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Twitch Build Guide by Dardobul

Twitch- The AD carry

Twitch- The AD carry

Updated on December 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dardobul Build Guide By Dardobul 16,778 Views 11 Comments
16,778 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dardobul Twitch Build Guide By Dardobul Updated on December 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Surge



Hi, I'm Dardobul. you may see me play on Lol......

You don't care about that. If you're like me, screenshots of won games won't impress you much either. So, let me make this clear: if you want a lot of early game kills, find a different guide. Preferably, for a different champion.

Twitch is, first and formost, an AD carry. 70% attack speed increase? Sounds like a carry ability to me! Line nuke auto-attacks and an AD buff? Sounds like something that would make a carry ridiculous to me! AoE slow? Sounds like something every carry wants, but only one gets: Twitch.

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Pros / Cons

This is my take on Twitch's Pro's and Con's. Not everyone will agree, but this is my thoughts on him.

    THE MOST DPS to unleash in a team fight of all the carries. 5 target damage baby!

    AoE slows of ~30%!

    Stealth, to keep you alive if things go wrong for your team, escape after back-dooring, scouting etc.

    high mobility >>> oppurtunity to backdoor. When you include your stealth this makes it VERY hard for the enemy team to kill you in retaliation, unless they spend 2K on full team oracle.... Then you laugh because they spent 2K to earn 300g!

    No hard CC(see ashe, caitlyn etc.)

    Getting off a decent ult will almost always lead to immediate incineration at the enemy AP caster's hands next time you are out of position.

    No natural scouting (see caitlyn, ashe etc.)

    If the enemy team buys a thornmail each, you will ALMOST CERTAINLY suicide when you ult.

    ~5% of games someone on your team will drop because "This 0ne time I play3d with a RLLY RLLY bad tw1tch no0b and he c0st us the game!" (personally, I feel fire is the only appropriate response to people like that)
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Runes, Masteries and Summoner's spells

AS A CARRY, what our runes and masteries need to do for us most is make up for a lacklustre early game. With this in mind, lets take a look.

Armour pen. marks and quints. It is not acceptable to take much else on an AD champ in my eyes. MAYBE attack speed or critical damage if you're playing Shyvanna or GP or something, but no carry wants anything more than armour pen.

Flat armour seals. These are so very useful earlygame, making you take less damage from minions, towers, and the bulk of early game high damage characters. As your final armour value will be quite low, they still prevent a lot of late game damage too. Bonus!

MR per level glyphs. This is mostly a personal preference choice, but I find that early-mid game AP champs don't bother me so much. So, I take MR per level so that by the time they scare me, my glyphs are doing more to help than the flat ones do.

Masteries. I feel what I take here is all pretty self-explanatory. 21-9-0 is almost certainly the way to go, partially for more armour, and minion damage reduction, but also for the GLORIOUS vetran's scars mastery in defence. 30hp? for one mastery point? That is RUIN right there.

The 4 % in crit chance is PERFECT(more on this later), and the 6% damage increase on low hp champs doesn't hurt either!

The other only other offence thing to make note of is lifesteal. I find that 6% (once you have a doran's blade) gives you just the right amount of sustain in lane that you can stay in lane till you can get half an infinity edge. Again, that's a personal preference.

Summoner's spells. Only one is ncessary, and that is surge. 40% attack speed increase. FOR 0 GOLD. ON A CARRY. If you can't see why I swear by this, then I suggest seeing a doctor. One far from a LoL client. Between this, his ulti, ambush and youmuu's, you have top class DPS on a shoestring budget.

I also take ghost, as it lets you leave lane and get to mid quick enough that even a good ss from your opponents shouldn't save their mid. you arrive ~4 seconds earlier, which is usually right on time to come in behind their midder.
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Early game through to your first trip back.

First is a Doran's blade. Your masteries and runes make you less rubbish early game, as opposed to good. And certainly not good enough to go without a Doran's.

In lane, your first choice of partner is obviously support as you are the AD carry. Then tank, then offtank etc....

Just incase you have missed this so far.


Now, with the previous statement in mind, play defensive. If the enemy starts to push, this is good! Easier last hits for you! In between minion waves, remember to stealth in order to increase your attack speed for the next wave. Try to only last-hit, but if you can't/ don't feel confident with this, try to auto-attack minions that aren't being attacked. However, you can only carry as well as you can farm, so I strongly suggest watching some of the guides that are around on this. If the enemy starts getting cocky, this is good. they'll push you to your turret, and any halfway decent jungler will come and net a doublekill. The most important thing to remember is that your farm is more important than the support's life. If you are in a situation where you can either make a fight of it, get one kill and both die, or stealth and let the support die, STEALTH. The support will understand if they are more than five years old/good at their job.

final note: your passive adds 15 true damage to every one of your autoattacks for every sequential attack you make. This makes your harass ANNOYING AS HELL, and more effective than people expect. So if there aren't any lasthits between now and 2 seconds time, try to harass.

When you have to go back, check your money.

> 1180g : get basic boots, another Doran's, and some wards if you can. this much failure normally means you're being ganked hard, and wards will help with that, while another Doran's is good filler.

1180g >>> 1650g : cloak and boots

1650g >>> 1805g : BF sword baby!

1805g >>> 2000g : cloak and pickaxe. You're doing very well if this is you. Expect to start getting ganked.

2000g >>> 2155g : BF and boots. BOOM! You're rocking the house.

2155g + : WHY ARE YOU READING THIS??? You're probably as good with twitch as I am, or at least good enough that i shouldn't have to spoon-feed you items.
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Mid Game and Your First Big Items

By this point, the laning phase will be starting to disintegrate, with more jungler ganks, more people calling ss late and generally MOAR AGGRO.

If you can, try to string it out as long as possible. AS A CARRY, the laning phase is your friend. No supresses from Malzahar. No bad initiation by the Kennen who thinks he's "all that" that leads to you being aced. No "Tanky DPS" bullsh*t. The longer all that is in mid and top respectively, the better.

When the laning phase fully disintergrates, head back. The aim here is to finish you infinity edge and upgrade your boots to boots of mobility. Infinity edge means you FINALLY have some major DPS, particularly out of stealth/with surge.

The boots of mobility makes you get to lanes to farm quicker, and also makes all of your opponents nervous! Here is their thoughts...

"Every Twitch is a roamer, he's just pretending to lane... Look! He bought the Orange Shoes Of DOOM!(tm) He's GONNA GNK US ALL! BUY ALL OF THE WARDS! ALL OF THEM!!"

The more nervous they are/farmed you are, the better. If anyone disappears from mid to come get you, you can always just stealth. ALWAYS STEALTH when walking through the jungle. Trust me. When you walk right into alistair, you'll understand why. The best thing about this stage is you can probably take a couple of towers down, thanks to your ambush/surge combo. towers are worth 6 creeps to everyone on your team! that's 30 CS right there! And it will make the support that got no creeps earleir feel slightly more sympathetic to you.

By the end of this stage, you want youmuu's to be finished and a zeal as a minimum. a finished phantom dancer would be ace, but you can't always have everything.
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Late Game

At this point, you have a stack of DPS, and hardly anyone on the enemy team knows about it, because you haven't really let off your burst. They think the game is won, and "that Twitch that never ganked properly" has got nothing to do about it. This is the point where you win.

Pick a time when they're pushing hard, and stealth in behind their team, preferably without walking through them. Signal your team to engage, and get ready to do what your ultimate says to do (SPRAY, and PRAY). Now, you need to be quick on the keyboard. you want to activate Surge(as you can do it while still stealthed, as summoner spells don't break stealth ), THEN ult(12 sec duration), THEN youmuu's(4 sec duration) as quickly as possible. Then rightclick one of them.

BOOM. 5-7 line nukes dealing ~200 dmg, with a 70-ish % chance to deal 2.6 times that, in their backside. With this much damage coming out of nowhere, they will almost certainly panic and run, and you will pick up a relatively easy few kills for your team. If you die, count the exchange rate. If just you dies, and 3 of your opponents die too, you're still winning. When this has happenned once or twice, the enemy will begin to expect it, so STOP. Take your place in the team directly behind the tank and stay there.

Lets talk about backdooring for a sec. MAYBE pull a backdoor on a tower if you think you can get away with it and your team agrees. If they don't agree, LISTEN. Nobody likes a "hero". You ever see Rambo in the pub with all his friends? No, you don't. That's because his friends died while he was off pulling some pointless solo stunt, and his entire base (excluding the pub apparently) got wiped out. IT'S A TEAM GAME. Otherwise, everyone would just play Sion and pull his silly stun-shield trick.

This point is where the other items come in. The enemy team WILL focus you in teamfights (because YOU ARE A CARRY). These items will help to keep you alive, and also, putting a frozen mallet debuff on the entire enemy team when used with your ult is both hilarious and devastating. Push into the enemy base and win. SIMPLE.
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There are a couple of things I feel deserve special attention.

- Its best to consider phantom dancer the last core item. The only reason for the other 2 being listed is I'm yet to have a game where the correct "situational item" isn't one of those 2.

-if you know where someone who is stealthed is, you can use your ult on a minion in line with them in order to land the kill. I'm thinking of you, akali!

- facecheck the brush when you are stealthed ONLY. you are far too squishy to survive level one engagements. at lvl 1, If you stealth from just behind your tower you have just enough time to get to your brush, if its empty get to their brush and back to yours before the stealth runs out. Obviously if they are in your brush don't go all the way to theirs, go back to your tower!
- You can use your ultimate to fire THROUGH terrain. This makes for an AMAZING initiate if the enemy is in lane/doing baron or dragon. I still recommend stealth beforehand though, for the attack speed increase.

- Your debilating poison has a massive range, and helps make ganks/escapes from ganks successful. It breaks your stealth though, so make sure you are in brush/ not going to be caught when you use it to save an ally.

- WATCH FOR MINION AGGRO! if you are stealthed and come under minion aggro, the enemy has a vision ward. Remove it. Or even better, place a vision ward in the corner nearest your tower of their brush(if still in laning phase) You will be able to catch the ward, and as wards are worth 25g, it will only cost you 100.... and save your life.

- Runes + masteries = 4% crit. Atma's = 18% crit. Green pot = 8%. Infinity edge = 25%. Youmuu's = 15%. Phantom dancer = 30%. 4+18+8+25+15+30 = 100% critical hit chance. Exactly. Have a nice day!

- your DPS is.... its.... comment and let me know if a game ever goes on long enough for a full build, green pot and nashor's buff. I tried to do it in a bot custom game but the bots broke the nexus as I was recalling from red buff (It was going to be without nashor's. Twitch CANNOT solo Nashor's).
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Twitch makes for A BRILLIANT CARRY but unlike Ashe and Caitlyn he has no stun/snare, no scouting ability (except stealth) and a reasonably short range (unless using his ulti). However, he has much higher damage potential in a teamfight due to his frankly laughable combination of ulti, ambush and surge. These facts make him (in my eyes) more of a pure carry than Caitlyn or Ashe. He is incredibly difficult to catch or escape from due to his long range high duration slow, and he has the movement speed to back-door successfully. This is offset by the fact that you are playing a smelly rat.

.... And that's it! Please comment, rate and generally let me know what you think. Also, let me know if I need to emphasise the whole "He's a carry" thing more :-)

Happy ganking! (not when you're playing twitch obviously......)
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