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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QQnigguh

Twisted Fates DPS/CRIT

QQnigguh Last updated on July 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build. I'm mostly looking for improvements rather than trying to give the ultimate build or whatever. Don't be too harsh xD but please tell me if I'm theres something broken in the build. Thanks!

I've never seen a AS/CRIT build so I was wondering if it was a bad idea for any reason.. I found no fault on my own part, but I'm wondering what you guys think.

Summoner Skills: Ghost is useful for chasing and for running, and comboed with exhaust will almost always get you the kill or away. This is a really flexible part of playing any hero.

Skills: Pick a card is taken first to harass your lane opponent. Stacked deck is taken next because it gives a huge boost in damage every 4 attacks. Wild cards can be taken sooner if you want to harass your opponent more, but with the new AP scaling its not worth the MP. Destiny is taken whenever it can because it helps with ganks and picking off stragglers. The order of skills isn't important, add what you need to succeed in the game. If you're getting harassed alot then add pick a card. If you feel like you need to push your lane harder then add wild cards. It's all up to you. While taking down opponents use pick a card to disable and auto attacking should do the rest with your insane dps. While your opponent is running continue pulling gold cards to stun them. If they are out of your range use your wild cards to pick em off. Destiny will provide a global slow and show all your opponents and lets you teleport anywhere on the map.

(EDIT) Runes: After doing some number crunching the listed rune build provides for the most dps. Let me show the numbers. (for those that don't believe me xD) My number process is not pinpoint because the crit chance plays a factor. So these numbers are purely based on theory.


If you can't follow the formula, basically what I've done is taken the damage of 100 seconds including crits purely based off the percent. After getting the damage of 100 seconds I divided by 100 to get the exact DPS if you get exactly 77% of your attacks were crits. From now on I will only provide results rather than the formula. If there is a problem with my formula please inform me in the comment section below.

Substituted formula: (DPS(100-77)+DPS(2.83)(77))/100
Just incase you were wondering, the reason for the critical damage being 2.83 is because of the Infinity Edge's passive.

First rune build:
Mark- AS
Glyph- AS
Seal- AS
Quint- AS
This build provides the most stable dps but not the highest. This is recommended for players who want the most stable damage. ~961

Second rune build:
This build provides the most mediocore dps but still not the highest. ~1002

Third rune build:
Glyph- AS
Seal- AS
This build is the one I'm choosing to use. It provides the highest theoretical dps. This is the build with the most potential. ~1037

Remember that all these numbers are theoretical and will only show up in perfect conditions. sometimes you will be unlucky and get less crits, sometimes luckier and getting more crits. "It's all in the luck of the draw"

Masteries: This is also pretty independent. You don't have to follow the build. If you want more survivability add defence or whatever. It's really up to you.

- Berserker Greaves/ Mercury Treads/ Ninja Tabi: If you feel you don't need survivability and want to go for raw power, go for the Berserker Greaves. If there are alot of disablers on the other team then go with Mercury Treads. If the other team has alot of melee heroes, go for the Ninja Tabi (credits to PenguinPower).
- Sword of the Divine: Imo this item synergies with Twisted Fate perfectly. The AS is incredible and the passive works well with stacked deck. The active is also great for ganks and quick burst damage.
- Phantom Dancer: This item is a jack of all trades kind of item for this build. It helps the AS and Crit. The movement and dodge is nice too xD.
- Infinity Edge: Perfect item for CRIT. With the passive and your high critical rate you end up hitting massive damage. Plus stacked deck and Sword of the Divine's passive.
- Youmuu's Ghostblade: This item is great with the AD and critical chance. The passive is also amazing for the price. But what really caught my eye was the active. 8 seconds of extra move speed and attack speed is perfect for chasing down opponents and finishing them off.
- (Madreds Bloodrazor): This is a situational item. It really improves your DPS but is an expensive item. If you have the money, getting this item in any stage of the game will be beneficial. Another good item to get would be maladys. The life steal and attack speed really help.

Before I leave you to go wreck, let me say one thing. Guides/builds can be followed skill for skill and item for item, but not limited to. Be creative, do the things you like with your hero. Don't feel like you're held down to anything just because a guide said so. Every person plays a hero differently. Just adjust to your play style and you'll do fine.

Thanks for reading! your input is much appreciated!