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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ðeadrights

Twitch - Killing them softly

Ðeadrights Last updated on April 22, 2011
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So this is my first build so it will be short and sweet. Twitch is an amazing champion if you want to surprise an enemy, slow him down, and then destroy his entire team if they try to save him. He is definately not a tank, he can be beaten if you are caught off guard but ill explain how to get away from just about any situation. His range with Spray 'n Pray is the best ult a ranged champion could ever have, it out ranges the towers and stacked with your slow, frozen mallet, and infinity blade you can potentially get pentakills all day long. So here it goes enjoy!

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Skill Sequence

First off the skill sequence can seem weird to new players, allow me to explain. So you think ambush at level one is not the best choice? Think of it like this if your middle lane you will scare the hell out of your opponent when right off the bat you surprise him with rapid fire and almost half his health gone before he can react. Also your poison stacked up at level one can do about one forth of any other champions health at level one. The first thing you want to max however is your expunge, this coupled with some attack speed items is your bread and butter. You ambush for ten seconds to get the max buff pop out hit them six times with your normal attack and fire expunge and watch the bodies drop. At level six you always grab your ultimate no matter who you are. With twitch this is even more of a requirement. This skill will let you hit champions out of range of towers when they try to recall, let you take out towers without needing minions, and desolate an entire team in the blink of an eye. Finally at level eight youll get your first point into Debilitating Poison. This may seem strange but at lower levels you dont generate enough damage per second for this to be viable until you get some gold an kills under your belt.

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Runes are simple armor pen = hitting harder right out of the box.
Evasion for safety, this will help new twitch users to make a mistake or two and now get destroyed.
Magic pen so your Expunge and Spray 'n Pray always hits it best.
Finally more armor pen just for good measure, so you will always hit hard.

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Masteries are always debatable depending on play style. I go with more in offense than most people just because your squishy and you want to scare your enemy so he runs instead of jumping up in your face and going toe-to-toe.

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Always start with dorans blade. It will get you those early kills so you can get ahead and stay there. Since AS gets your expunge up higher I go with Berserker's Greaves and life steal is a must with Twitch so I get Wiggles Lantern for some life steal and a free ward which always helps if your faced with a teemo or another twitch. Next you want some damage with Infinity Blade and AS and damage with Madreds. You want Banshees and Frozen mallet for survivability and more slow.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are a must, sure you can use ignite and get another dot or teleport and be more mobile but what happens when the ganker gets ganked? Cleanse the slow, taunt, ect ect and the flash out and ambush away ftw.

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Pros / Cons


    Insane mid
    Best ganker
    Hits everyone like a truck
    Runs the game like a boss
    Takes skill since the nerfs
    requires patience
    Will get focused and C/C'd as soon as you appear

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Creeping / Jungling

Since I need to put in twelve hundred more characters for this guide to be complete i will add this section just for tips and tricks.

You will start out hitting creeps hard and only get harder from there. By the end of the game you will be one shotting the creeps even without all the runes and the masteries. Your criticals will happen almost 50% of the time, or it will seem like it at least. As fast as you will be shooting they enemies wont have time to hit you. You can solo dragon at level thirteen for the gold and easy experience since by this point you will have wiggles lantern you will basically drain tank him, remember expunge hurts creeps to. Also red and blue auras are never a bad idea since red will stack with your other effects and blue will always ensure that you will have mana for the fights that last a little longer than expected.

Since wiggles gives you a free ward place it near baron every chance you get to ensure that the opposing team doesnt steal the buff and come smashing into your base unannounced.

Alright now i am down to two hundred characters and im scrapping for info. But luckily there are a few more things to remember when using twitch. You may not always be able to afford the perfect six items i use but you should always have some combination of items resulting in the following mix:

1) Mobility item (boots)
2) Attack Speed item
3) Damage item
4) Second attack Speed/damage item
5) Survivability
6) Survivability

The survivability item can be substituted for another damage item if your team is good and your doing pretty good by the late game and can afford to play more aggressive.

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Well guys this concludes my Twitch guide/build it has never failed me and it will always make people rage quit or love you. I have never lost a game with this build (excluding those times when you just have a bad team) but with this build you can usually make up for noobs. It takes a little skill and patience so dont expect to just jump in and destroy everyone, but if your willing to practice and get good you will be unstoppable. So this is my like I said my first build, any feedback is good feedback so lets have it.