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League of Legends Build Guide Author Her!tager

Twisted Fate, The yellow card.

Her!tager Last updated on September 29, 2010
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It is a very simple build that it is not so very much to say about.
The only tip i got for you is too stack up stacked deck to 3 and use the fourth attack with your yellow/stun card. Then you will be able to take a lot of hp.

The reason why i dont use Wild Cards is that i think it is the worse spell in this game.

It is very good if you take the lizard buff in later game because then you do a lot of more damage.

Try to haraze so much as posible. If you find out that you cant kill them, then haraze them so much as you can to get their tower down so it is easier for your alies to gank him.

Try to not get hitted with so very many attacks becasue TF is one of the most Squishy champs in this game. If you are vs Anivia. You should never stand still. Her Stun and spike will take half of your hp. Feel free to haraze meele champs, but watch out for ranged.

I will recommend to try to get the mid land. Then you will level up faster then everyone and you will faster get into the ganking. TF is an really good ganker becasue of his stun and his Destiny. If you are going to sue destiny to gank someone. Make it look like you are teleporting another place and then you teleport to the bush behind him/her. That will surprise them. Be sure to ahve your stun card out before you walk out. It is not recommended to try to take someone alone. It is better if you got someone with you to help you kill them. Dont try to gank if you aren't sure to get the kill.