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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joemoefus

Twitch - The Almighty Rat

Joemoefus Last updated on November 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Sup everybody. This here is a guide on how to build and play the Plague Rat my way. Lets dive right in.

Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

Rune-wise, I go with:

    Standard melee carry ArP reds
    Health yellows because I enjoy the early-game survivability
    Magic Resist/level blues for those pesky mages
    For Quints, I go for two ArP's for the damage and throw a health rune in there for more early-game survivability.

For my Masteries, I spec Twitch as a mainly physical damage champion with a bit of defenseive stuff - 21/9

Summmoner Spells are mostly preference. I opt for the cleanse, even though it was nerfed, because as a melee champ, disables will make you utterly useless. Exhaust is useful when fighting another melee champion, or when D-poison just isnt enough. Some people take Ignite, which is perfectly good for finishing off those kills, or Flash. Flash definitly can be more viable in 3v3's due to the larger jungle/lane ratio.

Reasons for Skill Sequence
Some may yell and scream about getting D-poison at level 4 instead of rank two of ambush. I can imagine people saying "Dude leik, im the stealther assassin mann, I need the stay in stealth around the map for a minute every ten seconds mann, plus the attack speed is rockin bro" Nonono. At level 4, the attack speed increase isnt viable enough to be able to secure a kill in your lane. Lets face it, with a Rammus in yoiur lane when youve got D-poison, kills will be a breeze. I level Ambush up last because I'd rather use the slteath to quickly get into position and be able to slow runners rather than the jump in attack speed, especially after its nerf.


Early Game:
Start off with a Doran's Blade and health pot for some extra beef and some pewpew and head off to your lane. Midding is always good as Twitch, and you rip apart Ashes and the like, but 2v2 laning can be vastly superior with a good mate. And by good mate, I mean any semi tanky person who can hold someone in place for a couple seconds. Some of the best include Sion and Taric (ooh heals). Argueably the BEST lane mate for Twitch is our BFF Rammus. With his taunt, slow, and amazing defensive abilities, you can secure kills with him all throughout the game, laning especially. For example, you sneak up behind the target (hopefully semi-squishy at least), Rammus powerballs in there spikes ablazin and taunts the chump, you pop out are eat the victims face with crossbow bolts. Ezmode. Be AGGRESSIVE. With all those health runes your not that squishy anymore, and can harrass like no other, and definitly secure some early game kills. As you farm enough for two avarice blades, port back and buy em, along with rank 1 boots hopefully. Boot choices: Really melee heavy enemy team? good ol' Ninja Tabis. CC up the pooper? Mercs. Roflpwning their weak ***es and feel ballsy? Beserkers. Generally I opt for Mercs.
This fantastic early game with your Rammus buddy brings us too...

Mid Game:
By now you should bave your two blades, some nikes, and working towards that bamf of a weapon Infinity's Edge. After that, check out their team's makeup. Are they all mana users? Is there a couple without mana? Are the all tanky? Wits End will decimate the mana user team, while making you a bit tougher to boot. Last Whisper will be for all those other teams with one or two non mana users. And if theyre REALLY tanky, go for the full blown madreds bloodrazor. Team-fight wise, (works esp well, again, with a Rammus) wait for the fight to really start goin, because as soon as you pop up, that ryze who remembers you from your roflpwn early game and his buddies will focus you down to nothing. Let the fight go on a bit, then pop out with SnP popped ready to go, demolishing everything in your path. Oh, and btw, anyone funny enoug to buy oracles, yell "TARGET LOCKED" in all chat and hunt that poor mofo down. with some friends. He wont waste his money again. *KEY* A large amount of making Twitch effective in teamfights is lining up your SnP projectile shots. Try and maximize the number of people you hit with each bolt, therefore inducing mayhem onto the enemy team, most likely racking up penta and quadrakills as you go. Anyone make it away from the almighty rat? Expunge not enough? hit that bad boy with D-poison and hunt him down to his grave.

Late Game:
If its lasted this long, you are now christened The Almighty God of Pwn. Your crossbow bolts of godliness are demolishing whole teams in one sweep. There was this game that lasted to endgame once when me and Rammus were fed and we 2v5'd the enitre enemy team....yay AoE damage....anyway. YOu should've built two bloodthirsters by now, and as long as the person your fighting has hp, you will almost never die. Elixirs are important in this stage of the game, making the Almighty even more unstoppable. All three are good on Twitchy, but mainly red and green. At this point, you wont need to pop expunge anymore, your basically a stealthy ranged tryndamere without Undying Rage..aka The Almighty Rat.

Oh yeah...and red and blue buffs are amazing on Twitch. GET EM.

My first guide, Happy Hunting! :)
Will add pictures and make it more concise as comments are posted, thanks :)