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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cryoquake

Twitch - Fatality! {UPDATED REGULARLY}

Cryoquake Last updated on July 7, 2010
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This is my first build, so keep with me. This is a build on Twitch, that bloody rat!

First, I'll quickly go through his skills.

Passive - Deadly Venom. This skill does a small amount of poison damage (2/4/6) and is the main base of his Debilitating Poison (W) and Expunge (E). (6 Stacks Maximum)

(Q) - Ambush - Ambush is what Twitch uses to be an epic ganker, his stealth. This allows him to quickly get around the map without being seen and then, when the time is right attack. When he attacks, he also gets an attack speed boost for how ever long he was in Stealth, don't abuse and overuse this, but it is a great skill.

(W) - Debilitating Poison - A great AOE slow, the more stacks of his passive, the slower the enemy goes.

(E) - Expunge - A nice damaging skill, the range on this is great, allowing twitch to stay safe when the enemy is on low health with stacks of his passive poison, and still get a kill.

(R) - Spray And Pray - This makes Twitch into a DPS Machine, he gets a great attack speed boost on a relatively low cooldown ultimate, all his bolts also go through everyone in the road of them, which allow some easy kills creep-wise and penta-kills. But watch out, there is a downside to using this skill on one enemy, if he/she moves it becomes increasingly hard to fire at them.

Summoner Spells - I always prefer to use exhaust as a secondary slow if need be, especially when against a yi or a fast attacking DPS, since it also has that blind which can aid in a team fight.

Ignite was the next, because of the extra added damage, I prefer it but Flash is being removed soon, so Ghost is a nice idea if need be.

Runes - I went for critical strike damage and attack speed, because late game with the amount of crit chance you will have, the critical strike is just a great bonus and attack speed speaks for itself.

Skills - Because I use exhaust I neglected to put in debilitating poison at the start, Twitch really doesn't need it till end-game, he's a ganker.

Summoner Spells - I'd say that Exhaust and Ignite is the best combo for a Twitch, though alternatives could be:

Teleport - If you feel you aren't too adept with playing a Twitch, Teleport can be quite useful to port back home then quickly teleport back.

Heal - Not useful for a Twitch once you become good with him, but if you are having trouble Heal is a good option.

My item build is quite simple, start with a vampiric scepter and choose your lane, I usually go mid if I can. This allows you to stay in your lane for a lot longer and aids you in your first item; malady. Next, boots of mobility. These are a godsend for ganking as you can move swiftly through the battlefield. Next, I chose Last Whisper. The armor penetration on this just can't go to waste, along with the 10 Attack Damage and the 40% attack speed, it aids a lot in wasting your opponents down. I next, chose The Black Cleaver for its Attack Damage and again, more Armor Penetration! Then we have Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer which do speak for themselves, insanely large amounts of crits and crit damage will allow Twitch to mow down most enemies without a care in the world.


Mid - Laning in mid on a Twitch is very good with Twitch, just stick a point into Ambush to check out who you are up against prior to minions spawning to develop a game plan. Play safe, no matter who you're against unless they are a complete noob. Try and harass safely, but if you can't do it without harming yourself a lot, don't. The reason I use Vampiric Scepter is to gain some of that health back if you lose some. Once you hit 6, chuck a point into your ult and prepare to harass hard. You want to try and get as much health down as possible without draining a lot of mana of your own. When you feel competent that you can take them down, move back and allow for them to push up to your tower. Then go AMBUSH > IGNITE > SPRAY AND PRAY > (When they begin to move) EXHAUST > EXPUNGE (To do the last damage).

This is usually a kill for me, its not too hard. Now, keep doing that until you reach mid-game, when team fights begin. This is when things get a little harder, as a Twitch PLACEMENT IS EVERYTHING. You can burst people down, but you can't just initiate a team fight. The best idea is to wait for the tank, or who ever is initiating to do so. Then wait for the enemy to begin focusing, pop out from the side of them but STILL keep near your team. Only pop out from behind if you feel they are on low enough health to be killed without harming you. Also, GANK when ever possible. Equipped with Boots of Mobility, Twitch becomes a killer! You can run around the map steathed, then pop out and decimate any opponent in your path.

Twitch isn't a hard champion to use, but he's harder to master. Just keep up with it and you'll be getting kills out the whaz00!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy. I do update my guides regularly and I will be creating more soon, so enjoy!


[8th of July 2010] Runes were updated, now instead of Attack Speed/Crit Dmg, has been changed with Attack Speed/Armor Penetration. Guide also updated.