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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pussalhoum


pussalhoum Last updated on October 16, 2010
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Hi everyone o/
First of all sorry for my bad english :p

So i'll start with twitch than i'll make other guides for other champs but i need to test some things.

Well twitch if you read the tips he is WEAK on HEALTH it means take alot of damage, cause many ppl think twitch may start a fight and thats WRONG! Twitch job is to appear right after the fight starts so he can help, if he starts a fight he gonna die in a few seconds and no suprise element you have now..

Masterys; This build is for great dmg and to lvl fast, its what you need!
Now skills; you have to balance the skills you want how the game goes on, if you are going great(3kills below lvl 8) its ok u asap on expunge and let the Ulti for later cause you have advantage by now, if not i'll adevice to go for Ulti on lvl 6 could help your team on get the first kills.

The spells i use is Clarity and Exhaust or Ignite for this reasons; With no mana you can't go stealth or do dmg = can't do nothing so this will keep you very active early and mid and later you are always there to help your team and besides that you could restore mana to a alied don't forget that. The second one Exhaust, i know i have slow but see this like an escape ability too!! Remember, your ambush NEEDS 1.25s to make you invisible and if you are taking dmg will take much more time than 1.25s so you do like this -> ambush + exhaust and bye bye xD Atention this only works if your against one champ if you see that you gonna be gank and theres no escape just try to dmg the most one target(but this should NOT happen with twitch).

Now the Items, i have seen many builds like you and try everything. If your geting kills you gonna get money fast so you wanna get AS first priority then AD, the more fast you hit more fast they will die remmeber that ;)

As you can see my items order ill get AS first, one thing if your facing champs with a bit of armor go for last whisper first instead of Zeal or phantom dancer will provide you AS as well and the 40% armor pen + Runes its nice.
If you see that they continue to go for armor after the Last whisper you can buy Black cleaver that gives you a nice AD and the armor pen. After that you buy Phantom and then Infinity or bloodthrister i'll prefer bloodthrister cause its stacks until you die so will give more AD and more lifesteal + 15% malady very good! But Infinity its nice too cause gives crit more phantom and runes its very good too!

I just don't waste money on BloodRazor cause the items to do it don't provide you nothing, only the 40%AS so i just its a waste of money.
UPDATE* Recently i had tryed more builds for the rat and i made a few changes that change my output dmg.
The changes are, you get malady first for the AS + lifesteal and the tinie bonus next to that get bloodrazor, i know i said is waste of money and it is if you wanna go for the build i suggest but if not go for bloodrazor and then last whisper, and 3 items with AD could be Infinity, bloodthirsters or black cleaver if they have heavy tanks.

WHY BLOODRAZOR YOU ASK!? Its simple the FINAL item "bloosrazor" provides what you need and extra armor is welcome but the major thing is the ad + as + bonus! Yes i tryed with this items; Malady,Bloodrazo + (3xBloodthirsters or Infinity + 2xbloodthirsters or Black cleave + x2bloodthirsters or even Infinity + black cleaver + bloodthirster.)*

Conclusion; The rat must help team to gank and gank yourself too that will provide you money to buy what you need and get you one step higher than your opponents.
Any questions or doubts just say ;)