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Twitch Build Guide by iYonbi

Twitch - Ready and Raring to go build

Twitch - Ready and Raring to go build

Updated on January 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iYonbi Build Guide By iYonbi 3 3 6,426 Views 8 Comments
3 3 6,426 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iYonbi Twitch Build Guide By iYonbi Updated on January 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Twitch - Bringer of the Plague

This is a widely appreciated Twitch Build, altered slightly so that it doesnt remail Stale :)
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What You'll Need

-Common Sense
-The ability to get at least 60% last-hits in your lane
-To be able to solo/lane successfully
-To be able to gank properly
-To have great positioning
-To have a sense of humor, and to have fun.
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Pro's and Con's:

-Great carry, can annihilate teams in a matter of seconds.
-Is a great crippler
-Can scout for your team
-Can escape with Ambush

-Squishy, easily killed
-Can be CC'ed
-Since you are a carry, everyone will be out to get you
-Oracle's and wards can stop you from scouting, and escaping with Ambush
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Deadly Venom - Twitch's passive ability. This does damage over a period of 6 seconds. The DoT does more damage per stack. Stacks up to 6.

Ambush - Twitch's "Q" key is his stealth. This ability stealths Twitch for an amount of time. The amount of time stealthed is increased per skill level. Stay stealthed as long as you can for max attack speed bonus.

Debilitating Poison - Twitch's "W" key. This is a slow, and is great ability for catching enemies. This uses a decent amount of mana, but the % of the slow is increased per stack of . Stack up your poison before you use Debilitating Poison to maximize the slow duration and percentage!

Empunge - Twitch's "E" key. This is his bread and butter early game. This starts doing great damage when in ranks 3+. This ability does Magic Damage for each stack of . This is a great finisher spell. When you pop out to gank, stack up as many stacks of poison before you hit Expunge to maximize your damage!

SPRAY AND PRAY!! - Twitch's "R" key. This is Twitch's ulti, and this is Twitch's bread and butter mid and late game. This will mow down enemies that stand in front of you! With the new changes in the patch, Spray no longer gives Attack Speed, and now gives Attack Damage per rank. Many see it as a nerf, but I see it as a slight buff. The 'nerf' that people see requires you to build more Attack Speed items, but it grants AD, so taking down your enemies will be even more simpler. In my build, the Attack Speed sections offer the best possible AS items for Twitch, so keep reading on!
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Armor Penetration Runes- great for Twitch since he deals a lot of physical damage. Also, since he does so much damage, he can shut down virtually ANYONE!
Dodge Runes- Twitch is very squishy, and he is a prime target for ganks! Dodge runes increase his chance of survivability a lot.
Magic Resist Runes- Like Dodge runes, this also gives him protection from magic casters. I normally get focus-nuked by champions like Ezreal and Ryze, but with Magic Resist, I can get away safely.
- I use these a lot nowadays. The extra HP is great for Twitch since he's squishy, and makes him more scary in 1v1.
- More ARP = More Damage.
The yellow runes are debatable! I feel safer with dodge runes, but you can use Critical Strike runes instead.
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Ignite: Another DoT to go with your poison?! Of course, you'll be surprised how fast your enemies' health bar will burn down!
Flash: A surprise ability, or a "OMFG I've gotta GTFO" ability. It'll come in handy for some quick ganks, quick positioning for team fights, and successful tower-dives that won't result in any deaths besides your target.
Exhaust: A very good alternate for Flash, it blinds an enemy, and slows them. Good for early ganks, but once you get to level 8, you'll have your very own slow!
Cleanse: I usually use this spell OVER Ignite in ranked games due to the fact that once they see twitch, people instantly grab Exhaust. Cleanse removes Exhausts, taunts, and ultis that will destroy you like Galio's and Amumu's. It's a good, "TROLOLOLOL" spell, and you can laugh as you get away unscratched.
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Rotation in Team Fights

Time to break it down: Obviously, you want stealth to keep the element of surprise. Let your team engage for a second, so everyone can get into position. Then, pop out with Spray and Pray! Within 3-5 shots, everyone should be dead, or under 50% hp. If people are still alive, apply your Debilitating Poison. Since they should have 4-5 stacks of your poison (this will greatly slow them). Then, use expunge, as it'll do massive damage, especially if you have a Guinsoo's Rageblade. From there on, you should have a Quadra or Penta, if not, your team mates would have picked up kills, or have hunted your enemies down.
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- I prefer this a lot because this makes you very mobile. 5 Movement speed when out of combat, but when you enter combat, it's reduced to 2. This is great for ganking.

- This is the second option to Boots of Mobility. If you want a constant 3 Movement Speed, and will give up the 5 Movement speed when out of combat, go ahead! These boots are also ideal for ganking, but it dosen't give me the amount of speed that I crave for.

- What? Ninja Tabi on Twitch?!? Why? In ranked games, I've been noticing that melee teams constantly focus Twitch. When melee can charge in, it messes Twitch up by a little bit. I use dodge runes for Twitch, and the boots help his survivability. Also, it gives 2 Movement Speed! I only get this for Melee Teams.

- These boots will give you Magic Resistance and it will reduce the duration of stuns, snares, etc. The only reason why I dislike these boots are that because Twitch is such a prime target. Once a stun lands on you, you are instantly focused. That is why I rely on Quick Silver Sash or Banshee's Veil to get me out of tight situations like that.

Defenses Against:

- - Banshee's Veil is a great choice for Twitch when you need protection from Magic Casters. This gives him extra health and mana. Also, it grants Magic Resistance, and it's an insta-cleanse on a 60second cd.

- - Do you feel that you don't need the mana and health from Banshee's Veil? Don't want to invest in that extra 1 grand, and you feel that you want some extra DMG and something to save you from things like ? Hexdrinker is the item for you! It will save you from magic spells that would usually kill you.

- - This is an insta-cleanse, and you control when to use it. This gives you some MR, and will remove all debuffs on you, and it's on a 105second cd.

- These boots give you dodge rating, ideal for countering melee. It will keep you alive! Eat that enemy melee champions!

- This will give you a "free" ward every 3 minutes. It also grants Attack Damage, Lifesteal, and Armor. However, I usually turn my Madred's Razors into a Madred's Bloodrazors instead of a Wriggle's.

- Frozen Mallet gives a ton of HP, some damage and a slow! When you have to desperately run, just quickly turn around, take a quick tap at the enemy, and keep running. Frozen Mallet works with Spray and Pray, so if you hit all 5 people, all 5 will be slowed!

Offensive Items:


- This is what I grab when the enemy team has a lot of heals. This is like an ignite without a dot. It reduces all healing and regen by 50%. It also gives lifesteal, and applies a small dot on hit. However, it has 1/2 the crit that two Avarice Blades would give.

**Damage Items**
- This is Twitch's main item. It grants a ton of Attack Damage, and your crits will massacre and spill blood everywhere. Infinity Edge is Twitch's MAIN item. It is a MUST.

- I grab this on Twitch when late game hits, and I have my 2 attack speed items that I need. It gives a fair amount of Attack Damage and Lifesteal. You gain Attack Damage and Lifesteal bonuses for each thing you kill, and it stacks up to 40times.

- The Black Cleaver is a great item for Twitch when you are facing tanks stacking armor. It gives a decent amount of Attack Damage, and will decreases the target's armor by 12 for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. When you spray, everything hit by the Spray will immediately take a stack! With the change to BC, you lose some AD, but you gain some nice Attack Speed. This is an even better item for Twitch now!

- This will grant you Attack Damage, Health/Mana regen, and your attacks will splash for 30% of your damage to surrounding targets. The bad thing about this item is that the splash radius is small. However, if you can get your enemies together in a large group, this will make them pay for clumping up.

- Last Whisper gives a lot of Attack Damage and Armor Pen for mid-game fights against tanks. AD and ARP gives it the ability to rip enemies apart. However, I prefer to sell it later on for a Madred's or an item that does more damage.

- Guinsoo's Rageblade is an item that will give you Attack Damage and Ability Power. Now, you might be asking why you'd want Ability Power on Twitch. Well, , your finisher spell scales with Ability Power. I seldomly grab this item, but it is a great addition because every hit adds Ability Power and some Attack Speed. It stacks 8 times, and lasts for several seconds.

**Attack Speed**

- This is fairly expensive, but I like it for Twitch. It gives crit, movement speed, attack speed. This gives more crit for Infinity Edge, move mobility and attack speed to make you shoot faster! Who wouldn't want this item for Twitch?

- This item is great because it gives Attack Damage, Crit, Armor Pen, and Cooldown Reduction. When activated, it grants a ton of movespeed and attack speed! This is a great secondary item since it gives some AD to make you hit harder, more crit for your Infinity Edge, Armor Penetration to take tanks down, and cool down reduction to get your abiltiies back faster.

- This grants AD, AS, Armor, and does 4% of the target's max health per hit unless they have some MR. This stacks with Spray and Pray, so each person hit by this, will basically take 4% of their max health per hit!

- Sword of the Divine will give you a ton of Attack Speed passively, and will 100 Magic Damage every 4 hits. However, the thing I admire about this item is the active. When you activate it, you gain Armor Penetration, and your attacks cannot be dodged. So even Jax, the master of dodge can't dodge your shots!
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Explanation to Why Someone Built Twitch This Way:

When it comes to Twitch, we all know that he is slow without boots and is very squishy. However, he does tons of damage, and will easily melt enemy teams with proper team positioning and items. With the recent nerfs to Twitch's passive Attack Speed gains from and , you need two attack speed items to hit the cap. Also, you need to get defenses for Twitch since he is very squishy. That is why I have established something called the "Perfect Six". The Perfect Six allows me to create Twitch into a mobile, strong, rapid carry with a touch of needed defense. Many of you ask me, why don't I build snowball items like Sword of the Occult? The reason is because as Twitch, you are quickly focused in team fights. Also, you will be caught off guard at times by oracles and wards. For example, you are scouting, and you suddenly get ambushed because no one knew there was a ward/oracles there. As a result, snowball items are risky.
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The Perfect 6

"The Perfect Six Consists Of"
1)Defensive Item
3)Offensive Item
4)Offensive Item
5)Attack Speed
6)Attack Speed

* I Usually Grab: *
1) Banshee's Veil
3) Infinity Edge
4) The Black Cleaver
5) Phantom Dancer
6) Madred's Bloodrazor
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The Usual Sequence

To start off, I start off with a Doran's Shield or Doran's Blade(435g. To decide whether to grab a Blade or Shield, look at who you are laning with. If it is a champion/player you can trust, grab a Blade so you can play a little more aggressively. If it is someone random that you can't trust, grab a Shield, and play defensively, but keep harrassing regardlessly. Then, I grab my first Avarice Blade* (750g) then, I grab my BOOTS. Then, I get another Avarice Blade. From there, I move onto a B.F. Sword(1850g) then to a Infinity Edge. SELL DORAN'S ITEM. If you have to rush a , but that before the Avarice Blades. From here, if you need to get a defensive item, get one here. If not, proceed to getting your first Attack speed item. Sell an Avarice Blade here if you are getting Youmuu's/Phantom Dancer. Then, I grab my defensive item since late game should be starting now, and I don't want to be caught off guard. Then, I grab my second offensive item, then I grab my second attack speed item. In the end, you will have 1 defensive item, 1 pair of boots, 2 offensive items, and 2 attack speed items. I recommend one of those attack speed items being or . In late game, I sell my for Mercury TreadsMercury Treads. If you roam and get caught, it's GG. The CC reduc is a lot better.

*Unless you get a Executioner's Calling
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Twitch Early, Mid and Late game


Early Game: Twitch is a somewhat weak champion early game. However, he is not to be underestimated. Twitch has the ability to scout around, and at level 2, your expunge is when you can truly pick up early kills. If you are sure of your ability to kill people, coordinate with lane mates to pick off kills. If you like to mid, Twitch is an exceptional hero for you! Twitch can easily 1v1, and can send a sense of fear into your opponents. Whenever you stealth, they are forced to purchase a ward/oracles, or, they must call MIA's constantly whenever you pop in and out of stealth, or risk the fact that you could be going to top or bottom to gank. If you like to lane, try to get a partner like or . Primarily, anyone that can stun, taunt, snare. The longer they can be stopped and held to one place, the faster you can get your poison stacks up. That will insure easy ganks, easy kills for you, and an easy game to win. To make Twitch strong in the early game, I get Avarice Blades for him. Though Avarice dosen't provide a lot of raw damage, it adds critical %, for your upcoming item, Infinity Edge. The crit from the blades will compliment Infinity Edge greatly, and since I hold onto them for a while, the blades will pay themselves off, and will possibly make a profit for you!

Mid-Game: Mid game to me is the 20 minute mark. Everyone should be breaking away from their lanes and have begun to start clumping in a lane for a straight push. You should have at least a BF Sword by now! This is when Spray and Pray with a BF Sword will hose people down. This is when Twitch is "Over Powered." Make your Infinity Edge with your Avarice Blades, and watch people fall over with crits! Move with your team, and scout locations for your team. Scout major places like dragon and blue/red rune. See if your team can gank anyone! I don't bother scouting Baron because not many people can do Baron this early.. However, be careful for wards and oracles!

Late-Game: Late-Game is around the 40 minute mark. By now, you should be finishing up your perfect 6. Now, you have a huge threat to the enemy team. With great positioning and teamwork, the enemy team dosen't stand a chance. In this part of the game, I don't suggest scouting anymore. Why? People can easily get an oracles, and that might get you when you walk into a bush unaware. You dieing could be the difference between a win and a loss. It could also lead into burning a Flash that you'll need later! Since this is going to be a "do or die" situation, try to bait the enemy team into narrow spaces. Then, unload Spray and Pray and watch them all fall over because they are trapped!
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Want Tips? Be Careful, They Might Have Poison!

1) Blue and Red Rune. They work amazingly with Twitch. The red rune effect applies to your poison. Think about it, damage, a dot, and a slow!? Oh yes! Blue rune virtually means that you will always have guaranteed mana for all your abilities.
2) You can solo dragon around 15-20mins. It's not impressive, but if your team is pushing and you aren't doing anything important, go ahead!
3) You are amazing at backdooring. I can't tell you how many times I've done successful 3 inhibitor steals as Twitch. Stealth into their base, pop out of Ambush, and knock it over!
4)You are a very good harrass. The range on your poisons are pretty large, so take advantage of it!
5) Remember, have fun with Twitch. It's annoying at times playing a champion with such low health at the start, but he is often underestimated early game. Make them pay for their grim mistake. I guarantee you will have fun mid-late game. (:
6)When you're recalling, take advantage of Twitch's stealth! Press Q so it engages the "Phasing to Stealth", and then, click B, and you will recall. Once the phasing ends, you will still be recalling, but stealthed!
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This is someone elses Twitch build. I tried change it so that it isnt under Stale and to honour Xaioli . ^_^"
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