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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xypher169

Twisted Fate, the middle man champion

Xypher169 Last updated on June 21, 2010
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So this build almost requires you to solo mid, some people may tell you TF is not a mid champ, but they're noobs. I will get into game descriptions, but first let me explain my items and runes.

Greater Runes of Desolation x 9, against pretty much any target, penetrating their armor in my opinion gives better damage, thus I use this with almost all non-caster/tank type heroes.

Greater Seal of Vitality x 9, although it may seem weird putting health on a dps hero, at level 18 with little health you are too vulnerable, and won't have enough time to down the enemy. With these runes at 18 you will have more than enough health in your pool to down (in some cases) 3 enemies attacking you alone, with your team with you, its practically a given success.

Greater Glyph of Warding x 9, these I choose because I have no magic resist items in my item build, if you are feeling bold and are really good at yellow carding, you can try going Greater Glyph of Celerity x 9, for the extra cooldown reduc on your ult.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3, as with your seals, this will give you more health early game, and when coupled with my strategy on pushing and possibly early ganking your opponent you will see my reasoning behind it.

As for my items, I like to grab Dorians Blade first, it gives you some added health, lifesteal, and damage, and don't forget to grab a pot, just incase you slip up while trying to push your opponent back.

Next you will be aiming to get the emblem of Valor, I generally wait until I have the 800 gold to afford the item. The added regen and lifesteal will be helpful while killing creeps, also this is going towards a key item your Starks Fervor.

After purchasing your Emblem, begin farming again and saving up for your Berserker Greaves, The movement is essential if you want to survive, the added attack speed will help your overall damage.

Starks Fervor is an excellent item, as it not only boosts your speed and gives you regen, it gives your team lifesteal and regen as well, very helpful item.

Last Whisper is cheap and effective, grab the recurve bow for the added attack speed, then aim to buy Last Whisper ASAP.

Now that you've got those in the bag aim for more damage with BF Sword and the Pickaxe, both these will give you quite the upper hand against opponents, generally once you get these two items, you will be able to pull kills off much easier.

Infinity Edge is next, giving you more crit % and damage, and regular damage boost as well, it is a great item, at this point I am dominating with TF, the last item I sometimes don't even make it to, but, if you do Bloodthirster will give you more survivability do to extra damage and even more lifesteal.

Now for my in game strategy:

Early Game (for me is 1-6)

You should be soloing mid, last hit as many creeps as you can with stacked deck, its basically a free crit for you, also if you can pull it off, hit your opponent with stacked deck, it will do enough damage at lower levels to let them know you mean business. Following that if they are careless you can get a gank by level 2 or 3, simply get them low enough, stun them and ignite, then run away, don't risk yourself to get a careless gank, it will not help you in the end. Basically follow this strategy, getting the items I listed above as soon as you can, remember that last hitting creeps is key to making gold.

Mid Game (Levels 6-12)

At this point in the game, because you're mid, you should be a few levels higher than everyone else. Using the same strategy above, hit with stacked deck, push your opponent back to his tower. Check both top and bottom lanes, see if their opponents have pushed them back to the tower, that is your chance. If both lanes are holding well against the enemy, ask them to allow them to push abit, and give them a heads up you will be coming in for a gank. Once they are passed the halfway point between theirs and your tower, Hit destiny once, then hit Pick a Card (mark your target), make sure you get gold card, and port in decently behind your target but still within card range. Stun him and hit with everything you've got, your team should do the same, once the first one is down, try for the second, DON'T CHASE! Once the gank is complete, success or fail (even if its fail your teamates will be very close to tower and can do some damage), return to mid, by now your opponent may be wailing on your tower, so get back as fast as you can, ghost if you have to. Push mid back and wait for your ult, simply repeat this process untill level 12 or 13. Still remembering to buy the items as soon as you can afford them.

Late Game (Levels 12-18)

At this point you should be organizing team attacks, helping or asking them to help you push a tower. You should have a nice amount of health from your runes, but don't get cocky. You're still very squishy, stay behind tanks and gold card as much as possible against enemies. The stun will not only prevent them from getting away, but will stop damage to your teamates. If your team plays well in team fights you should make it through without fail, if you notice it not going in your favor, get back to a tower ASAP, and ping to let your teamates know to gtfo. They may not listen, but I've watched teams whipe because of over confidence. If you scored enough ganks under your belt, you'll be nicely fed and have most if not all of the items I listed. You will be devastating, and can take out most if not entire teams.

End Game (long lasting games where everyone is 18)

In this case I will sell Dorians Blade and get Black Cleaver. The extra damage with the armor breakdown just makes you more frightening. If they are doing well at making you defend, and you (hopefully) have taken out their towers, gate into their inhibitors and make sure they stay destroyed, it will make it harder for them to push when they have boss minions banging on their doorstep. Other than that stick with your team, stay behind everyone, and just blow stuff up from behind.

This build works for me, and I am steadily getting better with TF, admittedly I am still fairly new to LoL, but recently have been learning some new tricks with TF. I hope this guide helps you and can give you a better feel and comfort for playing Twisted Fate, The Card Master.

Also if you do give me a score, positive or negative, leave feedback, I'd love to know anything you liked about the build, or anything you would change.