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Twitch Build Guide by SuperTurboDude

Twitch - Super Death

Twitch - Super Death

Updated on August 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperTurboDude Build Guide By SuperTurboDude 6,610 Views 4 Comments
6,610 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperTurboDude Twitch Build Guide By SuperTurboDude Updated on August 14, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



This is the first version of my Twitch build... take it for what it is because it's not your normal build. First off you have to understand a few things to get why I did the strange looking things I did.

1. Twitch is squishy... let me say that again... Twitch is SQUISHY... and not your normal kind of Annie or Ashe squishy, Twitch is so squishy you could squeeze him into juice by looking at him too hard. Thankfully the enemy can't see him half the time so you're ok.

2. Runes and masteries hold most if not all of their value in the beginning of the game... by the time you have a few items and a descent level they mean nothing... so I have focused the runes and masteries at that... early game. Only what was needed early on was considered.

3. Twitch is easily fed... even if you have a bad start. So the key is this to playing with your smelly friend... be patient, take your time, only come out of Ambush when you CAN WIN THE FIGHT, otherwise you will be the first thing the enemy team jumps on.

4. That brings me to my next point... Twitch is the most focused champ EVER... this is because of his ulti, which has the potential to rip through entire teams with ease, and besides that it stacks poison has a huge range (longer than a turret - nice for those low health tower huggers) and hits EVERYTHING with some extra damage, then you can slow them and Expunge them... it's kind of unfair but so be it. For this reason you will be priority #1 to the enemy so make sure your tank has engaged and soaked up some of the more dangerous abilities and spells the enemy has before you unleash the pain.

Ok but here it is... my strange yet effective Twitch build.
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Pros / Cons

So I've gone through the pro's and con's of Twitch... he does INSANE damage and has TERRIBLE life but as far as the build goes here it is.

Extreme damage output
Almost always win ANY 1v1 situation
Easily fed after lvl 6 and with few items
Descent early game damage

Early farming takes a lot of concentration
Easily killed early game
Gank target
Life remains pretty low the whole game
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Like said earlier... runes help you early game. Late game they become obsolete because your items provide much MUCH more than you runes ever could, so i have structured the rune build to suit Twitch's strengths to give him those early game kills.

I start out with 9 greater marks of Alacrity (attack speed). If Twitch can get more stacks of poison on his target then Expunge will be much more fatal, so attack speed helps.

For seals I go with 9 greater seals of vitality (health per level). This is to aid twitch with his extreme squishiness. I have experimented with other seals but these seem to be the best for Twitch and serve him all the way to lvl18 very well.

For Glyphs I go with 9 greater glyphs of focus (cool-down reduction). These seem to be the only glyphs that could aid an AD Carry champ. There are no other top rank glyphs that have any offensive potential than these... and the extra Expunge now and then is really appreciated.

Quintessences are left for armor pen... 3 greater quintessences of desolation. There is no better way to guarantee extra damage that armor pen.

These are the runes that I have found help Twitch early game... which is the only time that runes really matter.
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Skill Sequence

Based on the rune build above these are the skills that I choose.

Max out Expunge as soon as you can. This is the skill that will help you win the lane battles to give you those vital early kills. Ambush only needs to go to level 3 while you're in lane, but if you're planning on doing some ganking during the early game forget about Debilitating Poison until later on and focus purely on Expunge and Ambush. These skills will help prevent you getting killed because you're invisible and get kills because you can press E and kill pretty much any low level champ early on.

It might sound stupidto ignore Debilitating Poison early on but remember that you have Exhaust as a summoner spell together with the Exhaust mastery... this should be all you need before you get your ulti.

Expunge becomes a bit useless in the late game but now you should have a good number of points in Debilitating Poison to get the kills.

If there are wards in your lane forget about Ambush and focus on Debilitating Poison and Expunge. Also make sure that you inform your team to focus anyone with an Oracle... these make Twitch almost useless in a team fight.
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Once again masteries do very little other than in your first few levels.

I use a very strange 21-6-3 masteries setup. All of these points are spent to more easily aid Twitch in getting those early kills to put him ahead of his opponents in terms of items. You will notice that there are points in minion damage as well. This is because Twitch lacks early game farming ability. See the section on farming to see how to effectively farm with Twitch.

The remaining points are put into armor and magic resit, pretty much anything to help Twitch survive a fight, to once again help Twitch with his crazy squishiness.
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The best way for me to explain farming is like this... go watch a video of CandyPanda playing Twitch on youtube. Twitch is hard to farm with... but with a combo of Expunge and some crazy concentration it can be done.

The basic concept is this...

Attack the mage creep (the little ****ers at the back) one shot at a time. One shot for each... then again... then again... the Expunge. You should get all three klls and then get to pick off the remaining melee creep at the front.

Other than this just accept that Twitch is **** at early game farming and get Dragon as often as possible.
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OK items. The general rule is get your boots first... phantom dancer... then infinities edge and from there you should be doing alot of damage.

The reason you want a phantom first is that you will be focusing your skill points on Expunge... so the more poison stacks you can get onto your opponent the more damage your Expunge will do. The high attack speed of a phantom is perfect for this. I try get my phantom no later than 20min into a game, although to do well you want it by 14min. Then your infinity by no later than 25min. By this stage the crit and damage offered by your items will make your ulti deadly in a team fight.

After this i build one more phantom dancer to make sure that Twitch is loading those stacks of poison. Then a Black Cleaver to deal with the tank (who by this stage has a descent amount of armor) and a phantom dancer so that you can gain some life in a battle and do some more damage.

If the game stretches on more than this then i will sell my boots for a third phantom... the movement speed boost means that you will still move more than fast enough.

Damage and attack speed... that's the name of the game. You can experiment with an executioners calling and maybe a madreds bloodrazor if their tank is getting a bit too crazy... but generally the build should stand for any game.
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Team Work

This is the most important part. Twitch needs to work closely with his tank. The idea is this...

Let your tank engage. Wait for him to absorb most of the skills the enemy has to offer (especially Katarina's Death Lotus, Malzahar and Warwick's ultimate abilities, and Teemo's Blinding Dart) and then come out of Ambush with your ulti. The key is to position yourself in the right position when this happens. This is how I decide what the right position is...

1. A position where you can hit as many of the enemy champs as possible
2. A position where you can easily flash to safety if you are focused
3. A position where it is hard for the enemy to escape easily

If you can manage to get these three right then you will most certainly get multi-kills in every team fight without dying.

Team work is essential. Remember that Twitch becomes a favorite gank target... so having a tank with you to protect you is essential. Also remember that twitch is not a turret busting champ... he is better used in team fights and leave the backdoors to more suited champs like Master Yi or Tryndamere.

Your job is to do maximum damage when it is most needed... not before... and not after, be patient!
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Here are my three basic rules for playing our rodent friend...

1. Be patient... don't try get kills that you can't because you will probably die. (DON"T TOWER DIVE!)
2. Always be with your tank... without him you are dead.
3. You do insane damage... but you die easily, so make sure you always have an escape tactic.

Let me know what you think... this build works amazing for me in both Normal and Ranked games.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperTurboDude
SuperTurboDude Twitch Guide
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Twitch - Super Death

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