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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dorne

{Twitch} - Aww WTF?

Dorne Last updated on February 3, 2011
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This is the first League of Legends guide I have ever written. I have been playing since September of last year so it is a fairly new game to me, but prior to that I played DotA for maybe 2 years. When I first started playing this game I had a very good look at all the champions that you can play and spent a while ( I mean literally 3 hours.. I like to read ;) ) looking at every spell and passive of them. As soon as I saw twitch I knew I would love the play style - Attack speed increases, poison (my favourite!) a nice big E to finish people off, but there is nothing I like more than stealth. So I spent a very long time, or what seemed like it, collecting 6300 IP and bought my first champ and have loved him since. It is a very unique play style, much different from Evelyn, but with some practice and some pointers, you too can destroy a whole team and rake in the pentakills.

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Pros / Cons

Stealth - makes people s**t themselves when you pop out of nowhere.

Damage - Twitch has some of the highest damage that can be output when built correctly.

Map awareness - There is nothing better than a moving ward that your enemies cannot see.

Mana - With the tips I point out here, mana will never be an issue in a good Twitchs life

High ganking ability - the ability to pop out of nowhere and aid an ally destroy an enemy or just general rapage around the map is very handy.

Fear - as soon as your enemy team sees twitch after picking their characters, they will instantly start dreading the game.

Squishy - Twitch is easily one of the squishiest carries the game has to offer - but if they can't see you, they can't kill you ;)

Slow - with the 'recent' changes between melee and ranged champions, ranged champs have become a lot slower

Oracles/Wards - the bane of twitch and evelyns life but don't fret too much, I will cover that later

Hate - with the aforementioned Fear that will strike your enemies hearts, comes hate. People really dislike this loveable twa.. I mean rat and they have good reason to! Just be aware that when you have 5 kills by mid game that people will be looking for you to get their own back!

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The item build stated above is by no means set in stone and can be (or should be) switched about to fit whatever play style is required of the game at hand.

Get a banshees veil unless you find there are no AP on their team that will disrupt you in anyway (like that ever happens!). Some favour a frozen mallet instead, either way pick your defensive item in accordance with the oppositions team composition

This doesn't just apply to tanks, but if you find any players with high health (it is VERY common amongst casters these days to stack health items such as RoA) then you might find that a madreds razor will help push the damage a little more down their throats. You will find that your current armour pen, which should be ~50 during midgame, is more than enough to fend off tanks until later midgame to late game. If you find you just aren't doing enough damage to tanks or they have high armour stackers (Rammus is a good example) then it would be a good idea to build a madreds as early as possible with the money made from ganking squishies. I have personally only ever found the need for a madreds when the enemy tank has been feeding off a team mate, so just generally follow this item guide and it should be fine.

I only suggest the boots stated above if you are using the build given - this build focuses on gathering as much attack damage as possible so that your Q and boots should provide the attack speed to take players down quickly. If you find the team caster/disable heavy you may consider swapping them out for merc treads, but just see how the game pans out during early game and maybe delay purchasing tier 2 boots till you have a brutaliser.

Vampiric Scepter:
I swear by this item. If I play a physical carry then I always take this item with few exceptions (generally melee). This item will give you the lane staying power early game that you require. If you take the rune build stated then 12% vamp will heal your for ~6-7 hp a shot at the start of the game. This may not seem a lot but it allows you to regen your hp suprisingly fast, faster than most regen items and useful throughout the game.

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Skill Explanations

Q (Ambush) - The reason why people hate twitch. This ability allows you to remain unseen and when you are seen, you start shooting quicker than a frenzied heroin addict. To better understand the use of this skill you must appreciate that if you want a 10 second increase on your attack speed, then you must spend 10 seconds in stealth. I find that if I am walking across lanes popping the skill prematurely to getting to my destination will give you the full buff duration for when you arrive at your unfortunate victim.

W (Debilitating Poison) - I generally find this skill to be the worst in twitchs arsenal. Sure it helps get you that kill a few times.. but at lower levels people should be dead before they get a chance to run towards a tower. I generally delay this skill till I have 2-3 points in stealth just so I know that I have enough time to move about before ganks.

E (Expunge)[/u] - Oooh how I love this skill! F**K! that guy got away! Or did he? >:) mwuahaha.. if that little git has 300-600 hp and he managed to blink to his tower, pop it. Bam that suckers gonna eat the dirt. Also this makes for a great kill stealing kill (lets face it guys we're the carry, we deserve the kills) to make sure you farm as much gold as possible. not only does this make a great finisher but in conjunction with his ultimate it tears teams apart. This skill is also amazing for killing golem and dragon during mid game - it hits around 600+ damage with 6 stacks of poison on the enemy, so don't be afraid to use it.

R (Spray and Pray) - I'd like to say there is just one skill that defines twitch but there really isn't - but this is definitely what will make you the deadliest character on the field. Between decent positioning and excellent timing of your E, this will make you the pentakill king. People say that fiddlesticks has this niche covered but I beg to differ, if you can master lining a whole team up (I will explain some scenarios in game play later) then this will turn the tide. Those who have played twitch before a few patches ago will realise this ultimate got "nerfed" but I believe that max ranked that you probably find it shoots as many times as it ever has (although I do miss having 2.5 attack speed without having to buy 2 phantom dancers).

Passive (Deadly Venom) - This skill may seem a little under powered but it is actually amazing during early and mid game and I will explain why during play style.

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Pretty self explanatory, this isn't so much as personal preference as it is to actually making calculated decisions about what is best to take. If you want to learn a bit more about what makes a good rune choice check out this guide: Your text to link here...
I take standard physical carry 22/0/8 making sure that I take Archaic Knowledge. The reason I drop 1 damage and take this is simple - Expunge. Its more of a placebo then anything else but the amount of times that people can only just get way is very close, during mid game I get approx 6 hits into a character before they can make it back to a turret, so between a small % increase to the damage of expunge and 6 damage, I'd find somehow that expunge will exceed this damage.. of course you don't have to take my word for it so please pick whichever you feel you like to take.

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Summoner Spells


I won't regurgitate what everyone else says in their guides - you are smart people, you can figure why each skill is good for the corresponding champion but I generally find these 3 to be the best picks, why you might ask? I'll explain:

Not only can all 3 be improved (all the points are in easy to reach places along the tree path currently followed, although imp. ignite is a waste of time imo) but they will enhance killing power, which is what twitch ultimately needs.

Others to consider are Teleport and Flash

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How to Play Twitch

So you want to know how to play Twitch? Well there are MANY aspects of his play style to consider, and I will try to break it down in order of importance:

This is something that I consider to be of the single most importance. If you havent got effects on full then I suggest doing so to make sure you can see the pink eye (thh) above peoples heads. Wards are simple - if someones slapped a ward down in your lane and you know it has truesight, ask to switch lanes or completely avoid it, doing that will mean they just wasted 125 gold on trying to stop you and they don't last long. Oracles is a far bigger problem however, it requires you to kill whomever has it. This is where team play has a huge impact on how you deal with it, if you want to be as effective as possible you want the enemy team to have no idea you are about to pounce on them. There are two scenarios for oracles:

If a squishy has taken an oracles, rejoice! They are easy to kill on your own and by the time they can see you, it's too late. Pop ghost (doesn't break stealth) run at them, exhaust and shoot the **** out of them then expunge and your problem will go away. I can't really elaborate more than that because thats how simple it gets.. if you find they are tricky to catch (ryze/lux/zilean) then you may consider getting a team mate with a disable to help you quickly dispatch of them.

If a tank has taken the oracles this can be far trickier and is more than likely to happen. This WILL require another team mate with slows and disables to help you get rid of them, exceptions being you are very nicely fed and can easily kill that garen before he can run home crying to his tower. Seriously get your team mates to help you.. if you can that that can be a 500+gold advantage to your team and you will find that people are more than willing to help you out. If they don't then just try to avoid these players. During team fights if a player has oracles then just avoid the fight for as long as possible and approach the fight from a safe angle (with the other ranged behind your tank) and make sure you focus squishies before the tank with the oracles, no one likes a selfish Twitch!

The best bit about playing Twitch is his unmatched ability to gank. Against good teams this will be trickier because they will call mia and unsuspecting people will quickly fall back to their towers before you get a chance to beat them up. Once you have left your lane however and you think they have called mia, it is a great chance to catch your lane opponent unaware of the impeding danger, simply revert the gank onto him if he thinks you have left your lane to gank another lane. Be as intuative as you possibly can, think carefully about the player you are about to attempt to kill, look at their stats, summoner skills, whether or not they have used their ultimate - the main aim is to get a kill and to not get killed. Always keep an eye out on other lanes because more often than not you are missing out on possible kills and this will slow you down ultimately.

Staying hidden:
The whole game doesn't revolve around sticking to one lane in 99% of games. This means that once you have taken your lanes tower, don't stay in that lane - you want to be all over the place and making sure that the other towers come down just as fast which means killing as many players on the map as possible. If you are moving around the map try to stay in stealth, as you can see in the skill build you should have maxed stealth by level 10-12 so it isn't as tricky as it sounds. General tips involve; when moving across a lane with minions in, make sure you are stealthed, if you are moving around the jungle make sure you are stealthed, if you want to kill lizard/golem, check the area and all MIA, grab it, and stealth - always stay stealthed! You will see for yourself how much ganking potential doing this opens up to you, or on the flipside you will see how defensive the enemy team gets which means if they have 3-5 players defending top, you can push bottom and take 2nd tower before they even get a chance to get to mid lane. Keeping an eye on how much time you have left on stealth is imperative. If you are running low duck into a brush, take it off early, wait 10 seconds and get back out there.

Spray and Prey (yeah that's an e):
The key to using this effectively is all about timing and positioning:

Timing - Always wait for the opportune moment to strike. It's difficult to describe when to reveal yourself but always make sure you hit R before you right click because it has a cast animation before you start attacking. Some good scenarios are when galio uses his ult, amumu, nunu etc etc - just wait for times when you know the enemy aren't going to be thinking about getting hammered by you and are too focused on trying to kill that 10% hp nasus. You have to remember though that timing goes hand in hand with..

Positioning - These is far easier than it sounds, use your eyes and move into the spot in which you think you are going to start hitting as many players as you can, sometimes this will only be 2 people but more often than not that is enough, just never NEVER open up with it until you know you are in a good spot.

I talked about good scenarios for using it earlier and they involve times when a team mate is being chased by 2+ people and are running directly behind - pop your ult, shoot 2 times, press W, keep shooting and when you run out of stacks press E immediately - this will deal heavy heavy damage to them and can score you a pentakill if you are lucky enough! Just follow these simple rules and you will turn the tide of any battle.

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Early Game

Early game for twitch can be a nightmare or it can be blissful. I personally always take middle - I don't like side lanes because I don't trust other people as well as I trust myself. Sometimes however I admit that there are some champions that just dominate (usually just Mordekaiser for me.. it's different for everyone though).

As with every champion keeping a balance between harassment and last hitting is of utmost importance. When you first enter your lane and you see the minions coming to your tower, pop Q and run with them. As soon as you see your enemy start shooting and pop exhaust, this will allow you to get 4-5 hits in which will 90% of the time force your team mate to tower hug for a bit and drink a potion. If they are stupid enough to stay there kill them and start auto attacking minions - I don't normally recommend this but you will require the health regen from your vamp scepter to stay in the lane (presuming they shot you back of course).

Once the player has returned to your lane, focus on last hitting rather then harassing, but make sure you keep your opponent on their toes and around 70-80% health - bear in mind though that twitch has poor harassment whilst he is not stealthed.

Once you hit level 4 its time to get your first kill and this is how I generally do it; push the minion wave so that the enemy cannot fend it off, once you see the last minion about to die, position yourself so that when the wave pushes back and you stand still, he cannot see what you are about to do. as soon as you know he cant see you, hit Q and move to the wall near his side of the lane. when stealth is nearly off cooldown start attacking him and after 2 shots use W and continue shooting, when they get just out of range use expunge. If you are playing against a squishy mid (they generally are) then you should have your first kill (or 2nd if you did well at the start) continue laning till level 6.

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Mid Game

Mid game comes at level 6 when you get your ultimate. I generally teleport back and grab boots/brutalizer by this stage just to make life a little easier. At this stage you should be ganking other peoples lanes UNLESS your tower has been pushed and they are beating on it - in which case they will regret tapping your tower and will become prey for an easy kill. Try to not stay in one spot during mid game and always look for possible ganks - even if this means telling another player to come and defend middle. Focus on getting kills instead of farming minions and you will get gold faster than your opponents doing so. Late game starts when you have your BF sword and possibly ghostblade.

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Late Game

This is where twitch really comes into play, during team fights your are the main deterrent for the enemy team to move away from their tower because they know you're going to pop out and ultimate them at some point, and if they spend too much time hugging a tower, just go and push another lane and get another tower, if they come to stop you stealth and go back to your team mates and kill that tower, its win win. By this point in the game the enemy has either /surrendered or you have pretty much won anyway so there isn't a whole lot to say really.

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To summarise this massive wall of text I'd just like to say thanks for reading it all. I am open to suggestions, write down your own builds and why you think they work etc and don't down vote just because you think my builds ****. Keep practising because there is no better substitute for experience, believe me I sucked when I first started at twitch - contrary to popular belief he isn't as easy to play as many would like you to believe. Good luck, and may the pentakills roll in!