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Twisted Fate Build Guide by mikewizz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mikewizz

Twisted Fate - The Word's Out

mikewizz Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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OK, so ever since the Dreamhack tournament, it seems that everyone wants to play TF now (or at least ban him in ranked). This is especially annoying for seasoned TF players, becuase he used to fly under the radar quite well when no one seemed to understand his potential. My play of TF consists of usually taking mid, and almost always getting first blood. Sometimes those crazy lanes have some epic battle and get the gold bonus, but unless that happens, first blood is almost indefinitely yours after understanding this guide. Enjoy reading :)

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So, the runes are quite simple with this guy, and I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. Basically this gives you the most armor pen. and attack speed early on, and compliments all items to come very well.

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In this section, I will show how this guide differs from almost all others out there, and where you will either be intrigued by such a strategy, or simply call BS and hit that little red X...but ANYWAY. The reason behind this, is because it gives the player the largest advantage in that early game laning phase. Such an advantage, that every single other champion you may come against as TF, will pale in comparison.

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Items sequencing makes this character who he is, by playing to every strength he has. It is meant to give the most attack speed at the beginning, in order to better farm, and get the early advantage on someone. You may ask "Why not that early bonus AD?") well sir, to that i say, "stacked deck and pick a card in combo". This combo will give you more damage than you know what to do with early game.
Item 1) Vampiric Sceptor. (Life steal in lane is essential)
Item 2) Beserker Greaves. (Move speed is key early game for positioning, as well as chasing. The bonus AS is nice too)
Item 3) Zeal. (Simply an amazing item. Bonus AS, and move speed, which allows domination early game, especially in 1v1 situations. As well as crit. chance, which we all love :)
Item 4) Starks Fervor. (That's why you got Vamp Scep. This is good AS bonus, which always helps, and the lifesteal that you need to stay in team fights, due to the ridiculously squishy characteristic. PLUS it gives allied champions health regain in an area! Who doesn't love a team player! even after the 2g bonus. All in all, great item)
Item 5) The black cleaver. (This is where it becomes fun. The armor pen. it gives compliments the rune layout so well, and the AD let's you wreck any champion in seconds if this item is acquired fast enough.)
Item 6) The Bloodthirster. (First of all, feel free to put this in front of the Black Cleaver, just due to the benefit of the stacks to AD and Lifesteal it gives. BTW, don't die if/when you reach max stacks, it's annoying. This weapon gives you the bonus damage to shred through, again...ANY champions face in a very small time, and the Lifesteal you need to stay in fights EVEN longer!)
Item 7) Infinitey Edge. (If you get your hands on this baby, you are fed enough to pick off any champion with Destiny at will. The massive AD is exactly what you need end game, and the enhanced crit damage allows for any TF player to tear threw the enemy team.)
Item 8) Phantom Dancer. (IF, you get this fed, i applaud you. After every item is in, there's nothing left to do but upgrade zeal, and we all know what that means...just more of the same effects of zeal. Have fun with it, you'll be critting random minions for a regular damage of 1100).

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Strategy (why he's him)

This is what you've all been waiting for, the strategy to make this guy the most offensive threat early game of ANY champion. The whole secret here is a bit of a risky one, and scary for some of the ******* who play this game. Generally take up mid when you get the chance, unless you are with a lane partner that has good communication (in room or in live chat via headset) This is essential because the whole idea is to land many early kills, and get fed beyond everyone, giving yourself free range of the map. A TF with early free range of the map destroys any possible plan the other team could have, because he is so unpredictable thanks to Destiny. ANYWAYY here we go

Early laning phase ( 1 - 6 ) -
So , assuming that you have taken mid, run directly in between YOUR two turrets. This is safe, and **** those early things in mid, they are a waste of time, and most likely, you won't land a kill. Once the first wave walks by, follow the first minion in line, behind it, to avoid any possible bs from champions. Usually the minion blocks any attack. next, spam blue card to get last hits, and try your best to get the early level advantage. At this point, ignore the enemy and focus on farm ( one of the only times you will ). As soon as you hit 2, ignore all minions unless you are using blue cards to get mana back. Or if they push to turret...basically, hit them when you need (I'm expecting common sense here) But the main focus is the enemy champ, because that's where the gold's at. Now that you have stacked deck, wait until it's at it's full stacks, where the next attack will deal bonus damage. When it hits the third, have a card ready from pick a card. I recommend gold card, because it grants you another auto attack afterwords, but pick whatever. This damage will be devastating, and with a few hits, they will be very low. The glory is that you can run from far away, hit them for crazy damage, then leave without a bit of damage (poking). At level 3, just continue the strategy, but now you'll have a point in wild cards. DO NOT use this ability until it is at least lvl 2, due to the fact that it consumes huge amounts of mana, and will do little to your enemy. At level 4, continue the same tactics of denying the enemy experiecnce, but now you can get the first kill, if you have not already. Also, begin using wild cards at this point, along with the stacked deck/pick a card combo. Usually pick yellow card to ensure a wild card hit. And harass from max distance with wild cards. continuously use blue cards on minions to regain that mana that was lost to wild cards.

SIDENOTE : Kill strategies early - If the enemies health gets to a quarter, they are dead. Utilize everything in TF's arsenal. Prep the stacked deck to 3, pick a gold card far before your own line of minions to give him confidence in the farm, and flash in. Immedietely after the stun, ignite them. Assuming you are level 4, use wild cards. then continue the chase if they have not died yet. This can work as early as level 2, depending on the skill usage of stacked deck / pick a card combo. At level 4, those level 2 wild cards will deal crazy damage, so they greatly help with the kill. EVEN THO YOU ARE AD FATE!! ( what all those dumb AP fates don't get ).

At level 5, Just keep on keepin on, and make sure to have not returned to base...there is no reason to return to base before level 6, this will keep you in the fight longer, which means more xp and gold and all that good stuff. At 6 go back and buy up, then tele to a gank or back to mid. Right before returning to base, do as much damage to mid as possible, because it could set an easy kill for your return with destiny, assuming they are dumb enough to stay there.

SIDE NOTE : Harrasment - Make sure you use your wild cards from the furthest distance possible...which is ****IN HUGE btw, becuase it will often catch your enemies off guard. Plus the damage those things shell out at early levels is almost unfair.

Mid game ganking phase ( 6 - 13 ) - This is my favorite part of this character, because you can literally do whatever the **** you want. The key here is to get the turret of course, because turrets > kills. but you can be really slow going on it, assuming you haven't already gotten it... But check in on your lane every now and again, doing exactly what you have been to destroy the counter mid. This should net you 2-3 kills in this stage if all goes well from enemy mid alone. When laning against another mid, prep a gank with your team, and then run off into the brush in the other direction of your intended gank, making sure you are in clear sight of the enemy mid. This will possibly cause the mid to call a "watch out" to the wrong lane, which is great. Stand in that brush and B back to base. as soon as you buy and get all mana and health back, port to the gank, and it's an easy kill or 2. Then B again, depending if you need to, and return mid for more kills and turret work. Rinse and repeat until all the turrets are gone...or level 13 ish. Grab blue and red when possible, and solo dragon at 10 ish. Basically **** around and do whatever you want at this phase, assuming you have landed some necessary early kills.

Late game ( 13 - 18 ) - Once you get to this point of the game, the idea is to be fed beyond any contest. Work as a team to get dragon and baron when needed, and try to participate in all the team fights you can, just as any other champion in LoL needs to at this phase. What makes late game TF fun, is his ability to say "**** my team" if he wants, in 2 different ways that both greatly benefit the team.
1) Back Dooring (BDing) - Basically, if a lane is being pushed, jump down there alone and push it all the way back, taking whatever turrets you can, before the other team is tipped off. MAKE SURE to have destiny up, because you'll need a fast escape. His ability to port out makes him the best BDer in LoL. But some strategy along with BDing is telling your team to push the opposite lane. An enemy team will see the other push as a greater threat most of the time, and go there...little do they know :) ALSO...this is the farming technique for late game, and during pushes. grab a red card, and hit the 2nd minion in line, then throw wild cards through the entire line. from there, auto attack them to death, and by the time they are dead, your minions will have caught up.
2) If bored at this stage of the game, or maybe you just got Infinity Edge and want to take the baby for a spin, just pop destiny :) Usually there is one champion wandering alone in the woods, this was his biggest mistake...just pick yellow card, pop destiny, and there ya are there. The stun and wild card hits, along with the stacked deck AD will have them dead before they can even respond (if fed enough). Make sure to pick yellow card before EVERY destiny, to get the biggest advantage out of port. These 2 tactics will slowly weaken there team, and as long as you are in the meaningful team fights to help, you will win easily.

This is an entirely different section because of how difficult it can be

TEAM FIGHTS - at this stage of the game, you can die from 2 hits from just about anybody, so you need to stay FAR behind team fights. As an assassin, your greatest strength is one on one fights. Wait until you see a weak champion overextend, and have that yellow card ready to crush him. the AD you have at this point from auto attacks, along with the wild card damage, should kill him before his team can respond. Stay near walls (areas to flash over) in case the battle gets too heated.

The main objective is to get the turrets in front of the inhibitors, because if you do, you can Destiny to an inhibitor at any time and get Super Minions for your team. This is an almost guaranteed victory. Then just get the nexus and win :)

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Things to watch out for

There are some things in this game that just don't make sense for TF players everywhere ( or just squishies )

1) Blitzcrank's arm - if dragged in, you die. keep a minion barrier.
2) Malz's ult - ****in stupid, enough said.

that's really it, play with your head.

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In summary, the way you have to play this guy is super aggressive early game, in order to get fed. Upon being fed, the world is your oyster. He is hands down, the best early game killer, just use that simple fact to your advantage.

I want comments :)

Enjoy the hunt.