower before they can land any slows/cc's on you.


- This is another common mistake made by most Ranked Players.

- What is Over-Aggression?... its when you are harrassing a enemy champion and you drop them low enough to kill at this point most players will press the lane and push up trying to get that kill this of course baits you into a Gank from enemy Jungler or you'll tower dive and usually die in the process. Instead of just forcing them out of lane to regen you kill yourself and lose any advantage your harrass gave you.

- This is how you can beat most counters in lane, they will play Over-Aggressive cos they know they counter you and think you have no chance to fight back, but they will get greedy and get into tower range just to land that extra bit of DMG. TOWER HURT, and taking 1 to 2 shots from them can give your enemy the advantage in lane, and lead to your death. All because you were greedy.

- Another example is when you are in lane pushing a tower and your Jungler ganks you'll both chase the enemy and again you'll chase too hard or too long and possible tower dive cos the enemy is 1 hit away from death, then 1 of 3 things happen;

1. You kill them and survive, this rarely happens.
2. You or the Jungler Dies to Tower/Enemy Jungler.
3. You both die to Tower/Enemy Jungler and give that person you dove to kill a double kill, which gives them the advantage in lane.

- I've lost count of the amount of times this has happened in my lane, i've baited the Jungler and enemy Mid into diving me and got a double kill, sometimes i even survive but if i dont im still up 600g.

- There is no reason to play so aggressive, big plays and risky moves can cost you the game so easily, they can be the single event that turned the game into your enemies favour. Instead you should just play safe at all times take the small victories get out of lane and regen your HP/Mana then return full HP/Mana, dont kill your lane then sit there till he returns, because in that time you could get killed by the enemy Jungler, then you lose your advantage you just gained.

- Winning games in LOL is all about gaining Advantages, but more than that its about keeping them. You get 3 kills early in top/bot/mid and its GG pretty much for that lane, but then you'll do something stupid like dive 1 person under a tower and give 3 kills away. Putting you back to where you started. All because you got Greedy!

- Dont be that player who says 'but i got xx kills' those players are the reason you will lose games, cos they think the more kills they get the better they are. This is untrue.

- GOOD Players are those who gain 10 kills and only 1-2 deaths, or 0 deaths. You wanna aim for least deaths every game. Instead of kills, try to get as little deaths as possible, you will see your game and wins vastly increase.


- Junglers... they arent super human, they cant be in all lanes at once so dont blame them cos you died.

- Junglers... prioritize your lanes for ganks. Lanes that are countered or struggling need your attention most. My Junglers have cost me countless games in the past for this very reason, they focus on other lanes and ignore mine when im countered. You cannot shout at someone who dies in a lane when they are countered, its your job to assist lanes and give them the advantage. [THEN ITS ON THAT LANE TO KEEP THAT ADVANTAGE] - and its their fault if they lose it.

- Supports... your job is to assist your ADC, protect him, take dmg for him, and potentially die for him, dont be greedy and steal kills as a support, your ADC needs those kills, they need those CS even 1 or 2 it all adds up and you may not think taking a few CS is important but it can be the difference between getting a BF Sword at 5-6mins or 7-8mins.

- Junglers... your job is to feed your carries, only a handful of junglers benefit from getting kills, so you should always allow your Carries to take the kill, if they cant or you risk missing out on the kill then you should be taking them, but then and only then. So many Junglers i play with are greedy for kills, and then Endgame the enemy Mid is fed and our Jungler is like 'you got no kills you are useless' - and yet he's running around with like 5-10 kills.

- Mid Lane/Top Lane... control your lane, call SS, if you see him going to bottom/mid lane, get your *** down there to help out or push your lane and take tower. If you are ever just sitting in lane farming whilst the enemy Mid/Top laner is roaming then you are failing as Mid/Top lane.

- Blaming others for your deaths, this is a very common problem and yes im also guilty of this at times. Blaming anyone for anything is ******ed, it gets you nothing, it just weakens your team. If they are flaming or whatever just ignore them and focus on your lane. If i mute my Team at start of game my CS score is almost on par with the Pro's at LCS, i'll be like 70-80 at 10mins or 170-180 at 20mins.. because im not spending my time typing, im 100% focused on my lane and my farm. Ive won games that i started off losing just because i've muted my team and not sat there chatting instead ive farmed myself up and gained 1-2 Levels over my enemy counter-part.

- Dragons/Baron... these should always be a priority, even over secondary towers, If you take mid lane, and get the first tower as a team and force your enemy back because of low HP or deaths, then rather than pushing the tower, go for Dragon if its there. Dragon is a respawning gold/exp objective, the more you kill it the more you gain, killing 1 tower which doesnt respawn wont really help your team.

- BUT BUT BUT.. why dont you take the Tower and then Dragon, good question, and its answered simply. You take 1st Mid Tower, kill 2 enemies, make 2 recall. This means they all go back to base, and dependent on timers they will be out of the game for around 30-40 seconds. 10 seconds is taken getting to next tower. Another 20 on killing the Tower provided the 3 remaining enemy team arent back at the tower already. You and your team are not 100% from previous fight, so now you go for Dragon, Enemy team is behind you, all of them 100% and if they jump on you as you are doing Dragon they will get an ACE. This is why you dont take Tower then Dragon, Towers are always gonna be in lane, Dragon wont always be there. Same goes for Baron.

- I've played countless games where you push the Mid lane into enemy base and instead of stopping after he 2nd tower, people will push into the base for the 3rd tower, now Enemy respawns and you are forced to go back to base. The enemy now has the potential to go do Baron, and you and your team are in base cos you stayed too long.

- Preventing Baron from being taken is a huge advantage to gain, if your enemy gets Baron it puts them in a stronger position for as long as that buff lasts, and they can potentially take more towers than you did when you pushed to their base.

- Do not tunnel vision in games, be mindful of your surrounding. Are enemy buffs up after your push on 2nd tower? YES? go take em. - Advantage and Morale for enemy, + Advantage and Morale for you.

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If you've managed to read the entire guide and got this far then i salute you, you'll be a better player for reading it, provided you took on board all the pointers i gave you.

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