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Twitch Build Guide by Ksjawa

Twitch, 2 hit dat squishy!

Twitch, 2 hit dat squishy!

Updated on October 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ksjawa Build Guide By Ksjawa 2,670 Views 0 Comments
2,670 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ksjawa Twitch Build Guide By Ksjawa Updated on October 9, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Early lane play.

Playing twitch mid is basically saying give me all the kills. If your going against a mage, just stay back, last hit, go stealth and harass. Eventually you can wander off into the river bush and pop out back into mid and try to get a kill.

Playing twitch in side lanes is a bit easier, but a bit trickier. After maining twitch for quite a long time, I found that getting kills early game is easy, but I would suggest staying back and farming. Although you could go in and get kills, but make sure your laning partner helps you out, theres a small chance that without your ult you will survive a 2v1.

Finally solo top. What twitch is known for. Easy farm, easy harass, cant be ganked ( That easily). If your stuck on top, stay back and farm, Then harass with your stealth, if you get ganked, Use your stealth and quickly run into the bush. They will have no idea.
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Pros / Cons

Easy harass
Very good farmer
Very good ganker
Easy to get away
A pretty good chaser

Squishy ( Really squishy )
Easily CC'd in fights
Can get counter'd by oracles or pink wards.
Will fail mid-late game if not enough farm or kills.
Not really getting to much lifesteal, meaning thornmail can easily counter a twitch.
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Ranked Play


Choosing twitch dosen't mean you lose, if played right he can destroy any team comp. In a team fight, using his ult will CHEW through everyone.
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Creeping / Jungling

If the enemy has a jungler, you NEED to go stealth, and invade the jungle. As they fall on health attack them and take the blue!

Its worked out for me every time I did it, and I've even gotten a level 1 triple, check da stats.

Twitch jungle? Eh, it's actually pretty good, but you will need some experience with it before actually doing it in a normal/ranked. People will get pissed.

Best reason, is that hes one of THE best gankers in the game.
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Dont be scared to use your ult to farm minions. If you wanna do it more, get a ghostblade.

Taking the jungle after level 6 is easy. Go stealth, wait 10 seconds, and fire! You can take anything in the jungle very fast with your stealth.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Yes
Ghost - Yes
Exhaust - Usually good for new twitch players, but he basically has an exhaust on his e.
Rally - If you wanna be called a troll, sure.
Revive - Really not worth taking
Heal - Its not a bad choice.
Clarity - It will be useless late game, let your support take care of this
Clairvoyance - Let your support take this
Smite - Unless your jungling, dont do it.
Cleanse - If the enemy has a hard CC team, get it!
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My first build!

Yes this is my first build.

Dont be to harsh now I tried my best.

And yes twitch is main A/D champion :)
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Ranked stats

These are my stats of right now.

My image would not work on this, so I had to post a link.

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