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Twitch Build Guide by Thoridir

[Twitch] - The Black Death [Advanced Build]

[Twitch] - The Black Death [Advanced Build]

Updated on January 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thoridir Build Guide By Thoridir 4,310 Views 1 Comments
4,310 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Thoridir Twitch Build Guide By Thoridir Updated on January 11, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Surge


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



Hey this guide is a short and sweet guide to explain what I find to be the best possible build for Twitch. I'll also give some of my basic moves that every Twitch player must know.
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Pros / Cons

-Allstar ganks
-Can backdoor easily
-Can take out towers easy with high AD
-Easy to get kills with expunge
-Can wipe out the whole enemy team in a matter of seconds

-Targeted first (unless you pop out 2 seconds after initiation from tank)
-Everyone in the game is pissed at you for choosing Twitch. Until you win them the game.
-Item dependant
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Ok, basically I along with many others agree that Twitch is very squishy, so with runes I would strongly advise getting the full Armor Pen. marks. It is extremely useful at low levels. The resilience seals and MR glyphs for survivability. The MR is necessary because with my build there is no other way get MR. I would recommend taking the Health quints because, with Doran's Blade your health will be 612 at level 1. The health bars above the champion, each represent 100 health. If you can break 600 health, you will have 6 bars. This intimidates enemy champs into thinking you are not squishy. :D The armour pen quints are also good for the extra damage early game.
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These are quite straight forward. Twitch is a carry so firstly points must be put into offense. I put points in everything that is important to Twitch. Then the last 7 into defense. I got more MR because you wont get anymore with the build, and then the last 3 points into armour to stack on with the armour seals. except I put 1 point into the Heal CD reduction.
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Summoner Spells

You are probably wondering why surge and heal?

Surge at lvl 1 boots your AS to 1.2, with heal, gives almost an assured double kill at the start. I cannot count the number of times I have done this. Get behind, surge with the bonus AS from ambush and heal to bait.

Dont hate just because I recommend using Heal. It is great for Twitch!
1. He is squishy.
2. You can delay activating it to get enemy champs to overcommit and eventually you kill them.

Flash is another option. Use your Ambush, it has a 1.5 timer until you dissapear, then use Flash right after pressing it. After flashing, you will have vanished. Its a great escape maneuver. You can also use it to get over walls and flash to catch an enemy.
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Skill Sequence

1. Ambush (go stealth)
2. Spray and Prey (if opening on a group) <-- can be combined with life steal and a minion wave to attack an individual.
3. Debilitating Posion (if they try to run)
4. Expunge (to finish)
5. Ambush (again if you need to escape)

Skill Selection Order

This is an interesting skill selection for some. Everyone usually thinks that getting your ult at level 6 is always the best option because its your most powerful spell. For Twitch, this is totally wrong. Spray and Prey does nothing at level 6, simply because you have no AS so every time you fire a shot it will pretty much miss. Its much better to get the slow for ganks. Then at 7 dont get it, but at 8 finally get it. By level 8 you should have a B.F. or be getting close to it, with this you be able to start doing something.
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Ok this is key.
1. Doran's Blade
2. Regular Boots, and Vampiric Sceptre if you have less that the 1k you need for Boots of Mobility when you B.
3. B.F. Sword- you need to get damage up before crit. Otherwise you do absolute **** for damage.
4. Get the Cloak of Agility to boost your crit to 20% (including 2% from masteries).
5. Now then next time you B, if you have enough for the full Infinity Edge, get that, if you don't, finish up your Executioner's Calling.
6. Now get another B.F. Sword for your Black Cleaver. I usually B right when i have enough to get it.
7. Finish the Black Cleaver
8. Start building your Madred's Bloodrazor with the Recurve Bow.
9. Finish the razor and start building the Phantom Dancers.
10. I usually get the Zeal if i have enough, otherwise just get the Cloak of Agility.
11. Finally get the whole Phantom Dancer to complete your ultimate killing build.
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Time for a few tips.

Always go bot or top lane, never in the middle unless you have no other option. This will help you maximize your early game kills. Playing well early game is the only twitch is still viable as a champion. Get fed. Win the game.

The most important thing for Twitch. You may have heard many things regarding this, but I can tell you the 1 most important thing for this champ. Positioning. This is 100% the most important thing. You want to get slightly behind you enemy for ganks so your teammate can initiate and you can make sure he or she cant run. Get behind them to a point but dont over do it. Otherwise you may go too far and get counter ganked or even killed by a turret. When using your ult, you want to be behind you enemies and somewhat closer to them. I know the range is like 1200, but if you are that far away, there is a chance that the shots can miss. So get within 200 of the enemies then activate your ult. NOTE* If you are trying to get their whole team with your ult, you must have at least the B.F. Sword of the Black Cleaver, otherwise you'll get destroyed.

Lets be honest, the general public hates Twitch. A big reason is because he never dies with the rest of the team. So let your team know that when u pop out of stealth, your fighting to the death. With Heal, you should have a good chance of living if your teammate initiates.

If you've read other guides and know the basics, this should help you make the extra kills and save you a few deaths. Remember Riot made Twitch strictly as a position champion. <-- The most single most important thing about Twitch is positioning.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thoridir
Thoridir Twitch Guide
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[Twitch] - The Black Death [Advanced Build]

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