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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bullshifftt

Twitch - Gankster Rat

Bullshifftt Last updated on November 13, 2010
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Well, for Twitch this is definitely a more squishy build then others. Why? Because if you are pro you usually dont need a ton of survivability as twitch. Stay stealthed while you are farming xp if you are low, gank enough and make money to get items quick. This is for solo laning. I dont completely recommend doing this while laning with others.

Why did i skip SnP until level 11? it's simple. It is not worth the point until then. Well now you are saying you are stupid you get way more range and shoot way more faster it's better for kills. This is true.. but if you are running around ambush and pop out and get a couple stacks of deadly, slow.. then expunge at as much stacks as you can get before they run outta range.. that's a gg nuke.
You also need that slow to atleast 4 seconds, aside from running away yourself. it makes it so while ganking, people cant run away when you kill them. i dont even recommend using spray and pray until level 12. because it really isnt a ton of help until then.. unless it's jsut for that last shot to finish someone off, it just isnt viable imho.
As far as Ambush first, that is honestly just for a little more survivability in the beginning, expunge is just as viable and it usually depends on who i think i am facing mid as to which i choose.

Rune Build

All crit? you're crazy!.... No, i'm not.. well i kinda am but that's beside the point. when you start off at low lvls, your crits can be devastating. 4 shots, is 4 deadly's, plus that expunge, and the possible crit or 2 in those 4 shots = a kill right off the bat. how much you shoot with ambush end game and the amount of crits you have makes things die A LOT faster. :)


Start off with the lifesteal so if you get a little low you can just chill stay outta range and shoot some minions get abck to full. a health pot and boots works cool too, it's pure preference.
once you get your bloodthirst it depends on what you are facing to decide what to get next imho. if you ahve a lot of tanks, or enemies with a lot of health//damage i would go with The Black Cleaver if not, Infinity Edge is your best bet.

As far as early game is concerned. i recommend playing defensively. As preciously stated, this is a more squishy build. If someone is playing stupid, then i mean go shown him how getting ganked feels like. get behind him with "Ambush" get about 3 shots on him, when he starts running away pop "Debilitating Poison" then a couple more auto shots, and "Expunge" at a low lvl can do up to half a champions health. GG
Mid-game, you need to be watching the map at all times. You cannot get ganked, as you are squishy and need to carry, not die.. some people fail at calling MIA's dont let them affect your gameplay. Also be watching for people getting ballsy and pushing. you need to be ganking as much as possible, doing this alone will win the game because people will get behind in levels and you will push towers quickly. just make sure you are popping out of ambush where you will not be 4 shot by 2 champions at once. but you can still get atleast one kill. never pop up ontop of anybody, you need to stay max range whether it is to the side where you can run or behind them.
Late-game, stay with your team, and make sure you are focus firing their squishy's. you alone can completely change a team fight. you need to aim your SnP to where youa re stacking ona s much champions as possible. pop DP when they have a good amount of stacks and once you see a lot low pop expunge and watch them die. again do not pop out close enough where people can kill you. you are very squishy. play smart.

Always remember, you are not a rogue, twitch is too squishy, play with your team. dont run around and try and solo everyone.

Would love comments, this is my first guide :)