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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Watchedudielol

Twitch raped everyone?!

Watchedudielol Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basically this build is set up for attack speed that deals crazy dmg per hit. Some of the items are interchangable depending on the match-ups that you may get. This is the main build I'm running atm and I can tell you that it can rape pretty much any character in the game, if you arent stupid that is. Basically this build amounts to approximately 3-4 attacks per second coming out of ambush, which when combined with bloodrazor = about 20% of their life gone in a second, period, doesn't really matter if they are a tank, dps or support class.

So for starters, just basically do hit and run on minions in your lane to keep out of range of enemies. Just stay back and try to last hit minons as they get low, hitting different minions with each attack helps get everything done a little faster and makes for easier harassment early on. If matched against a melee champion, stay at max range and hit them a few times until they run away to heal. Dont, and i repeat DONT waste your mana early on, there is a reason for this. Basically just run around and try not to get hit, dont be too agressive early on. As you get pushed back a little towards your tower, either the ranged champion should be getting low on mana from harassment attempts, or the melee champion is at about half health. Now is where the killing starts. Before the enemy minions push all the way to your tower you should make a show of running back like you are going to port back to town. Even channeling the port a little bit and then running back to stealth as the enemies roll up to the tower can help. Go into stealth, circle behind the enemy and open up on them, as they start getting out of range they should be getting low on health so use expunge to get the kill. After that you should be pretty much spent on mana. Port to town, start buying items, and run back to push. At this point you should start stealthing and unstealthing to harass champions and kill minions for show to lower their guard. Once they stop reacting so much to the stealth, go mid and help gank, then run top to force them back from fear, and go back to your lane. Start floating around picking up neutral buffs and switching lanes when a good opportunity surfaces.

Key points for survivability

*never initiate the fight, wait for both teams to engage and stay clear to the side, make sure to use SnP to hit all the enemy chamions, at this point they will do one of two things, either scramble to get away, or charge you and ignore the others. If they run, slow them with debilitating poison and continue to attack, if charged by them, stop attacking and run to the other side of a bush and stealth again. Reopen on them when they go back to attacking others.

*never engage multiples by yourself unless they are low on health. thats the #1 way to get ganked, trying to solo more than one person with more than half health. twitch isnt a tank, dont use him like one.

*if the enemy starts using oracle potions and wards, pick up an oracle potion for yourself and go search out those wards, kill them fast and run to restealth. If a player has an oracle potion, keep your distance until they engage and pop ghost to quickly get in and open up before they can react to your being in stealth.



*can switch lanes quickly and chase enemies while remaining in stealth.
*insane dmg output


*you become virtually useless if your team can't kill wards or enemies using oracle elixirs.
*you quickly become the focus of the enemy team.

P.S. yes i know i typed way to much in the damn too lazy to delete it.