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League of Legends Build Guide Author madquist

Twitch, teamplayer and slayer

madquist Last updated on September 30, 2010
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Hello, im madquist

I wanted to share how i play twitch and show you how much damage a twitch can push out


I normally start with getting vampiric scepter (upgraded to malady) and go middle to get faster levels and start ganking, stay back, hit mobs, its not really necessary to try and do dmg to the other champ in your lane, when you hit your oponent the minions will start to attack you and you will some times end up with losing more health then you are taking, but if you get to push out a shot, do it and run away so that minions dont hit you.


Once you get your boots of mobility (around lvl 10-12, depends on how many creep kills your getting) you will start ganking, malady gives alot of AS and your upgraded ambush gives you a good amount aswell, go stealth, go to another lane and start ganking, you WILL get a kill with those 2 items, you rarely need expunge to get a kill mid-game, but you sometimes need to be sure they die or just killsteal for fun, cuz when you get alot of cash, you get insane really quick. roam around the map, keep ganking and watch out for oracle.


If you can get some ganks going, GREAT, but mostly they will bunch up aswell so 90% of the time its team battles going. Be REALLY careful in team battles as you will be the target for the team kill since you are one of the most squishy champs in the game. dont run in pop ulti and hope for a win, get the enemy team to commit to a fight, position yourself so that your spray and pray takes 3+ ppl and you will 99.9% of the times win that fight.


1. Vampiric scepter

once you get 1440+ gold you will recall and get malady and teleport back so that you dont lose XP.

2. Malady

you keep holding your lane, be defensive and get last hits for more gold, once you get 1k gold, recall back and start ganking

3. Boots of mobility

now you just keep ganking and ganking until you really cant find any of them, and try to push tower and just save your gold until you get alot, cuz you need 1850+ gold before its worth going back (unless your low on health or mana, usually its the health part that makes you run back)

4. B.F sword (or infinity edge if you got enough gold)

now you do alot of dmg to be in early and you will continue to roam around the map, either ganking, scouting or helping out a lane (but dont stay there too long, cuz they will try and gank you)

5. The black cleaver

once you get this you will have around 250 AD or something like that and you will do alot of dmg and you have a around 45% crit chance, after this you will mostly stay in stealth and wait for team fights, if the other team over extends in lanes etc, go for a gank

summary of items:
1. Malady
2. Boots of mobility
3. Infinity edge
4. The black cleaver
5. Phantom Dancer
6. The bloodthirster / Last whisper (if the other team has alot of armor go Last whisper, if not just go for more AD)


i dont really see any twitch players going for any other build as you would try to pump out as much dmg as possible then stick your tail between you legs and run and try and get a reambush so that you can either just get away, scout or attack for a second time (depending on how your team did)


i've mostly used cleanse and teleport, cleanse is REALLY nice for when you get disabled, like WW ulti, AMUMU ulti and so on, f.ex if they got amumu, he uses his ulti after you pop, get you cleanse button going and keep SPAMMING your spray and pray

cleanse is really nice when things go bad or you need to get out of the **** your in to keep pumping dmg

teleport i love for shopping so that you dont have to lose XP, when other lanes are in trouble when you guys are ganking or if you want to set up a gank in a lane and your on the other side of the map.

you can use what you like to use, but this is what i prefer and the way i like to use them


i went for full crit runes to get 22% crit as lvl 1 and with the build im going for you get quite some attack speed when you go out of ambush and attack, so you will get crits about every 4th attack or so, sometimes it feels like more, sometimes it feels like less.


i go for maxing out ambush in the start, due to the haste buff you get when attack out of ambush. you might wounder why i dont go full expunge and the reason for that is that it costs alot of mana and harassing with expunge isn't really that great since you dont have a big mana pool, and you will mostly just use ambush to make the think you left the lane or that you might pop behind them to attack, the more time you spend in stealth the less they know you gank or what you are doing. Expunge is mostly used to try and kill of someone that is running or killing/doing dmg to someone early in a team battle or scaring them of


- always attack before using an ability when you are in ambush
- watch out for vision wards and oracles
- tell your team to focus the one with oracle so your free to scout and poisition yourself
- when recalling, press ambush, then recall, you will recall in stealth then

30.sept. I have made some modifications to summoner spells, runes and masteries

I hope this guide helped you in any way and good luck to you all

feedback, questions and more are welcome in the comment section

regards madquist