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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrTheJericho

Twisted Treeline Shen

MrTheJericho Last updated on October 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, so this is my first build, and is for Twisted Treeline Shen. I've never tested him on Summoner's Rift, so use him at your own risk, although I am fairly confident it could work there too. This is a full tank build, and as such, you want 0 kills! The only time it's acceptable to get one is if you are ganked by another tank, and can out tank him before your teammates arrive. But, in that situation, I always try and lead them towards my team, to get them the kills. Also, a good thing to start practicing is NOT last hitting minions. I take them down to a low hp level, then move on to the next, allowing my fellow laner to get the gold. Because we are completely dependent on our teammates, we want them to be able to get items quick, and a full minion wave of gold can really speed that up!

Now, I'll start with my summoner abilities.

I always use this as Shen, as the slowing is very helpful for allowing teammates to kill that last man from a team fight trying to escape, Also can help you in saving teammates when they are ganked and your Shadow Dash misses or can't reach the enemy in time. Just throw an exhaust one em and watch em die!

I personally use Ghost simply as an escape. For example, your team is low on health, and three full health enemies are closing on em. Shadow Dash em, and tank. Once your teammates are safely away, pop your ghost and watch the "nice save shen" messages come!

Since I'm going for in depth, I'll give a description of the usefulness of the others.

Helpful, allows you to watch for ganks. I would rather just buy some Vision or Sight wards instead though.

Well, as we have no mana..... useless.

Useful to escape, but smart teams won't waste stuns and such on you, so limited actual applications.

Can be switched with Ghost if you prefer. But as Shadow Dash goes through walls, not amazing.

Never actually used it, and whenever I've seen it used, it didn't really help much.

Good for early on, but if you play it safe, you'll never need it.

Good for early ganks, but it might steal the kill if you use it. I'd say not to use it as Shen.

Never used it.

n00b. Just kidding. Revive can be effective with certain champions, but not Shen. Because even if we come to life and get to the turret, alone we can't do much.

We don't jungle. All we do is tank the dragon so our teammates can get it early.

Well, that is what our ult does, minus the shielding we give them. Could be useful if your team is constantly in trouble.

Ok, now for my runes!

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3. The added health help us stay alive longer early game. The other ones that build over time are not useful on us, as our items give us so much health this is obsolete, as is the other per level one. This is just to keep us tankier early.

Greater Seal of Evasion x9. Dodging is good! We also get the masteries to increase our dodge, and the mastery that gives us increased movement speed from the dodge.

Greater Glyph of Warding x9. Magic resistance. Obviously this will help our tankiness!

Greater Mark of Resilience x9. Armor. See above

Now for the Mastery Tree!

I only get the ability power ones, just to increase our taunt. Not very much, but since my build only focuses defense, it can't hurt.

This is where most of our points go. Resistance and Hardiness are give ins, more armor and magic resistance to start. Evasion and Nimbleness are for dodging, and added with our runes gives us a good dodge chance. Defensive Mastery just gives us some help tanking minions, so we don't have to wait for our wave to push them back. Harden skin is obvious, helps us survive longer. Veteran's Scars help our immediate survivability, and Tenacity is a give in as well for the tank.

The last ones go into Haste, which helps our Ghost spell. (Note: Don't get Haste if you don't have Ghost) I maxed Good Hands so when we do die, we can get back quicker, and the last to Awareness just because I was out of ideas.

Skill Sequence
Ok, well, I start with a single point in Vorpal Blade, to give us a good ranged attack, and it helps our other champ regain a bit of health. Also very spammable. I then get a point in Feint and Shadow Dash so I have them all available. Personally, I prefer to upgrade Feint as quick as possible, as it gives us great survivability. It is going to be your most used ability by far! Get your ultimate and it's upgrades whenever available. The only time I upgrade Shadow Dash before Feint if if my team are insistent on ganking instead of farming. But definitely get it before bothering with Vorpal Blade upgrades.

The first buy I get is a Cloth Armor, which I build into the Randuins Armor. Randuins is always my first item, as the health is good, and specifically for the slow effect Randuins gives you. I then go for Ninja Tabi's, to get us moving and increase our dodge even more. Next is either a Thornmail if the enemy team are stronger in the physical attack area, or the Force of Nature for those pesky mages. Either way, make Guardian Angel your next item. The ability to come back to life is just amazing on Shen. After that, it's up to you really. I'd say Warmogs if you want to be even tankier. You could also go for a Frozen Mallet, for the slowing effect, which will help your team. Sunfire Cape could be a choice to, but I usually don't get one.

Ok, now for the battle sequence!

Spam Vorpal Blade, let the fellow laner have as many minions as possible, and make sure to save your teammate if necessary. Not much more to say about it. Oh! One thing. Please, KEEP ONE PERSON IN LANE AT ALL TIMES! Try to avoid teleporting at the same time, as it allows the other team to push, and possibly gank top as you lose track of them.

1v1 fights
It is possible to win these, but it's better to try and either keep them from running so your teammates can come from behind, or you can try and lead them into your team. Basically, keep them busy for your team to come in.

Make sure you are first in! If you aren't, hit Feint and then Shadow Dash into the enemies, so they get off your carry. Basically, just keep them on you so your carries can take em out. Spam Feint to keep your hp high. If they run, hit Randuins to slow em, Shadow Dash them, and, if necessary, use Exhaust. Now, keep a close eye on your team. If someone looks to be getting low and your taunt isn't up, tell them to run, and ult whomever they are targeting. By the time you teleport, your Dash will be up, so dash them to ensure your teammate escapes. Obviously try to get away after, but DO NOT allow your team to try and help you! If you die, it's not the worst thing in the world.

A little guide for his ultimate and when to and when not to use it.

To save a teammate during a teamfight.
If your teammate tower dives and gets the kill but won't make it out.
If you are ganked, ult to a teammate safety away, and watch as you disappear.

If your teammate is ganked by all 3. You will probably be to late.
If your teammate is being really stupid. It would be a waste to keep using it if he continues to tower dive.
IF they are at low health, as if they die before you teleport, you will not teleport, and waste it completely.

You are ideal for tanking the turret. If you are able to ace the enemy team, and you have someone whom has decent damage output, go for the turret! Just keep spamming Feint, and the tower should go down in quick order.

One more thing I'd like to share, and this has actually won me a few games. If your team is really down, and they are pushing your tower AND if you have one of their inhibitors down. Otherwise this won't work!

Have one of your teammates designated to stay at base and defend as best they can. BUT TELL THEM TO PLAY SAFE! They can't die! Have the other get into the enemy base, without being seen. This can be accomplished by avoiding the wave and then going in, or, preferably, by having flash and flashing through the wall near the Nexus. While your teammate is infiltrating them, sell ALL YOUR ITEMS! Buy straight attack power with all the sold item gold. When they are either at the nexus wall or just passing into their actual base, Ult to them. Both of you then go directly for the turret, and the Nexus. If timed just right, this will work, and get you a victory from the jaws of defeat. If they get back in time, try and escape, but this will buy you a bit more time, and if they get both of you, the game was about over anyway, so at least you tried! Yes, this is backdooring and people will rage at you for being a noob if it works or not. To all those who get mad about it: TO DAMN BAD. It's a perfectly legitimate strategy.

Anyway, hope you liked my first guide! If you have any suggestions or anything, let me know in the comments =D