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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitch23

Twitch- Strike from the shadows

Twitch23 Last updated on August 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone this is my primary build as Twitch but of course you cannot always go the same build. My build is far from perfect and may not suit your style of play well but I have had great success with it, my record with Twitch is 81-29 and with this build it is 21-3. I'd appreciate any constructive criticism (telling me I'm a ****ty noob doesn't qualify as constructive) and a special thanks to my friend Gdubb for helping me figure out this build.

I start with the vampiric scepter and almost always take mid to start. Upgrade ambush first and come out stealth-ed with the first wave and pop exhaust and ignite on your opponent, it gets me first blood about half the time and is always devastating to their health. With such high attack speed from the runes you should be able to farm minions faster than your opponent and should be able to press him against his tower. If you are losing the battle in the middle max out ambush and invisible farm, just be near minions when they die and you get xp, stay tower side for safety. If you are winning get expunged max and go for kills. To start Twitch gets about one attack per second, combined with the scepter that's about 7 health regen per second so even if you get low on hp you can always farm back health. The high attack speed makes it easy to last hit minions. I try to lane until I am level 11 at which point I go get the lizard buff then port. You should have enough money to buy malady and boots of mobility at this point. Then I go for the golem buff. With the 2 buffs and your 2nd lvl of spray and pray its time to start getting fed. After I kill the golem I gank on that side, your opponents will be lvl 6-8 and you will be 11-12 with 2 buffs so they should be easy pickings. Ambush past them then pop spray and pray with debilitating poison the second you attack out of stealth and use exhaust and ignite as well, they are best when used in combination. Once you kill someone in that side lane push the tower with your allies, your enemies are either dead or too weak to defend. The outer tower should fall to your push and then rest of the game is up to you lol. This opener works basically every game but after that there is too many variables to have a set plan.

Use the speed of your boots and phantom dancer to be all over the map and try to farm as much as possible and gank when a GOOD opportunity arises, don't try to force ganks because you will end up dying. There is two ways to get fed as Twitch; farming and ganking. Ganking is higher risk and higher reward and lets be honest we play the game to kill other people so ganking has the most appeal. Most games you can get fed off of ganks but against a team of strong opponents the opportunities simply won't be there so stick to farming. I find most teams have one person smart enough to get the detection elixir, avoid this person but notice when they die because they may not repurchase it. Farming minions isn't as exciting as ganking but has several appealing features. First off it is guaranteed, every game the minions come in thirty second waves where as you may not always face weak opponents which you can repeatedly kill. Second, there is less risk in farming because you are much less likely to die than when you are ganking. Farming or pushing soft lanes (lanes with no enemy champions in them) is a great way to punish teams that group up and try to gank. If you see four or five enemy champions pushing mid it is not a bad idea to counter push top or bottom. With such high attack speed you can farm minions and destroy towers very fast and it will be obvious when the entire team is coming for you and you can stealth away.

In the intro I said this build may not suit your style of play and mostly what I meant was that if you are all about ganking then stacking a ton of attack speed may not be the best for you. I am a farmer, most games I try to farm basically straight to lvl 18 and I avoid a lot of team fights and push soft lanes instead. With the exception of my lvl 11 double buff push I don't gank unless I'm basically certain I can get a guy because I feel that a lot of people have fruitless ganking adventures and end up a few lvls down with little or no gold and that is a hard spot to comeback from. I try to always be farming xp and gold so I stack a ton of attack speed, if yo want to gank get more damage gear. No matter what open with malady and mobility boots but flipping infinity edge with phantom dancer may suit a more gank oriented style of play.

If all goes well you should be lvl 18 at 26-28 minutes in the game and have an infinity edge at this point its time to gank. I'm a pretty conservative farmer for the first 30 minutes but even I get real aggressive at this point. I stack on madreds bloodrazor because it is great at busting tanks and the bloodthirster is great for damage and extra lifesteal. Thats my build and play style, constructive criticism welcome and I hope this helped.