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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twitch Build Guide by Reaperkiko

Twitch-making *****es cry

Twitch-making *****es cry

Updated on April 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reaperkiko Build Guide By Reaperkiko 2,537 Views 1 Comments
2,537 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Reaperkiko Twitch Build Guide By Reaperkiko Updated on April 26, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite




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Runes [mind fu*k]

if u see my runes you probably think this guy is mad he is on drugs or something.

BUT NO first i choose some armor penetration runes so i have 65+ dmg on champions and 75 with doran's blade in early game
ATK speed runes so i can stack poison early and expunge what will do tons of dmg and a really good Kill steal the QUints are life steal so 9% life steal on early game with doran's blade
AND NOW U THINK GLYPH WITH ATK SPEED WTF yea that's right beacause it is uselles against a mage. Warding gives u 12 magic resiste with masteries so if u atk faster u kill mage faster no need to regist his magic atks.
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i have seen so much people putting movement speed on twitch and runnic affininc it pisses me the **** of

Why da fack do u need movement speed when u have boots for god sake if u have hp and +6 armor from masteries on the defense tree u don't need anything else movement speed i don't arguee much or runic afininc u won't have time to jungle not even in late game BEACAUSE ON LATE GAME U SHOULD BE A KILLING MAHCINE
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my items are pretty basic doran at beggining berseker greaves

But now starts another wtf

WHY sould u buy executinors because u will have 27% life steal and a aditional debuff from deadly poison
next it's infinity edge what doens't need much explain it's jjust a pure dmg item
a phantom to put more atk speed and critical strike chance
NOW WHY DID I CHOOSE last whisper instead of black cleaver
last whisper does 40% of ur base dmg armor penetration and it gives 40 dmg instead of 30% atk speed and 55 atk dmg last whisper wins being more cheap and more quick to kill without having to wait for the 4 stacks until the real burst..
a bloodthirster to have more atk dmg and life steal and finaly warmog just because it's warmog and give survability
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pros and cons

Pros / Cons


+Crazy damege late game.
+Effective couter-jungler.
+Incredible ganks in both mid and early game.
+ Expunge is great counter for other ad carrys,
brcause usually they don't have magic resist.


-Easy to die without runes in early.
-Needs a lot of creep killing to be effective.
-Hard to play and master overall.
-Not recommanded for starters.
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GEt away turret i want to kill that son of the bit*h

Twitch is really good pusher on lane and it is really easy to draw first blood with ignite and deadly poison make hard to escape even with Summoner's heal
Damaging players is easy no problems with that...
If ur are alone in lane and u don't have much hp just hit some minions it will heal and run around the turret if someone diving like a sion and a caitlyn easy to kite around a turret even with that stupid long range atk just need to master it
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twitch is great one of the best champios for me
this has been my first guide i put work into so if u like like and if u don't spam in the comments :) thx
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