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Twitch Build Guide by Yeodan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yeodan

Twitch - The elo hell rat

Yeodan Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Twitch, it's a rat ...

A lot of people seem to think Twitch is a bad champion, I have no idea why.

Twitch is a carry, he does a lot of damage, he has stealth, he has an AOE slow, he has a long range damage spell and his ult can kill an entire team with some luck and positioning.

How do you play this rat?

Step 1: You press a or q to stealth.
Step 2: You position yourself between an enemy and his escape route.
Step 3: You ping your enemy 10-40 times, depending on how smart your teammates are.
Step 4: You right click the enemy, he'll be like "WTF how did that thing get there, **** he does a lot of damage, I must run!!"
Step 5: You get as many hits on him as you can before pressing z or w to slow the enemy.
Step 6: You get a few more hits on the enemy, in most cases he'll be dead by now.
Step 7: If the enemy is not dead yet, you press e to finnish him off.

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Pros / Cons


- You will be invisible
- You do a lot of damage
- You will get a lot of kills
- The other team will be scared
- You can carry pretty hard on a half-decent team
- You can make the other team waste gold on wards / oracles


- People will target you, a lot
- You're squichy, just like any other carry
- A lot of ppl seem to think Twitch sucks, but he doesn't!
- People will call you a kser for using Expunge, even if you don't use it ...

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I pick pure damage runes because I like doing a lot of damage, it works at low elo.
Havn't tried other rune pages yet.

A lot of the other guides suggest using flat armor and per lvl magic resist runes because you're squichy. I don't see how those runes would help a lot though.

I've also seen attack speed reds suggested, but why attack speed, wich you have plenty off, when you can get armor pen?

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Again, pure damage.
I get red buff sometimes, your z or w can be unreliable so having another slow is nice if no one else wants it and no one does at low elo.
Getting blue buff can be usefull too if you're spamming your spells a lot.

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Skill Sequence

Expunge does damage, we like damage, so we get it first.
Stealth is pretty useless at lvl 1 so we don't learn it right away. Once you're lvl 4 you get lvl 2 stealth, it lasts 20 seconds then, wich is workable.

Just one level in slow at lvl 8, you don't really need it earlier, the next levels only add duration, wich you really don't need so max this one last.

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Pretty basic I guess.

I don't get an attack speed item because Twitch has enough attack speed on his own, you're better off with some more damage.
His attack speed is even higher when dropping out of stealth, wich will be nearly always.

Sword of the Occult is awesome if you can get kills and if you stay alive, I usually end up with 10-15 stacks, wich is 60-85 damage from an item that costs 1200g.

Stark's Fervor gives you lifesteal wich you need to survive, you'll be amazed how fast you regenerate health with it!
It gives lifesteal, attack speed, health regen and armor penetration to your entire team when they're close to you!!

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How To Play

lvl 1 - 3

Just try to get some last hits or some kills if possible.
You don't have stealth yet so not much you can do.

Twitch actually does quite a lot of damage at lvl 1

lvl 4 - 6

You got stealth now, try to get some kills or just continue last hitting.

lvl 6+

Run around the map, ganking the other lanes.
Go for enemies that are pushing or have low health. Ping 4-20 times, depending on how smart your teammate is and then kill.

Get as many kills as you can, but more importantly, stay alive.

Push lanes when you have to.

Don't run out by yourself, you'll die.

Try to be with your team and get pick off some easy kills.

late game

Stay behind your team in team fights, be very carefull around wards / oracles, always check if the enemy has them.
Ask your team to take out targets with oracle first.

Always focus the enemy carries, they will die in a few hits.

Use your ulti to hit their entire team, then use your slow to slow their entire team, if you can, use your expunge to kill their entire team, or even just a few of them.

Things will die really fast, but so will you if you're out of position.

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- Don't get caught out of position, you WILL die FAST.

- Don't chase stuff, you'll just end up running into their entire team.

- You can scout behind enemy creeps, in the jungle and even in bushes while stealthed. Be carefull not to run into an oracle or ward though!

- You can easily solo dragon once you get some lifesteal

- You can use your ultimate to do some extra damage on towers, don't waste it right before a teamfight though.

- Your attack speed is increased A LOT when you drop out of stealth, make use of it, always stealth when running around. You can't run into suprise ganks that way, and you'll do more damage once you get where you need to be. Don't do this at lower levels though, your stealth only lasts 20 seconds, it's not long.

- There's a bug in the stealth tooltip, your stealth will deactivate when it still has about 1/4th left, make sure you don't drop out of stealth unexpected in the middle of the enemy team.

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Final Words

I hope this guide helps you, feel free to leave some comments.

I'm currently trying to carry myself out of ELO hell with this build.
I always get a nice K:D ratio and I win a lot of fights for my team.

However, if your team is really bad or you have a bunch of feeders or leavers, you won't be able to win the game. Unfortunatly, this happens quite a lot.

For some reason this stupid guide is still not 5000 words long. I should be nearly there though, but I have no idea what else to add.

I'll be updating this guide on request or when needed.

Have fun playing Twitch!!