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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Inos

Twitch The Annoying Rat by Inos

Twitch The Annoying Rat by Inos

Updated on October 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inos Build Guide By Inos 1,972 Views 0 Comments
1,972 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Inos Twitch Build Guide By Inos Updated on October 23, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Who doesen't love a stealther ? Well MOST PPL.

First of all if you see any flaw in this guide/build send me an email at and i will make sure it will be solved.

Secondly, this guide won't teach you how to play twitch from the "begginer" level it will mearly increase your chances at getting kills and become an unstopable force.

Thirdly, do not expect yourself not to die, you will eventualy ... die.

As you already know ALL carries are focused first so here comes twitch, NEVER BUY FRONT LINE TICKETS, as twitch is your job to go from behind the target and anihilate all of them with your ulti, BUT DON'T START A FIGHT UNLESS YOU CAN WIN ! or you will become a feeder :>... Nobody love feeders !
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With the runes i have chosen you will have great early game damage, and late game you will reach 2.5 Atack speed with runes and bloodrazor.
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I have chosen defensive masteries over experience from utility because, as you already know, Twitch is extremely squishy and thoes masterys allow you to harras early game WITHOUT being 2 hited. ( NOTE: Dont expect to be superman a graves can still kill you with his burst, or a brand, or a lb; AVOID thoes champs that deal insane dmg at all consts, go into the fight only after they poped CDs )
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Twitch is a very item-dependent champ.

Doran's Blade (dmg+health+ some lifesteal for lane sustainability ) tho don't expect too much from it.

Berserker's Greaves - Many people buy mobility instead of berserk, i find it difficult to belive that the movement speed they give will save u from a proper burst, so i suggest you take berserks for more dmg insead of ... hey look i can run faster ! I find thoes mobility boots useless on twitch.

Zeal - Twitch needs a lot of atack speed so you can pop 5 stacks on your target and hit expounge, zeal+2x daggers will be enoguh for early game, zeal will transform after in phantom dancer and the other dagger in black clever so it will be enough.... TRUST ME you dont want 2 end up having lots of atack speed and NO DMG.

Infinity Edge - Infinity edge must be built ASAP, start EITHER with BF if u have the money or with Pickaxe if u dont have enough for BF.

Now, thoes were the core items, rest is mostly up 2 you, tho i prefer Banshees veil and lastly bloodrazor.
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My special needs

1. IF you are going to follow my guide, play 1x Custom game with bots or friends, 10x NORMALS and if you think you are getting grip of how to play him try a ranked ! :) dont go and feed !

2. If u think that the player ur abt to atack is gona kill you ... DONT ATACK.

3. Twitch needs tactical positioning.

4. Please do not use twich for bush checking i ended up dieing by doing so, it works if players dont buy wards.

5 IF U STILL WANA FACECHECK BUSHES buy an oracle and clear all wards since ur invisible they wont be able to kill u if they dont see you .

6. Last thing, if the other team buys oracle FOCUS the one with oracle if that one is the tank, which usualy should be, gank him when u catch him soloing if not, watch for mistakes and get kills on the champs that arent in the oracles range so they dont see you .
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Tactical Positioning

Always put twitch in a way to hit AS MANY THINGS minions/champs with his ulti ... since build doesent have a bloodthirster .. it means that your ultimate is going to do that life steal which is needed, but that requires positioning. DO NOT ATACK if u aren't where you need 2 be.
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Pros / Cons


Very capable ganker

Stealth-> people spend money on wards/oracles

Element of surprise

Last hitter

Anti any squishy champs ... they die instantly late game



Cant do anything alone

Needs team cooperation

Needs great positioning skills
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Team Work + Farming + Jungling

When you want to gank, ask your teammate to initiate the fight, under no circumstances go in alone/ on an enemie with full hp.

The only 3 champs that must farm more then you are nassus, sion and veigar, do not let suports/others to get last hits on minions; or at least try not letting them, twitch is expensive, but you can do a lots of gold with him !

When you get ambush ask for CV in enemies jungle and go kill theyr jungler if you thing you can.

If no one needs blue take it, you need CDR for expounge and ulti.

It is your job as twitch to gank and get feeded earlz game try getting as manz kills as possible i personaly end up at 15 min with around 6 kills which should be enough to buy some important items.
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Thanks for viewing this guide and i wish everyone good luck.

Twitch requires a tactical mind and positioning.

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