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Twitch Build Guide by CapnJudge

Twitch, something smells funky.

Twitch, something smells funky.

Updated on November 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CapnJudge Build Guide By CapnJudge 2,821 Views 1 Comments
2,821 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CapnJudge Twitch Build Guide By CapnJudge Updated on November 28, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Well Summoner's! This is my first guide and I will be working on it more and more. Twitch,

The Plague Rat, was my very first champion I ever bought, and has been my favorite ever since.

People consider him cheap and undermine him as a over powered character. That is ONLY if he is

used well. In this guide I will be explaining how he can be used well, and how to use him as

an actual AD Carry without the constant death.
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I get a lot of Attack speed for runes, with 1, and 9 . I get 9 for the pure fact that Twitch, is super squishy, and just that little boost of armor is a ton of help in that first blood. Then 9 , because you can never not be able to turn invisible fast enough :D, and then 2 , for the Crit, which in the end makes you usually get 100% or darn close to it.
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24 in offense with a MAJOR focus on AD damage. I won't go far into masteries because it is

obvious the reasons for the choices I made, and so on. 5 in defense just for the minions minus

damage and Armor for first blood, and 1 in utility for the faster recalling so no one sees you

in invis recall (talk about that later.
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- Start with this. This will give you that early push with the added health.

- Go into this after Dorans Blade, this will give you that boost of speed you need, in both movement and Att Speed.

- I HIGHLY recommend getting two of these. They maximize your attack speed ability, and they give you a very helpful boost to your Crit Chance, and movement speed.

- This is a MUST no matter what you do, this item has to be put in there. It gives you damage, it gives you critical chance, and also increases the damage you do with those critical strikes.

- This item is very useful when you start killing a lot more. it will come in its place as either right after your first Phantom dancer, or after your infinity edge. It is quite a helpful item, but can be replaced by a few others if needed.

- Good if your other team has a lot of armor, more damage and attack speed as well so its a helpful item.
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Skill Sequence

I start with Ambush, it gives a great escape path and it leaves great attack opportunities. Later on in the "First Blood and Cool Tricks" chapter i will explain how this, at lvl 1, will allow you first blood. After that it is Expunge when you can get it, I usually don't touch Debilitating Strike till lvl 10, unless otherwise needed. Expunge is maxed first, then Ambush, getting Spray and Pray when i can, and then Debilitating Strike is last in that order.
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Summoner Spells

Again most of the stuff is built around first blood, because if you get that it usually sets you up for DESTROYING mid lane for the rest of the lane phase. Exhaust Ignite is a combo I do not see often, it is great because it limits their movement, it slows them down, and with ignite it does damage, along with your poison.
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Gameplay as a Whole.

Twitch's gameplay is widely known as cheap, unfair, and is overpowered, but as i said before... ONLY IF USED WELL. My best game as Twitch was a 54/7/13 game where if we have pushed we would have won. Twitch is quite team reliant to the extent that if someone has oracles and sees you first, or you get 2 man ganked, you will most likely die till later game. He is stealthy, which is nice, and is hard to use when you don't understand or comprehend the word TIMING. Here is a scenario of good timing. You walk in on Miss Fortune and Galio mid trying to push, your tank, Rammus, rams into them and taunts the Miss Fortune, you walk behind to get the most amount of shots in, and fire at the Miss Fortune, then if you can, aim down the Galio, using you ult if you have it at the Start. Same scenario, you walk right in, invis of course, and before your rammus hits, you start firing, they WILL aim you down, you WILL die, and so WILL that Rammus.
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Creeping / Jungling

This will be a quick chapter. DON'T JUNGLE WITH TWITCH, just don't do it. And if you need red or blue, wait till lvl 11 for gods sake.
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First blood and Cool Tricks

First Blood, your drive force for mid laning. You go into one of the side bushes and wait in mid till the creeps come, you wait till the pass the walled boundary of the bushes, and walk BEHIND them invis, you get 3-4 shots in then exhaust, 2 more shots, and then ignite, as many shots you can left, and most likely, THEY WILL DIE. you are now set to lane in mid, if you did not get too effed up from that, stay and last hit like mad, if you did, do a nice little trick i learned. hit your Q, then IMMEDIATELY recall. while it pulls up your invis, you will start to recall, your invis will pop up in recall, and now you are invisibly recalling.
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In summary, I will be adding more and more to this build as I go. Twitch is great if used well, and mind you, he will blow your mind if you do do well with him. most games i get 22+ kills, and little deaths, trust me he is worth it. Thanks for reading! And good Twitch playing!
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