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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Integrate

[TWITCH] Pentakill..WTF!?!

[TWITCH] Pentakill..WTF!?!

Updated on December 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Integrate Build Guide By Integrate 3 4 12,359 Views 7 Comments
3 4 12,359 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Integrate Twitch Build Guide By Integrate Updated on December 3, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Surge


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Introduction to Twitch

Welcome to Integrate's guide to Twitch.

Twitch's damage output is amongst the best in the game. That being said, Twitch is also one of the squishiest champions there is. If you are not an experienced LoL player, Twitch is not for you. He requires superb positioning and timely actions. Never forget that YOU are the carry. You are to get fed first, so kill stealing is what you have to do sometimes. People will complain but after they see your damage report at the end of the game they'll understand. In this guide I will show you how to build as well as strategize for The Plague Rat, Twitch.

Updates in the build and this guide will be frequently made as the patches occur!
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Pros / Cons

Pentakills are fun.
In my opinion, best carry in the game currently.
Ability to scout due to stealth.
Squishy :(
Easily CC'ed
You are a carry, so you will get focused if you don't show up at the right time!
Oracle's and Sight wards suck, but nobody can see in bushes! Be sneaky.
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To me, there is only one way to play Twitch. If you aren't looking for 50 kill rounds then GTFO! My runes are as follows:

Reds-Armor Pen
Yellows-Attack Speed
Blue-Attack Speed
Quints-Armor Pen
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As you have seen, I am a very offensive based Twitch player. My masteries are laid out as 29/0/1. Anything to get me to hit harder, faster, more life steal, I'm taking it. 'Nuff Said.
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Summoner Spells

The two summoner spells I use with Twitch are Surge and Flash. Surge gives you attack speed as well as ability power, which increases the damage your expunge will do. This is EPIC for Twitch. Flash is also amazing both offensively and defensively. If someone slips out of range, simply stealth and go out of combat so your mobility boots take over and flash after them! If you get focused press stealth and flash to the nearest bushes.

You can build into the mastery point Summoner's Wrath as well and take Ignite. Summoner's Wrath increases your AD and AP while Ignite is on cooldown, which is extremely useful. Another DoT effect is really useful as well.

I've been messing around with Surge and Ignite lately and cannot decide which one I feel is better. It comes down to personal preferance.
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Skill Sequence

Most Twitches start off with Ambush so they can "Scout". Not me. Get expunge and get in some bushes. Let another person initiate a fight. Get yourself a FIRSTBLOOD and get fed. After that, get yourself Ambush. I also get debilitating poison early in the game in order to help get pre 10 minute kills. Priority for skill leveling is Spray N' Pray, Expunge, Ambush, Debilitating Poison.
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The main item build I use against AD is the Atmog's build, as seen above. The items depend heavily on team composition, however. If you're in mid, start off with some boots of speed and health/mana pots and feed off your lane. The first and the second most important item in my build is the Boots of Mobility. Enhanced movement 5 out of combat = easy escapability during stealth and also allows for easy ganking on bottom and top lanes early game. Later in the game, depending on the other team's composition, I usually switch to a defensive boot such as Mercury's. You won't need the speed when you can 1v1 any champion that comes in your path. The most important item in this build is the Infinity Edge, which you will be rushing after you get your boots! Get your B.F. sword first, then pick up the pickaxe or cloak when you go to heal. Next, once you start hitting decently hard you need some attack speed and crit. Get zeal and eventually a Phantom Dancer. The next step is Atma's Impaler. 18% crit and one of the best passives in the game. I will explain the passive after the next two items. Get a Phage and eventually a Frozen Mallet. This slows targets and gives you 700 health. Next get a giant's belt in your last slot and replace it with Warmog's armor. 920 health with stacking health regen as you get kills. This will keep you fighting as the game gets in the later stages. The passive on Atma's Impaler gives you attack damage equal to 2% of your maximum health. 2% of nearly 4k health, you do the math.

Some other great items are Black Cleaver, Banshee's Veil, The Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, Executioner's Calling, Guinsoo's Rageblade, and Hextech Revolver. Black Cleaver gives 55 AD, 30% AS, and a stacking armor pen debuff which means when you pop your ult the armor reduction will affect every target. The Bloodthirster is a commonly used Twitch item, however with Warmog's armor and the stacking heath regen I feel I never really need the life steal. Same goes to Executioner's Calling. The Last Whisper is a situational item. I only use it when the opposing team has a high amount of armor. Guinsoo's and Hextech are both Hybrid Twitch items. The ability power allows for massive expunges. However, I don't recommend wasting your time trying to go hybrid. End game you will be able to kill the opposing carry in about 5 basic attacks and an expunge.
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Early Gameplay

It is essential to get early game kills. Doing this either requires playing aggressively in mid, or laning with an initiator and getting killing blows.

If you want to be successful when laning in mid, you must always basic attack whenever the enemy is in range. Use your creeps to your benefit; if the enemy is aggressive make them pass your creep wave so that the creeps are also damaging your enemy. When the enemy is around 60% health or lower, stealth, get behind them to ensure they don't flash back to their turret, and get yourself an easy kill. The health/mana pots will ensure that you stay in your lane and get several kill attempts in.

If you are laning on top or bottom, lane with a partner with a snare, stun, or slow that will help you to build stacks of deadly venom. Tanks are great laning partners. If you are playing with a partner with some dame output get a Doran's Blade instead of boots. You will feed a little bit quicker this way. You must get killing blows no matter what people say. Kill steal as much as you can. YOU are the carry. YOU need to get fed as fast as possible.

That being said. Just because you are going to play aggressively, this does not mean you are to play stupidly. Do not pass enemy creep waves unless you're sure of a kill. Do not initiate 2v2 fights. You will get raped early game if you play stupid and this will delay your feeding and the game will be over before you are able to do anything about it.
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Mid/Late Gameplay

This is when Twitch shines. Once I get my Infinity Edge I get the hell out of the lanes and gank EVERYBODY. Make them be fearful of an incoming gank. You can 1v1 nearly every champion in the game if you rush your Edge. My favorite thing to do as Twitch is disappear out of the middle lane and tell the bottom or top lane to initiate against the enemies. When this happens, I either backdoor the enemy behind their turret for a quick kill or appear a couple seconds after the fight was initiated and pop Spray N Pray for a double kill. Then, the champion laning against you in mid will push your empty lane. When this happens they allow for an easy gank get behind them, slow them, expunge, GG. Next tell top you are coming up for a gank, and do the same as before. If there is a team fight situation you better get ready for some destruction. After the enemys are initiated for a couple of seconds, line up to where you can hit as many of the enemies as possible with Spray N Pray. Pop Surge, Spray N Pray, slow them if they try getting away, and let out an expunge wen you see someone is low. With the amount of attack speed and damage you have, you can clean up quick if there are left over enemies running around. If someone gets away, stealth and try to catch them in a pair of bushes or tower dive and take some damage for the kill. You can take some hits once you get your hammer, and once you get your warmog's you can eat even more damage. If the game is at a stalemate with enemy towers still up, you can backdoor pretty easily. Stealth, run to the tower, surge if its up, and burn it down while eating some tower hits. You will most always be the target of a bank once they see you open on it so burn it down, stealth, and run to your next target!
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If played right, with this build you will literally melt faces. People will complain every time you bank ten about how OP you are. There is no better feeling. Follow these steps and tips and you will be an unstoppable force. Thanks for reading my guide! Good luck and have fun!

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Author Contact Information

If you have any questions or need tips feel free to add my summoner or email me!

Summoner name- íntegrate
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