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Twitch Build Guide by Deathadder

Twitch, guide/build

Twitch, guide/build

Updated on May 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathadder Build Guide By Deathadder 4,829 Views 0 Comments
4,829 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathadder Twitch Build Guide By Deathadder Updated on May 24, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hello every one!

Its been a long time since I bought Twitchy...

If U wanna start playing twitch, and don`t know how.., ill try to help you!
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RUNES FIRST: 9x Armor pen. marks
9x Attack speed seals
9x Attack speed gliphs
3x Armor pen. quintessences

Quints + Marks= TRUE damage to lvl 1 champs like ashe, shen, veigar, shaco and others(almost every one)

Seals + Gliphs= Nice attack speed boost in early game, since Twitches AS is slow in start, some mages have more attack speed in first lvl.
So that`s why U take AS and Armor pen.
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Well twitch is a carry and dps, so you take that sequence of masteries, he is also squishy as hell so that`s why take armor and extra HP...
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Well, buying infinity is Imperative!

Boots of mobility are solid choice bcs. you will spen most time in stealth and ganking other players.

Trinity force is very good choice bcs it gives movement speed boost(stacks with phantom and shoes), it also provides more damage when someone survives Expunge on 150 HP, because of sheen dmg boost! Also provides slow every 4th attack, its all the time because you will have 2.2 attack speed late game.

Phantom dancer is good because it gives critical chance and attack speed, also gives a gr8 burst of movement speed, ideal item for Twitch!

Madreds is great choice for every carry, it gives magical damage every hit you do in enemy, gives attack speed, and is ANTI-TANK item, combined with ulty it will exterminate any tank/non-tank in matter of seconds!, gives damage also(yippee!)

Black cleaver gives damage, attack speed, and armor reduction! Anti-tank item also, but it help to do true damage with basic attack against minions/mages/monsters.
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Skill Sequence

Why expunge first? Its my choice because it deals 150 damage on lvl 1(when has 6 stacks on deadly venom, ofc).

Ambush second, because you are squishy and you will have to gank mid asap(just to get free kill)
you are also fragile so if you are running it will help too!

Debilitating poison on lvl 3, just because of ganking, or chasing those cowards, BECAUSE LUCK IS NO EXCUSE!

Ultimate ability, only because it is ultimate! More dmg, more range(for 5/6/7 shots ofc)
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Summoner Spells

Flash is gr8 for escaping chasers(combined with ambush it gives free out-of-jail ticket)

Ignite, it stacks with your passive, also deals TRUE damage(so as your passive) and it makes ppl cry when they know that there is no luck that will help vs Twitch with ignite!
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Unique Skills

Deadly venom- True damage passive dot! It deals 360 dmg on lvl 18(when on 6 stacks) it also cannot be clensed/oranged! Because luck is no excuse!

Stealth- excellent advantage vs any one who is stupid enough not to buy oracle elixir!

Debilitating poison- gr8 slow advantage vs ppl with ghost ability/running cowards like talon when runs in ulty(it slows invisible too), or even more perfect to start attacking weak enemy(when recalling on 600 HP or less)

Spray and pray- huge damage burst, penetrating shots, it makes flash useless, it just passes thru everything, minions/walls/champs/anivia`s wall/trundle`s pile of ****!
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Stay in back and last hit every possible minion, you have armor pen so you deal true dmg on minions.

Harass enemy with 2 shots in a row, shot em twice and run. it will apply 2 stacks of passive and do about 150 damage on lvl 3...
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Team Work

Having a disabler in lane with twitch is a great idea, it allows to apply 6 stacks of venom and get a free kill in 98% of situations.

Janna for example is gr8 with twitch bcs of dmg boost, and 2 disables.
Taric and soraka too! Don`t forget sona, she is gr8 too!
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Creeping / Jungling

When desperate and need some extra xp and gold go farm some monster camps! it allows some Xp and lil bit of gold, but helps a lot!
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Pros / Cons

Pros- You are a Rat!
You have stealth!
You have ulty that can crit!
You have slow, and nuke for runners!

Cons- You are extremely squishy!
You are dead if disabled!
Since you smell horrible Lee sin will have no trouble finding you! =)
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Ranked Play

Twitch is not good for ranked play bcs as i told you if you are disabled you are dead! And in ranked the will have at least 2-4 disables + exhaust is will be about 5-8 disables! Support on ranked always buys elixir and vision wards! So your stealth will do no good!
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Have fun playing twitch

I hope this was helpful, if not pls comment and tell me what to correct.

If you don`t like it only bcs of bad grammar(if there is any then there is no help for you)

Every one have fun, be polite, and don`t rage quit bcs it ruins ppl`s fun!
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