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League of Legends Build Guide Author i8b4u2d4y

Twisted Fate - The Card Master(Dps ****)

i8b4u2d4y Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here's the Dps TF build I use and have won 95% of my games, the other 5% was 'cos there were afkers, i hate them. The point of this guide is to bring out the Attack Speed of what Twisted Fate can do and add the Damage Per Second as the Sprinkles.

--Summoner's Spells--
Ghost :
One of the most common skill for a TF, and it's something called Hit-And-Run, after you gank, and if you have little health left, you run like there's no tomorrow and luckily, Ghost is there to boost your lil' sorry *** back to your base.
Exhaust :
When you have your gold card ready, blast them with it and exhaust and finish them off with normal attacks, or if you have time, use another gold card to prevent them from running away. If you're getting ganked, just stun one of them, exhaust the other, and try to run faster so that the others can't get you, if you know one of them is able to stun/slow, try exhausting them first, blind doesn't really matter since you're running away, not attacking

skills you could get
Ignite :
This is just a finishing touch, or just to ks your teamates during gankes, it is quite fun to see how pissed they are when you ks them.
Heal :
For me, heal is just another boost to victory, when you and the opponent are all down low healthwise, use heal and make them feel the pain, if they also have heal, stun them first, but if they're a tank or someone that can overpower you easily, then don't even bother and just start running.

skills you dont want to look at
All others, i know its weird, but all the other skills for me are just useless, some people might consider flash, it might come in handy, but what's the use just going a short distance and then its cool down for like 280 secs?

The runes i chose were Attack Speed and health, Attack Speed is to fit the topic of this build, Twisted Fate - The Card Master(Dps ****), you see Dps in there right, that means that if you can win with Attack Speed and Damage alone, then you're me, and health is for health, dunno how to explain, but to put it in simple terms, if you dont have health, then you're good as dead.


Berserker's Greaves :
Every single TF build has this item in it, because it gives attack speed and it enhances movement by 2, so if you can run and attack, thats the point about being Dps TF.

Malady :
LifeSteal, and Attack Speed, great combination, for me anyways. Attack Lots = Steal lots of health, plain and simple.

Sword of Divine :
Attack Speed, AND every forth attack deals 100 magic damage, basically powering up Stacked Deck, plus, attacks cant be dodged, so good luck to people with dodging items :D, stupid ninja tabis

Phantom Dancer :
Another item i've seen in every TF build, Attacks Speed as usual, Critical Strike, Movement, and Dodge Chance, awesome combo :D

Madred's Bloodrazer :
Attack Speed as usual and the 4% of target's maximum health thing, even though that gets lower the lower your target's health is, it still deals bonus damage and bonus damage is always good right?

Infinite Edge :
Probably at the end of every single battle, everyone will have one, people get it for Attack Damage Boost, and the rest, no one else cares, they just get it for the damage so they can push.

--Attack Skill/Ability--
Wild Cards:
In my opinion this skill is the most worthless skill, well at level 5 it can do some damage, but at the start, you wont really need it, plus, its a big fat waste of mana.

Pick a Card:
First skill you should get, then you max out Stacked Deck, this skill is basically for ganks, you stun with the gold card, slow with the red card, and deal bonus magic damage and absorb part of the mp. Or just use the red card against creeps.

Stacked Deck:
Best skill to use after you use Pick a Card, if it's 1v1 laning, then use pick a card, exhause, and spam the enemy with your basic attack.

Let's you and your teamates see where all the enemies are, and teleports to a target location, and the teleport doesn't wear off after you get hit, best ganking skill, and running away skill, if you're hp is half down and 2 are after you, you can try but you might fail, if you're hp is 1/3 and 1 is after you, use it. if half down and 3 are after you, dont even bother wasting it, ur gonna die unless someone helps.

Thanks for reading/using my build
its my first build,
so dont be harsh, <3333