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Twitch Build Guide by pumpkinnyan

Twitch - late game what late game

Twitch - late game what late game

Updated on November 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pumpkinnyan Build Guide By pumpkinnyan 6,587 Views 2 Comments
6,587 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pumpkinnyan Twitch Build Guide By pumpkinnyan Updated on November 8, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



So HELLO Mobafire community i come to bring you a twitch build. now you are thinking what makes this build different from any other twitch build. well this build focuses on attack speed and critical hits. Now again youre thinking what makes this one different becuse all twitch builds do the same thing. Again this is ATTACK SPEED (emphasis on attack speed) and CRITICAL CHANCE (emphasis on crit. chance). this build is more for a pusher and carry twitch and less focus on kills. although you can still use this build for kills it works just as well its just truly not meant for that. this build also works great with master yi. SO the jist with this is to create really short games by being able to push hard and fast. so what i do is build attack speed to take down turrets and enemies quickly. Now youre thinking i have all these crit runes well thats also for other enemies because like i said you can also kill alot with this. With this build i garuntee if you play right your games at ahortest will be 15 mins. and at longest 40 mins. I have had great success with this build both kill-wise and victory-wise. Also if you feel once you get your wriggles lantern you dont have to get another scepter and dagger you could get say a infinities edge for more crits. or another phantom dancer thats all up to you and how you're doing. Also Something i forgot to mention which im adding now is the fact that all the builds i usually see require you to follow the build exactly kind of like the highest rated twitch build out there, well this is not one of those builds. dont get me wrong im not sayin totally disregard everything im telling you to get but what im sayin is use this more as a guide and maybe start with these items and then get something so like a guide basically. I may mention more about his in the items section depending if i have to say anymore.
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This part is obviously about the runes i have you pick. So the runes i picked are half attack speed and half critical chance. this is because you need the attack speed for the pushing and the crits for killing as mentioned above this can be both.
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The masteries i have you pick are based again mostly on attack speed and crit chance. but in there, there are a couple of armor penetration and damage masteries which are really important. Also one masteries in particular is offensive mastery it deals 2/4 more damage to minions which you will need because this is kind of a high money build but in the end it pays off. Also in the utility there i think is more mana regen and health regen you will need it as twitch and also there is faster spawn time to get back in the game faster.
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The items are mostly based on attack speed. here and there this is a bit of life steal which helps if you're trying to take down other champions. Also again i said once you get your wriggles lantern you can build say another phantom dancer or an infinities edge that's up to you. also the items i tell you to get in this build are only a guide you DON'T have to follow this build EXACTLY, like most other builds have you do. this is a basic guide on how you should build it for the play style (this mostly regards the items which is why i mentioning it here).
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Skill sequence and summoner spells

skill sequence is a pretty basic skill build not much said there. but the spells are important i chose heal because you will need it throughout this battle since you are not building health or armor (although you have the life steal but its at the very end of the build). I also chose teleport because for this build you will need to be back in the action and flash just will not cut it.
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Pros / Cons

-High attack speed
-push build (hard push)
-high crit. chance
-good at harassing

-Low Health
-Low mana
-very squishy
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Team Work

This build works very well with master yi. im not saying you have to lane with him but you can have him in your game because if he is a good yi he should be building attack speed and he can easily help you push. He can also help you if you need the help.
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My only trick for farming is to use ambush then attack minions with the extra attack speed while you have it. Expunge should not be waste on MINIONS!!!
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Creeping / Jungling

This Build could be used for jungling as with the high attack speed and the critical chance. this is best at about 10 to 15 minutes in when you can easily take down the golems no problem there. Also it would be good to get blue and red buff because of how the red buff slows down your enemys on physical attacks (although you don't necessarily need it because of debilitating poison but i have found it useful in the past). Also blue buff is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. its that important because of how useful it is with the low mana this helps regain a good percentage of it back within a short time. Also around 15 to 30 mins (if the game last that long) you can easily take down the dragon yourself.
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Good against and Weak against

this section is based against what champions this build is good and bad against (i know it seems a bit obvious but for some people it needs to be pointed out). This build works against a lot of characters even the really fat ones because of ambush (again needs to be pointed out ambush - after 1.25 seconds stealth for 10/20/30/40/50 seconds) you can easily get away this also helps for harassing the other team. The only champions i found this doesn't work against is fiddlesticks because of his drain and his dark wind(<- silences) and it doesn't work against characters like Warwick because of his stun ability (and also his reveal ability but that's a more character specific one that doesn't apply to all characters). This works OK against tanks just because of how much health they have but its not a big problem.
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All credit goes to me and my good friend El matatan who is a good player as well as a skilled strategist and a skilled master yi and helped me with this build. :D
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