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League of Legends Build Guide Author killsdazombies

Twitch: Hes not getting up...

killsdazombies Last updated on April 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twitch is one of the meanest, and fun champions i have ever played. An enemy turns his back, leaving a gank his team just pulled, hes got around 400 hp and hes lucky to be alive, as he walks into a bush and recalls, twitch pops out kills him and runs before his teammates can find him. Twitch is constantly MIA and very hard to keep track of, pulling ganks left and right and in the end, pulling off insane double and triple kills.

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The runes i chose are very adjustable, you can swap armor pen for damage, cooldown reduction for mana regain (hes pretty low on mana). Hes a versatile champion and can be used many ways.

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Pros / Cons

Fast and easy kills.
Lots of last hits.
People fear you!
You become OP
You can have a great kill death ratio

People buy oracle to find you.
Armor is mean if you don't bring marks for armor pen.
You become focused.

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This, is a little more concrete. His masteries are very important to him. They help him early and late game, and the attack speed increase is a gift from god, yet they can be changed to 9/0/21 for a bit more XP and mana regain.

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The order to buy your items is a bit off, so this should be read.

At the start buy a dagger, and build berzerker greaves, they help getaway early and the attack speed is nice.
Next build malady, its really helpful with expunge, because it lowers magic resistance to near zero, so you do the most damage possible.
Heres where it gets off. Build divine sword, the attack speed and damage every 4th attack is a gift from god, yet not needed late game.
Now you build madreds bloodrazor. Its very helpful on tanks and squishes alike, you can build this or Black cleaver first.
Now build the opposite of what you just build, (if u built bloodrazor, get black cleaver and vice versa)
Now your a force to fear, your next items should come very quickly, build two blood thirsters and you just won the game.

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Skill Sequence

This is fairly important, yet is debatable, but ambush helps for early ganks, to check bushes. Yet early game you really only need one point in it. expunge can get alot of last hits at turrets, so that should be pumped to the max, then its just picking between slow and ambush, yet i would highly recommend ambush

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Team Work

Early to mid game teamwork is VERY important. while you may get many last hits (and your team may hate you for it) you can lead your team to victory.
Level 1-6
This is when your the weakest. Your pretty much dead if the enemies focus you in a first blood gank, as twitch, you want to ambush behind your teammates and when the enemies come out (thinking they have the upperhand) destroy them all. The early gold is very helpful and basically gives you a pair of boots.
Level 7-14
You still should not be soloing. Its really not advised and, against a good team, your dead. Yet if you get your tank to assist you or even another ranger like ashe, your good to go. ambush and open fire with your attack speed (most likely) at 2.5
Level 15-18
Every enemy by now should have bought oracle, your destroying them. After you finish your items you can walk into the enemy base and get kills while being ganked, just be sure not to get over confident and farm minions at low hp (for the life steal and the blood thirster bonuses)

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Unique Skills

Twitch is one of my favorite champs, just because of his ability to assassinate an enemy, and get away before they notice hes dead. Your expunge and slow are very help full in team fights, especially in combination with your ult, you can easily get triple and quad kills if you line up your ult and expunge. On top of that you have ambush, which lets you scout out enemy areas for your team and if you happen to find a lone caster, the increase to attack speed you get from leaving ambush will raise it to a nice 2.5 and a dead caster.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and exhaust are my favorite summoner spells for twitch. I recommend them. Here however is a list of all the spells in order of most recommended to least.

Ghost: A fast getaway or a quick ambush, either way it really helps.

Exhaust: While in ambush casting this will mean that the enemy wont be leaving anytime soon.

Flash: I guess its a nice alternative to ghost, either way you want one or the other.

Heal: While in fight it could give you the win or help you getaway, yet late game you don't really need it.

Clarity: Twitch has a low amount of mana, so this makes sense, yet once again, not really needed late game.

Teleport: Although nice, if your minions are there your probably not needed, and its very obvious when you do teleport.

Revive: I guess if your constantly dieing its nice, but i don't really see the point.

Ignite: You don't need it late game, because your poison is better, and early game its a waste of a spell.

Cleanse: Once again, a waste of a spell.

Fortify: Why would you need this?

Clairvoyance: No.

Smite: its really only for junglers.

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Creeping / Jungling

One of the best buffs for twitch to get is red buff, the slowing effect and the damage over time allows you to overpower many champions, at a rather comfortable distance. If you use ambush nonstop blue buff is also great, yet late game you shouldn't be that dire in need for mana, but if your not done with your build its free gold. Hes really very good for jungling because of his expunge, but i don't recommend completely jungling, because its a waste of twitches abilities.

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All in all, twitch is an easy champion to play well, but with a the difference between a good twitch and a great one is about 20 kills. With this guide you can do extremely well in 3v3, if your team doesn't try to kill you. However I recommend you try to play him whens hes free, rather then waste money on a champ you dislike. Good luck with this build and enjoy. If you have any suggestions just post them in the comments below. thanks.