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League of Legends Build Guide Author Iking

Twitch Dominating Item Build

Iking Last updated on January 15, 2010
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Twitch Build

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Item Builds

First Buy a Rejuvenation Bead and faerie Charm and 1 Healing Bottle
After Earning some Cash Buy a Berserkers Greaves
Then Copmplete the TIAMAT, this will help u earn more gold and the Splash damage complements well with SPray and Pray

Then Go for either Wits End or Last Whisper
depends on what u need first But those 2 will add up another attack Speed Percentage. Remember your main asset here is the Attack Speed and poison stack.

After those four Items, i expect u to have some kills there, by the way after level 6 start ganking around.

Then You need the Frozen Mallet for extra Damage and some slow stack and survivability reasons. twitch is fragile so we need that.

then earn more gold for phantom dancer for added Critical and Attack Damage

I've used this Item Build and ended up Legendary in almost all of my games
i even got 32-0 score in one of my games.

Skill Order

2 Expunge and 2 Debilitating Poison first
at level 5 - ambush
then Spray and Pray at 6

we don't need ambush at early rounds simply because twitch is fragile specially if your against Tanks and Casters, specially when ur soloing lane. its good to have it first if your with a team. to gank early.

why Debilitating Poison? well, u need this specially when ur harassing someone while stacking poison before u use Expunge. Remember, activating Debilitating Poison will not only slow your target but it will also multiplies the poison it has for some percentage.

I use debilitating Poison specially when my tower gets its focus on the enemy.

after that u can gank all the way!!!

Stack Expunge first because this is the most useful skill for twitch.

Specially when last hitting Heroes!!

Killing Strategy
--- Hide wait for at least 10 seconds before attacking, this will enhance your attack speed, then attack, attack, attack, attack,
--- if the target is starting to get away then activate debilitating poison, then attack again while in range,
--- after that assuming theres plenty of stacked poison on the enemy's body
then EXPUNGE for ur Last Hit.

Best way to use SPRAY and PRAy

---- against tower
---- if a group of enemy is heading a tower, u might look for a perfect angle where u can affect all of them with your Spray. remember if they are close to each other, there will be a devastating effect when using Spray if u have TIAMAT simply because of its Splash Damage.
---- Then activate Debilitating poison again before using Expunge and it GG
---- I used this strategy on some games and ended up having QUAD KILLS
---- if they've got many tanks on their team then u still can do ur part by taking a big percentage on their HP's. while ur teammate attacks them.

I hope that helps!

sorry for my bad english!!!