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League of Legends Build Guide Author Satarin

Twitch the Assassin (pentakill)

Satarin Last updated on October 21, 2010
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There have been no good Twitch builds out there to speak of so I decided to spend 4 weeks perfecting my own to post. I hope you enjoy it!

I have averaged 20/5/10 with this build, but am still disappointed with the death rate at first as you will be about 6/4/4 early game(kinda squishy), but once you get rolling you should not die.

As you get to end game and have all your items (which is rare as most teams surrender before you get this far) you will have 45% lifesteal, 52% crit chance, and you crits will hit for over 900. As you should know if you play twitch your attacks will be very fast and with this build you will be hitting them over 2.5 times a second if you come out of stealth and ult at the same time.

The key to surviving when taking on multiple targets either on your own or in a team fight is to line up all your targets so that your ult will hit as many as possible including minions. This will return so much health at such a rapid rate that unless they all hit you at the same time with crits you will mow them down pretty quickly(under 5 seconds).

These summoner spells allow you to max-out your damage while still surviving. Teleport it great as it means you do not lose lane or battle time, in addition to being able to gank faster and protect turrets. Flash is your main escape tool so make sure you are by a wall in team fights so you can jump over it and stealth if things take a turn for the worst.

Your Runes are set up to give you a ton of armor penetration to start(easier kills) but still give you survivability. The health, armor and magic resist are very important as they will give you just that extra edge of protection if your lifesteal is not high enough yet.

As for the specific items, there is a method to the madness! I have optimized your hitting ability at each level and it is aimed towards ganking(Twitch's best attribute).

These are the best boots as they allow you to move so quickly around the map and chase down targets to get more kills.

This item is great for the team as well as yourself as it provides a lifesteal aura of 20% and gives you attack speed. The building block of the Vampiric Scepter is your starting item as it allows you to lane longer and kill people at the very beginning of the game.

This item is you best friend against armor stackers. It comes early in the build as you need it if you want to win 1 on 1 with some of the stronger tanks. You cannot live without this!

These two items are you bread and butter(the main focus of your build). The Infinity Edge gives you the 250% crit damage and the Phantom Dancer gives you attack speed, movement speed and dodge chance, while both together give you that great 50% crit chance that added with you Mastery points gives you the 52%.

The Bloodthirster is a great addition as it gives you(once stacked) 25% lifesteal putting your total to 45% with Starks, while also giving you 100 damage.

I will add more explanations over time and as things possibly chance in the game. Please comment with questions/concerns and definitely let me know if you like it and write down your scores with it!!! Thanks and enjoy!