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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagilooh

Twitch: Seek and Destroy

Nagilooh Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Heya, this is my first build. I decided to do it on twitch because i see many people play with him and only become usefull at mid and end game. Actually twitch is a champion who can get multiple kills early game imo. So i'm gonna give a global description off how i manage to do this.

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At first the runes. I've looked in some other builds and saw that people use runes for dodge, magic resist and even health. I totally disagree. If you play twitch well you don't need this defence and you can use you're runes for extra damage. In early game these runes will get you extra kills, get you feeded and makes you able to carry the game even when you aren't solo.

My runes:
Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Seal of Clarity
(although this isnt a rune for extra damage, it does make me capable staying longer in battle before recalling to shop. I almost never recall unless i have a ****load of money.
Greater Glyph of Alacrity
Greater Mark of Desolation

As you can see my runes are only ment for more damage. Makes the killing in early game much easier.

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My masteries are naturally also for max damage, only thing i'm gonna say about it is that i don't put masteries in defence unlike some other builds. again, max my damage. Twitch can get away easy, you dont need extra stuff for that. So instead i put some masteries in extra xp and gold. Makes the leveling easier.

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This Itembuild is ment for early damage building up to amazing damage. I start with some health so you have some extra survivalbility at the start of the game. However in end game you can also exchange Frozen Mallet for Trinity Force. The slow that these weapons give you is very nice so you don't have to skill Debilitating Poison.

Also when you against a team with champions who have allot of health you should replace Bloodthirster for Madred's Bloodrazors. Combined with you're attackspeed they won't stand a chance. Still be carefull for tanks who wear Thornmail. It can rip you apart.

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Skill Sequence

When i choose my skills i considered to use stealth at start. But since expunge has a great damage output i think it's most effective to max it as fast as possible. I noticed that many enemies underestimated Twitch at start when they see the autoattack. But after 6 stacks off deadly poison combined with expunge it's too late to run.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells are you're own choice. I use heal for survival at early game. And flash is a nice escape or suprise attack spell. It can even be used in stealth to sneak in there base.

Still change them if you like, but i don't think you should use ignite. You're damage will be great enough already. Only smite to steal buffs from enemies. Clarity won't be needed with the runes. But you can choose to take it and get some dodge or something in you're runes if you insist on some defence.

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Now then, I don't really like to explain a complete playstyle since i think everybody has his own ways. however I will explain some crucial matters.

At first the laning: always make sure you lane with a character who can solo lane aswell. I prefer to go lane instead of being mid because I can gank much easier this way.

At level 1 I play very safe. Twitch will be squishy even with the Ruby Crystal and you won't like it to go on low health at start. So, Instead play safe and make sure you farm minions quick to get level 2. On level 2 you get you're stealth and then the fun starts.

You will have to make sure you always watch the other lanes. I don't gank allot in my own lane. I will always start ganking at mid. This can be done from level 2 and help you're team a big deal. Don't be afraid to do so.

Twitch needs these early kills. Get him feeded right from the start. Make them fear you. I really enjoy it when people go buy oracle from the start since it will cost them allot of gold and bearly help them.

When a enemy has oracle just make sure you only come in range when you are going to attack. For a evelynn this oracle might be something nasty. But, since Twitch is range you can still get behind them and start the attack. By the time they see you they will already have a stack or two off you're poison. Let them think there invulnerable with there oracle.. we know better..

Mid/end game:
Now the teamfights are the most fun. Cause always there will be victims for Twitch. In a teamfight you pick out the squishy one ofcourse. But make sure you keep an eye for low health enemies who stay behind. And another thing I see to many players do is that they go solo after a teamfight. Getting some gold or experience after they had a teamfight. Those are all yours. I haven't come across an enemy who will defeat me if I gank them at that moment.

Make sure you did some kills at start and the rest off the game will be easy. Only tanks are a real threat since they can get thornmail or survive long enough to wait for reinforcement. That's when you should consider to get Madred's.

Also you could consider in a hard battle to get Vampiric Scepter a little earlier so you can farm longer and get some junglebuffs.

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So guys, This was my first Guide. I hope you will make good use off it.
Please comment on this build and ofcourse rate it. I won't make a comment required to vote but if you vote -1 please let me know why.

I will read all the comments and will reply on tips and stuff.